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  1. Thanks Dale. Yes fairly weak as was a small swarm so could very well be getting robbed. Not a huge amount of food stores. Bee numbers were definitely growing stronger. May also advise to close the entrance up a bit and feed... Yes not much in the way of stores there about half a frame of honey and some pollen. Honey volume was more than last week when I popped over (he is an old beek who can't really move at the moment). Will advise to feed and treat.
  2. Was thinking it may be bald brood but a very new swarm so not sure Definitely no sunken cappings and not ropey, dark or smelly. Was thinking possibly bald brood but no sign of wax moth.... Will advise to treat for Varroa anyway to be safe as well
  3. Helping an old boy with his hive today who had captured a swarm a couple of weeks ago and the brood was definitely strange. Quite a few cells were uncapped and looked quite dry. I haven't seen this before so any help would be appreciated. Glenn
  4. Yeah sorry not clear on my part. They went back on the hive after extraction about 3 weeks ago. No extractor so used crush and strain. The frames went back on wet but obviously very little wax/comb left so had to be drawn out again.
  5. Thanks Tristan. Both brood boxes were absolutely jammed packed and thriving. I had harvested 18litres (not sure of weight) of honey in Feb and put supers back on. In hindsight should probably have added another super rather than harvested and put back on.... Live and learn
  6. Not wanting to hijack the thread I have a similar situation re splitting the hive but different questions.... I am a newbee hobbyist that had a single hive started in Oct last year. Have had 1 x FD and 1 x 3/4D Brood boxes and I split them a week ago. Methodology I used was a clean split of the two brood boxes of which both had plenty of pollen, honey larvae and eggs. Placed next to each other and also culled the queen introducing new queens to both after 48hrs. I also had 2 x 3/4 supers on the hive that had a mix of partially drawn out frames and full capped frames (and some i
  7. Hi guys. Slightly different. I removed the mite board to do a mite count today and a heap of bees fell out under the hive. A mix of live and dead bees all adults. Have taken a quick video and can take photos of the dead ones if it helps. Wondering if the mesh is too big and the bees get in and trapped under it....
  8. [USER=2597]@Rob Stockley[/USER] Ahem ....thanks..... camera skills involve plonking an iPhone down propped up by a couple of sticks and 5 mins slicing it up afterwards on the phone itself with a tune of my iTunes playlist. Thank god technology has advanced to let simple minded people like me make the most of it.
  9. [USER=2597]@Rob Stockley[/USER] amazing - I used to run a company that rented high speed cameras out and they were often used in vehicle crash testing and some of the footage was incredible. I was lucky enough to be invited to a couple of crash tests for medium strip barriers conducted at the Meremere drag strip and had fun for a day watching half a dozen cars getting smashed up for research purposes :)
  10. Nowhere near as professional as @Rob Stockley and his amazing slo-mo footage however I do love getting up close to my hive to capture moments with my iPhone...
  11. Very cool. Beats my little efforts with an iPhone any day..
  12. GlennM

    dead brood

    Thanks @Janice a very cool and handy tip
  13. GlennM

    dead brood

    Thanks guys. As a Newbee I'd rather ask the question than learn the hard way.
  14. GlennM

    dead brood

    Hi team. It was a colder and wet night last night here and this morning I found these two just inside the hive entrance and dragged them out for a look. Being that there is only 2 I don't know if this is just one of those things or not. 2 Apistan strips applied on the 1st of Nov. Was a 3/4 frame Nuc that I started to build out into a 3/4 box on the 21st of Oct and recently added a full box on top about a week ago. Building out the frames in the top box very well and appears to be a very active hive. The brood was hard not gooey or elastic
  15. Yes the vents in the back are open and it was also first thing in the morning. Also a bunch of them stated in a cluster in the cavities around the entrance overnight as well. Not sure if the queen maybe ended up in a cavity at the entrance rather than inside. Have put a frame of honey from other hive in for feed (made sure no other bees on it). Will check again when shoot home for lunch
  16. It was quite a small swarm
  17. I caught a swarm yesterday and they settled well into the box so I moved it back to our place last night. This morning they are clusteting around the entrance - sort of looks to me like they are going to swarm off again... Any ideas?
  18. GlennM

    Think I was spotted!

    [USER=3597]@Jezza[/USER] already uploaded my new one. Go for it!
  19. GlennM

    Think I was spotted!

    [USER=3597]@Jezza[/USER] you go for it. I will use the other shot and there will be plenty more:)
  20. GlennM

    Think I was spotted!

    [USER=3597]@Jezza[/USER] in fact I hope you don't mind if I do as well. A great idea :)
  21. GlennM

    Think I was spotted!

    [USER=3597]@Jezza[/USER] not at all - I will take it as a compliment
  22. GlennM

    Perfect Landing

    A couple of nice close ups with pollen coming into the hive today
  23. GlennM

    Think I was spotted!

    A couple of nice close ups with pollen coming into the hive today
  24. Apology's i didn't know I could not pass on my contact details in the forum - makes complete sense though. Apparently we will be able to have a 1-1 conversation after I have been a member a bit longer and made more posts/comments
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