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  1. i know of bee-gone but i dont want to use any of that as i want to close up the tree and let it be used as a natural swarm trap for the next swarm that comes thru the area, but as i will say im not too familiar with the lasting effects of bee-gone so will the tree still be acceptable to use as a lure? but yeah will see how much bee-gone costs, but hopefully my girls in the box will raise a queen if theres not a queen in there, fingers crossed, thanks for all the advice guys!!
  2. PLEASE HELP!!!! ADVISE please, so two days ago i took out a colony at the base of a dead 20 meter eucalyptus tree, using a chisel i hacked out a hole big enough to get to the combs, (didn't want to use a chainsaw as the tree is a bit dangerous and needed more precision) got the combs out, about 5 brood combs with larva at all stages, grabbed loads of bees as i could and chucked them into my hive as one does(could not use a vacuum as i dont have one and its out were there aint no power so brush and bucket was the only option), i just dint see the queen. i came back in the evening and gave them
  3. although no swarms yet here in ruawai/dargavile area for me, i have had some fun yesterday removing a wild colony of bees in an old half rotten eucalyptus tree aswell as giving some beginner beekeepers some experience and ideas on how its done, let me tell you something, old gum trees are solid ######s, even if half the base is rotten away, those girls really know how to fortify their palace, was a a long 5 hours job as we only could use a chisel and hammer to get to them, using a chain saw was not an option as it could destabilize a old 20 meter dead tree!!! poor girls almost had no reserves
  4. well last year was my first ever attempt, i built myself a box made from heat treated pallets aswell as 8 frames with a little bit of foundation on it, the box itself as 35l in volume, my secret weapon was lemon grass oil, a few drops on the wax and frames and then i placed a little on a earbud and placed it near the entrance of the box, i find the bees like a hole entrance than a narrow slit, but thats just me. i placed my box about 50 meters from a bunch of hives(down wind), near a patch of cape daisies on the land my employer was leasing(got permision and all so not to upset any bk's). i el
  5. hi everyone, happy first day of spring, got my swarm traps ready for a new season, found that the first scouts are investigating my traps and got my eyes set for a exciting second season of catching swarms, i have a feeling aswell that things are gonna happen very soon!!
  6. "The fury of a swarm" - by Rudi Robberts WHAT A STORY TO TELL YOU ALL!!! my awesome fiance got a call from a client of hers(she is the only hairdresser in our one horse town of Patea...might be more than one horse but you get the idea) that she had bees under her window going into the wall and lots of them!! as one who knows and who owns bees, that's panic battle stations everywhere in your head, but we had one problem we only have one car and my "wife to be" was shopping for our wedding, so patience was in low supply, but i just had to do with what i had, so praying and hoping was my only
  7. aaah might have another swarm to catch, but lets just hope i get permission to take down the weatherboards and get them out, oh the frustration of the holidays, got permission to go into the yard but not yet on removing panels as no one answering their calls or calling back...got a experienced beekeeper to assist me once i get the "ok" from my mate, fingers crossed, oh and btw my swarm i caught earlier this year, well the girls are doing so well that they starting on the second brood box on top, well done girls, their numbers exploded!!!
  8. nah not really just a few precise cuts from the pallet wood, some drilling, some routing with a blunt knife, some staples and glue, bees wax in the gaps and paint on the outside, and hey presto a lovely box, the tricky part was actually the frames, now that took some serious calculations hehehe but thank you so much for your compliment, i love making my own stuff ,keeps me out of trouble and boredom, one swarm trap done, many more to go...phew, it just grows and grows
  9. as i promised you all, ill upload some photos of my first caught swarm, the bees were all huddled inside with a few coming in from foraging, (mind you i would also prepare for nightfall when the sun is yay-low in the sky) but thanks to my awesome wife, we managed to capture some pretty cool pics of them flying in, oh and not bad for a swarm trap aye!!!(i like to brag with this one heheeh)
  10. keep on trying bud, look were theres bees foraging, if they on the ground foraging on clover and dandelions then place them near them, about half a meter off the ground, what i did was i put lemon grass oil on a ear bud and just dabbed it on the outside and on the frames inside, potent stuff, then i just wedged the used earbud(that still smells wonderfully lemony) into a gap/corner outside the entrance so the wind can really take up the scent, i figured id need to get the scent out as much as possible, no problem once bees find the swarm trap but the trick is to lure them there =)
  11. hmmm i should start one, even my wife says that i should, hahaha but will keep you all informed!!!! =) thanks!!!! been on a buzz the whole day...yes pun intended
  12. ladies and gentlemen of the page, I've officially caught my first swarm, took me only three days since placing my 8 frame swarm trap in its location, using bees wax and lemon grass oil was my hope in receiving attention, first day only pollen collecting bees were around and showed no interest, oh how my heart sank to the floor, "what do you mean no bees like my hard work i put into making this trap?, blood sweat and many offensive words went into it" i thought. then the weather set in yesterday and i though i probably need to go check it grrrrr, for the previous time the winds were so strong t
  13. plenty of bees collecting pollen from dandelions here in patea, Taranaki but no swarm spotted yet, maybe the country side bees are a bit behind the town bees?
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