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  1. Bought a new little Camelia for my bees. Within a couple of minutes one bee had found it. Then there were two and then there were three In one pic you can see the bee flying with big pollen sacs on it's legs. I am suppoed to be weeding,but watching the bees much more fun. ( And possibly why I never get the weeding done!)
  2. Thanks for replying jamesc. Yes I should relax more. My Mother Hen mentality does get the best of me sometimes. I believe my 4 hives will get through Winter fine. I might have to feed or possibly even insulate? Mother Hen will hopefully succeed. And the relaxing thing will come naturally as I extend my apiary. 4 hives are not enough for me.
  3. Not as cramped as 10 frames can be. But yes bees covering all 10 frames. I wondered with 5 frames still to hatch out and nowhere for any more supplies, whether a single 3/4 box would be adequate. I have just fed them and they are now spread through entire 2 boxes. It still looks full. I might not be able to back up from todays choice because they will be moving supplies as we speak. I am now thinking of using some insulation cloth over hive while they build up? Hope I haven't done the wrong thing.
  4. Went to check hives today. Did I make correct changes please? Hive # 3 At last proper check on 11th April my notes stated 'may need to requeen in Spring.There wasn't much brood but lots of bees. Today the hive seemed empty. Found a hatched swarm cell! Didn't see a queen. Eyes couldn't see eggs but there are still two reasonable patches of brood and larva. Took hive down to two 3/4 boxes. One box is full of honey. Hive #4 The little swarm hive. I have been feeding this one. (3/4 box.) It has grown lots since last check. Lots of brood. Very full
  5. All fixed. Frame wasn't pushed down. You can see if you read the post above. I learned yet another lesson.
  6. Yes. I did that just couple days ago. Mummzie called this box a cake. It wouldn't have been long before the bees found the gap to the sugar syrup. This small swarm has hardly any stores. So feeding them. Wasn't a piece of cake to just push frame down either. Hence 2 days later I feel like I have been kicked in the calf and my thumb is slightly swollen. Not a good idea to try to fix with no suit on in late Autumn! The frames get tight and I may gradually look at 9 frame as you have stated in book. Have been busily painting boxes. My husband said yesterday my bees were spoilt ( I was
  7. O.K. Thanks Tudor. Up to page 15 now. How do I identify a skulker so I am ready to take action.? (.then I get to read what the action is.)
  8. You gem! Thank you. That is exactly what I was asking. I have never worked with anyone. EVER! Well I had Meercat dig me out once. And a neighbour tried to help once, but got 2 bees up her nose and never came back! I wonder why? ( Sorry not funny. ) I usually take off the lid and put it right way up, using it as a table. I place the boxes on top. Sometimes the lid gets a bit sticky, depending on the season. So the phrase 'in the lid' confused me. I tell you, learning alone is like reading braille when it comes to reading instructions sometimes. Thanks so much Mummzie.
  9. Started reading @tudor book. A job for me in Spring is to retire my 2 FD boxes. Lower FD box I imagine may well be nearly empty at this stage so good time to attack. I am reading page 10 of Tudors book. *Convert a Full Depth to a Medium hive is easy.* Can someone check for me please? Phrase below has me muddled..... *Then unpack the hive with the medium boxes in the lid.*?? Also just to double check. But I think I understand.... If I have no drawn 3/4 frames, I would BEFORE moving things around, pop a couple of frames of 3/4 foundation either
  10. I barely have a sensible bone in my body. That's why I took up Beekeeping as a hobby!! I
  11. Five years in november Still loving it despite the stings.
  12. Might like it. As long as naughty corner has some bee hives! Cake Sadly today, my very first day as a non nube after beeing banned from posting in the beginner bee keeper forums (thanks Trev) I have been under coating some old boxes as part of my Winter clean up. I find myself using my hive tool to chip off mosaic flowers that are SO impractical. They get in the way of the lid, mouse excluders etc. I am now aware of my restrictions and where I COULD place a flower if I wish? A big girl now. Must be sensible. (Might though have a couple of bee stencils that are co
  13. I wonder why when I log in it goes straight to beginners. Not allowed to use that one now or Trev will tell me off. Did it!!! Yay! Proud old girl. I just went onto the General topics page and tapped add to home screen. Might just add the home page to my home screen. Who cares. I am no longer a nube.
  14. Thankyou. But I am only aiming at a max of 7 or 8 hives. Probably a bit over the top. I will look though. I am just starting to collect too many good frames that need fixing. I have a nice little working area. Doing some under coating today.
  15. Removed hive mat and QE from hive #2 plus #3. Went out just now to see that they had all gone home and were settled. Noticed hive #4 had gap under feeder. A frame wasn't pushed down properly. No suit. Tried to fix. 2 bees down boot nice big chomp to my thumb knuckle, and a bee caught in my hair trying for my ear. Got suit. Fixed it and thought "how dumb!" Yep you all keep telling me I will keep learning. P.S When I click onto this site, it takes me straight to beginners. How do I make General my default.
  16. Can you buy these? I am gradually increasing my hive numbers and it is about time I started wiring my own frames. Googled it. Found one with cerecel. Expensive.. Might have to keep looking.
  17. It is a super strong hive. Might split it next year and try to phase out the FD's. That will be another Q for later. Quickly downloaded Tudors Book. THANKS TUDOR. Will read and review.
  18. Thanks Trevor. I will re download. I will remove extra hive mat and QE off of hive #2 and #3. I will continue to post in General Beekeeping so as not to get any more warning points! Even though I sometimes feel dim. And I am now a Gold Member. Donation paid. Here are my hives....
  19. Happy to pay donation though. This site is invaluable. As long as timid little Wildflower doesn't run away. I don't think I am dim, but certainly wonder what sort of response I may get from my questions. Have downloaded it at least twice somewhere!!?
  20. No Trevor.It clearly states in my post what size boxes are in each hive.
  21. Don't mind that. Just want to do my best.
  22. Hey @Goran. Tried to message you but this was not allowed. If yousee this, would love any nice tips.
  23. So at this stage I have a QE above the two brood boxes. My understanding is you are saying alow bees and Q full acces to honey box and by Spring the honey box will become my top brood box and the bottom box will get removed. Ta. Thanks. I think this is why I tried to post in the beginners forum. I am still learning.
  24. Oh funny. It was my son that asked me what it was and I didn't look closely enough.. So I take it Trevor Gilbanks that as you removed me from beginners, saw my silly mistake re the white lump and didn't mention anything else, you feel all is in good order. It was probably the use of the hivemats with holes in I was most curious about. It can get awefully cold here and it seemed like a good idea. But optimal hole size? Is 25mm enough? 50mm too big? I probably over think it being a caring Mother ( was going to say hen)
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