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  1. Nope.... Big day today. Firstly found wax moth in stored frames!! Blow. Have sorted and frozen . New little nuke seemed happy, but no signs of making a Q cell. And no Q to be found. Big hive was out of sorts. The bees were all lined up outside, facing inwards with bums to the air scenting. We went through the honey frames and gave my November split a box of honey to save me lifting honey supers too high. We couldn't find Q so went back through supers and I spotted a couple of frames that they were clearing to make room for brood. Little arcs at bottom middle of 2 frames.Saw some eggs then searched again for Q. Yay found her. She was in honey box. Blended split back in, Sorted frames to leave Q with more room Because brood boxes are so clogged with pollen and honey I am giving her 3 boxes.Took out a broken comb of drone to feed to chooks. Lots learnt. New next door neighbour (female) has been keeping bees in America for 10 years. Yay... Will watch her do a sugar shake? on Monday. Busy bee day. Have 2 boxes of capped honey ready to spin again. Nice.
  2. I now am in muddle. Checked both the split and the huge hive. No evidence of Q cell building. Couldn't see any eggs and big hive was grumpy. Got stung twice. What is my next move do you think? Silly me should have left it all alone.??
  3. Thanks. It was middle of day and the big hive seemed so so full. Is it a strange time to do a split?
  4. 3 supers are heavy, so will check nuke first. Hopefully I will not disturb them too much. Poor things have been shoved in a small box. ?They might still be grumpy with me.
  5. Today I checked my November split and it needed a second box. Nice. I checked the hive it came from. On 24th December I extracted 22 Kg from two boxes.from this hive. 3 boxes are now really heavy again and bees in brood box are rediculously thick. Even at mid day when many will be in field. They have started to pratice swarm cells. I decided another split was needed. Could'nt find Q and they were getting angry. Did split regardless. Felt like they were too cramped. New. Nuke has bees sucked up to entrance. Q may be there? In a hurry I decided to steal drawn frame times two from the box I gave to the new split. Put one drawn frame in middle of Big hive and one i n the nuke with the thought that Q will lay in drawn frame and I then know what box she is in? Unfortunately Iwork on Sundays so I miss my club support. You guys are my guides. Yep. Can't get to bee meetings...Big muddle. THOUGHTS?
  6. Success ? Yay! Checked my split today and Q has been laying for 3 or 4 days. Lots of pollen clogged cells but plenty of useable drawn comb. Should I change anything around, or will the bees sort it?
  7. I have rediculous amounts of crystalised honey frames uspun. Have sugar syrup too. Bees didn't need it. Too busy scoffing last years honey.... This year, some is for me.?
  8. And that is what I did wrong. I left big hives with far too much space. Plus the varroa was not properly sorted.
  9. Sorry. Forum said wait 2 seconds, (in RED) then it said wait 4 seconds ( In RED) I tried three times and unfortunately they all came through.
  10. Sorry if this topic appears 3 times Forum said wait a few seconds before posting because I had posted another topic. Forum then said wait again, so I did and tried again. Blow it you got it times 3
  11. So can I give it back to the bees and swap for new honey?
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