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  1. ***MATED QUEEN WANTED*** If anyone in Christchurch has a Queen who has already met a boy,I would be more than happy to adopt. ♡ I have made a couple of enquiries but no luck yet. Yes the sun is back this week thank goodness. Wind blew my two virgins away. ☹
  2. Beekeepers and Beehive owners. I have not heard this comparison.I now have a 'polite'name for those that really should not be allowed bees. They make me sick.
  3. As long as my 2 Queens can keep laying enough for me to steal from,I will keep adding bf So glad it is early in the season. Guess my friends might not be getting much honey this year! Who knows? My two virgin Queens might return and this hive might come right, and next thing you know I have buckets of honey again. Ironically, I don't eat huge amounts of honey. It is just the bees I like.
  4. I had a laying worker/workers (so I was told) exactly 5 years ago when I first started beekeeping. My diagnosis on this hive is not complete. It was a suggestion from Alastair. I am basically studying up just in case. It is good to hear that is is uncommon. Although I have got to the 5 yr mark!
  5. I do not have a confirmed laying worker hive,but it was suggested by Alistair that this may be the direction that my troubles are going. Due to two virgin Queens not returning ( also not 100% confirmed yet but because of weather and long absence of eggs,likely) My supplies are low. Only Two laying Queens. So each frame of brood is precious. I would love it if he loss of a bf from other colonies was unnoticeable but thats not the case for me at the moment. The 50 meter move and shake sounds horrid( both for me and bees) A nuc would be hard due to supplies. I added
  6. A laying worker is hard to spot. Easy to see multiple eggs in cells and masses of drone brood, but the laying worker is so much like a normal worker bee, she is impossible to find. If you introduce a new Queen the bees will kill it. What is normal procedure with a laying worker hive?
  7. Loving the colours Interested in the configuration? Yellow/ Green and double blue boxed (left and right) have divider. With handle? Middle box 3/4 divider, 2 halves then a full? Just guessing and curious.
  8. Mine are yet to open... Always late,that's me.
  9. Sounds like a very happy Queen. A true beginner will do well with a QE. I absolutely agree with that. I now finally feel that I am no longer a beginner. With only a maximum of 10 hives to look after,I have time as a hobbiest to potter. My 4 frame hand spinner for honey gives my arms a little work out and I can spin as much or as little as I like at just a walking distance from my hives. Life is good as a bee loving hobbyist.
  10. We learn from the bees in the end and not so much the books.
  11. Well it is mostly Kanuka with some Manuka here in bony Eyrewell. Some young ones full flower. Established ones just coming into flower now? Or could I be wrong? The young ones already flowering, are the Manuka? Does Manuka flower before Kanuka? Must go have a closer look.
  12. What a horrid situation. Sorry to hear that.
  13. And we probably do with both good or bad results! I am more and more choosing to remove QE and let the bees do what they want. As a hobbyist, I am lucky that I will always have more honey than I know what to do with. It is the bees I need to look after, because I have far less to play with. Initially, having a QE gave me less boxes to look for Queen, but later,as searching for Queen was not the first action I took when looking in the boxes,and also with more knowledge of how to find her, I found the QE is just another piece of equipment to manipulate/clean, and easi
  14. So no eggs in hive except the few I added last few days. So no laying worker. Had Queen minimum 2 weeks ago. The eggs I gave them were moved! Or gone at least? If it has a Queen why has she stopped laying? New notched frame has larvae eggs, the lot.
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