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  1. You guys and your concoctions! Hell knows what exactly they are? But glad you are trying.
  2. I will have a look. Nice healthy strong bees early in the season gives so much scope for expanding without weakening. I hope to make two new hives if possible this year. With new Queens. And plan to re Q my old hive. My Q must be 4? How long do they live? Should google it! Tudor might seeI have asked!!🤪
  3. Yes I have seen it. Will have another good look. Strips are simple for now,but laterI want to use a range of ALL options. No point in letting the critters get used to anything. You are on. Spring 2020. 🤞 3 replies all the same. Seem i have some studying to do. Thanks everyone.
  4. Likely the problem with the small hive is the Queen is old and I haven't got round to re Queening.It has been inherently a weak hive in general this last year or so. Not planning to make cocktails in a hurry. Happy to follow mainstream and always treat Spring and Autumn. However knowledge of alternatives for occasional future use is appealing. HBH has spearment and lemongrass. More curious as to what the oils are 'supposed' to do. Lemongrass mimics the queens pheromone? Mites don't like Thyme? Spearmint? Have no idea. I always try to leave bees more honey than they need, and am am under no illusion that I can get away without the use of chemicals sometimes. Just like the idea of helping the bees be strong full stop. A bit like us taking vitamin C,echiacea etc. I also read somewhere some product have seaweed? The fact that there is SO little info. on this forum about the alternative stuff says it all really. Varroa is a beast of a problem.
  5. Thanks john berry. As my colonies are small, my aim was to make sure they had at least something. Did a quick check today. They haven't even looked at the sugar water. They are busily foraging and bringing in pollen. Yep I did drip some syrup down hole. Maybe not enough. Wind has come up. Maybe they will all fly home and find it.
  6. Thanks john berry. As my colonies are small, my aim was to make sure they had at least something. Did a quick check today. They haven't even looked at the sugar water. They are busily foraging and bringing in pollen. Possibly they have more to eat that I thought? The forecast is fine for the next 10 days. I will leave them Bee for a week and check again. Will the sugar water furment in that time if they leave it? Should I be concerned about that?
  7. All good yesbut. I have horrid chemical strips in! But any supplemetation knowledge for if and when I need it can't be bad. Don't mind treating my bees. 😍
  8. Reading about feeding. (Thanks to Josh. 109 pages😮🤔) Reading old articles about Honey Bee Healthy. There was a recipe for X amount of water,sugar. Lecithin and 15 drops each of Lemongrass and Spearment oils ( Stating available on TM) Q1? What exactly is the Lemongrass and Spearment good for? ( I have heard to spray Lemongrass when making a lure) Q2? What other oils do Beeks use? And why/how? ( Thyme etc.) I am a member of Dottera. Their essential oils are very pure. Many are food grade. I regularly use lemongrass and lots of others in cooking. 3 drops of lemongrass flavours an entire curry! SO with that in mind. If making supplements, I imagine I would not need many drops? Anyone experemented with much of this?
  9. Yep. I knew it was stingy. But having the luxury of having my hives so close, my thoughts were, see if they take it first? The extra couple of frames of honey may help. Even if it is just for my peace of mind. If the weather is good, I have blossom trees, and stacks of Rosemary that they are enjoying. Will keep a close eye on them.
  10. Just gave them 1 1/2 cups 1:1 each. And as I found a few frames of honey. Gave them those too. One frame was old honey but the other 2 were nice. It is amazing how much stores have dissapeared this week due to rainy days. Thanks. 109 pages! 😮
  11. Thanks Josh. I was told to give a 1;1 but had no idea how light my hives were. Gave two frames of honey to one hive and one frame to the grumpy one that seemed to want to protect what it had. Actually the weaker hive! Just one sting. Used to it now. Wondering when to check again to give more syrup? Couple of cups sugar per hive might last how long???
  12. My two hives are skint of food. Fed them nearly 3 cups of sugar in 3 cups water. Between the two hives in a top feeder.They were pingy! You know... Is it pipping at the veil? Annoyed. Not relaxed..How often should I check? How much should I feed?
  13. I will freeze once other frames are out. I think this might have to be a regular Winter regime. Still curious how long they survive with no food? This is what I was looking for..... Foundation is only partially attacked, usually around the edge where the wax fits into the groove in the wooden frame parts. This damage is caused by small larvae that have not found sufficient edible material, they stay small and as they are inadequately fed they often die before reaching adequate size to pupate.
  14. Do beekeepers change floors throughout the year depending on conditions? I had a Hive Dr floor on one of my hives this year. Springtime the hive was strong and dry. The other hive with solid floor was weaker and had mouldy frames up top. Certainly makes me question? I have various solid floors. 2 Hive Dr's ( Not sure what sort? Got them 'cause someone didn't need them) and a Kiwiamana vented floor. I really like the idea of the K vented floor, but the bees tend to build comb underneath? The Hive Dr has quite wide slats and when I had the robbing problem bees were getting stuck in them. I wondered about laying down some nylon fly screen mesh over floor? It is soft and durable and would possibly make it slightly warmer?
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