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  1. Aw are the hive wars coming to your area @frazzledfozzle ??? Just terrible I hope they got stung
  2. I didn't think it had nectar the gorse and broom does seem to go hard around here
  3. :rofl: it's just how it is. bees with no boundaries
  4. Surely the enemy here isn't the other forum people we are all so passionate about bees enough so to join and learn more. TO me it's the media the values they put on things honey and hives someone with no knowledge or passion is like "that much $$ eh? Heck I know where some hives are down the road I'll jus go take them"
  5. Are you sure you can trust the Internet? They both look like honeysuckle to me toot flowers are way different
  6. The flowers suggest himalayan honey suckle to me aswell
  7. Wow lots of hives. It's sad often thefts happen to little guys and these people put hundress of hives next to state 3 and probably don't lose any.
  8. Wow those fences in horowhenua!! I'm happy to share my rain come and get it. Ive only seen that golden beauty in the sky and not emptied the rain Guage 1 day this year. Always wet on the west coast
  9. Thanks for the link @Rob Stockley
  10. Wow just saw a bee suit fan pop up on trademe. Anybody tried one?
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