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  1. Ouch thats pricey. Goto farmlands they have sugar syrup @ $1.27 per litre
  2. pretty sure of yourself eh. guess beekeeping has got you to where you wanted to be then?
  3. its interesting that they are NOW starting to associate the dog and science to test. also interesting that in Europe there is already an entrance squab test used, from the clip and the small amount of info given, it looks like we are once again playing catch up with the rest of the world in terms of testing etc
  4. sounds like a case of the authorities left hand can talk to the right. - burn in a total fire ban. ummmm
  5. when i did my deca they daid if there is a total fire ban adhear to it. after the hive is dead wrap it in pallet wrap very well all over it. then burn when you can
  6. if you think the mark up on honey a theft, try analyzing the price of fuel. what gets me is at the market honey is the same price as it is in the supermarket. explain that one!
  7. Wouldent it be better to mark the frames?. Whats mpi focus here?
  8. Hi all. Jyst recived the latest "the beekeeper" in it is a beequip nz pamflet. Page 3 says that honey boxes must be branded "permanently" marked. Apparently its the law from 11 dec 2018. Can anyone else comfirm this is true please. I have not heard any new of this nor recived any thing from mpi. Thoughts pls Cheers
  9. Hi all. Hope this question doesnt make peoplez eyes roll. Im looking for a supplier of mann lake polly nucs. Any ideas please.
  10. And definitely not the way of controlling interest either.
  11. Hi all. What is this I hear that MPI in conjunction with local councils, they are looking to restrict numbers of hives to a a square meterage. In the case I heard it was 1 hive per hectare. Yes you read correctly. And each hive must be clear of any boundary by at least 30 metres. This info came from a discussion of northland bee keepers meeting. The people leading this meeting were from MPI and asure quality. I must also say i was not present, the info came from my father so forgive me if i have muddled some peoples titles. I also have not been able to find info on line about this. Apparently this was the first public meeting about this. It's submission time people and there is some serious questions that need to be asked and answered. My personal view is its its going to drive a scenario of licenceless hives and pander to the likes of comvita. Thoughts?
  12. Has any anyone seen this https://www.varroa-killer-sound.com/epages/81838618.mobile/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/81838618/Categories&Locale=en_US
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