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  1. If hives all closed up they can look after themselves for 6 weeks, but with a broken hand (depending on how bad) youll be able to check them yourself in about 4 weeks
  2. awe god, more vest wearing moustache twirling craft beer brewers needing their "sustainable and earth friendly" hops.
  3. Common to do in the kiwifruit industry, although there would have been a discussion before hand to decide on price and condition. With out conditions attached it would be hard to hold up in court, Had a case here in the BAY where beek supplied x number of hives for pollination, ochardist got them audited and they were found to be to small so withheld payment, went to court and the beekeeper won, he did supply the number of hives asked for. As there was no size/condition demanded from orchardist, he lost. What size is a hive?
  4. Last minute change for me, so I'm not doing any manuka this season, so have decided to leave hives in the paddock. Most time i've spent with family this time of year, being run ragged by 3yr old grandaughter, woulndn't change a thing.
  5. dont take the honey off leave it on and just do a varroa /afb check/treatment and go enjoy your family for a bit
  6. You mean they only had space to put the words they wanted to use in !!!
  7. Jamesc you mentioned a night time check of your hives with the dogs, cam you tell me how he dogs work
  8. Also people you are forgetting that the AFB agency is not there to find your AFB, you as the beekeeper are it is your responsibility
  9. You may be right about the dogs but I'd still like to know answer my question of how the dogs are used, can they be used at any time of the day when bees are flying or do the bees need to be home etc etc etc etc
  10. How do they use the dogs, by that what is the best times and conditions that dogs are best used and when is it not a good time, and how often are the dogs checked to see that they still up to the job?
  11. Bees foraging 100mtrs from hive have 2.6ha of forage area, 800 mtrs -218ha, 1.6km- 809ha, 3.2km-3503ha, 3.2km/2miles is considered the limit bees fly to explore their area for resources, but have been known to fly further, if they flew 5ml/8km-20234ha
  12. weather has a big affect also, no collation between one season to the next. Approx 9000 registered beeks in NZ, 2000 own 50+hives, 7000 own less. 7000 hobbyists own 1-2% of hives and produce corresponding % of honey, over crowding not a problem in town/cities. This season so far has not been that great.
  13. Since when do many of councils recommendations make sense, but they also will be coming at it from a H&S stance.
  14. Its the same old problem the bee industry has no/does not want, to spend money on research. There is millions of dollars out there for research but you got to have seed money to get any of it, and other industries have and they do research.
  15. Love the name "Friendly Boy" for the gene so they don't need males, there's lots of "friendly boys" in the human gene pool as well.
  16. Pick your battles to get what you want to achieve, this is not the hill to die on. I personally have no problem with this, If you agree to this and show you prepared to bend and compromise you may get the hive in your back yard
  17. When working for my first boss 20+ years ago he bought 100 hives from east cape, we were getting attacked when looking at them before he picked them up, the meanest, blackest, be-arches I have ever encountered, the queens were black, the bees were black, the drones were black the old dark comb was black and it took ages to try and fined the queens. We just rugged up and shake them all through a box with excluder on the bottom when the queen was found you had had squash her first before she squashed you. Yanke mated queens in for replacement and boy what a difference, this was before carnies.
  18. Or just put an add in any beekeeping publication or social media platform, and tell people you a queen breeder and let the money roll in.
  19. Saw a clip of a guy blow up his car tyre, he used 6-7 empty 1.5 coke bottles all connected in a line with an air valve at the end, he poured water in the first one and it would push the air out into the next bottle in line, and so on until the end bottle was tight as a drum and then dump the air into his tyre, from memory it took 2-3 goes
  20. Where I used to extracted honey one of the ladies there if she tasted your honey and said yuk and spat it out, you were in the money. Over 7+years she was never wrong. I've found manuka to have a reddish tinge and kanuka to have a greenish tinge, at least where I harvest from.
  21. Go for it I would vote for you, my three year term is coming to an end and I am thinking of not re-standing, a fresh set of eyes and ideas is always good.
  22. The problem is that the person that you think infected you, could of been infected by the same person that infected both of you, but you just happen to find this guy so therefor in your minds they are the culprit. It's not that easy sometimes.
  23. I think it was Postal deciding to stick to the rules and not having staff at different locations interpreting what they think the rules are.
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