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  1. Im always up for a coffee and a chat, but the trail is to far from the BOP for you to whip of the track for a coffee.
  2. If the greens and Labour have their way then yes
  3. There is no8 wire attached to the pallets and i used a drive shaft to twist a loop in the wire. There are two pieces of no8 wire that are attached to either side of the pallet, so where they cross I had a hook in the shed set at a certain height that I hooked through there. I would then stand on the pallet and poke the drive shaft through the gap and twist, you have to twist it about 5 turns, when we first stand on pallet it would be on the ground but after twisting it would lift off the ground a bit, but be nice and tight.any less turns than 5 and it can unwind when a heavy load comes on. Ill take photo and give you my measurements tomorrow.
  4. yes but with the help of a boat boarding ladder, I stand on the truck and off load from there as the hook frees itself when you place it on the ground or truck deck, and stay on the ground when loading the truck.
  5. tomorrow morn i will pik up if you have anyleft
  6. I used to have cradle till one day it was left behind, the boys thought i would say lets go back and get it, I made them unload the 80 hives and pallets by hand.(i helped as well) My daughter was helping me during pollination and i brokered some hives with wire strops on the pallets no need for cradle, she said if i want her help again i need to go to wire strops as well, which i agreed-ed with so spent two days and changed all my pallets over and have never regretted it and I wouldn't go back to a cradle. With a wireless remote it is so much faster and a 1 person job.
  7. one of my sites the locals are letting the pigs breed up, an whenever i turn up they thing im here to feed them, and race me to my bee site
  8. Yep I have one of those - it’s called wife
  9. If you got an iphone 8, you making to much money to be a beekeeper, so wont need an app
  10. It will take me two days to drive down and two to drive back, plus ferry crossings and accomodation, but happy to come n inspect your hive, and we will need to chat about an hourly rate as well
  11. Do you mean that beeks who use to sell their bush honey as manuka, now cant sell their bush as manuka honey, so the research is flawed.
  12. freedom campers can be an invasion pest as well.
  13. totaly disagree with you here morporks, If we had more money we could do more research on C4 sugars, tutin, diastaze etc all things that beekeepers honey is rejected or down graded for, fix these problems and there would be thousands of dollars back into beeks pockets, then you also go look at talking the NZ honey story to the world like our wine industry and the skies the limit.
  14. Those are 2017 figures, not a lot of growth since that time, a lot of crops being swapped. Not all these crops need bees and apart from Kiwis, avos, vege seeds and apples, the rest have very small amounts of land area. This is published each year by Plant and Food along with Hort NZ
  15. Aprox 35000 ha of land in crops that have paid pollination provided by beekeepers, 250000 hives needed. Those crops return 4-5 billion dollars to nz economy, that dosent include non-paid pollination
  16. the kiwifruit industry wanted a single desk not the government. The government dont make any industry a single desk seller.
  17. It is not a personnel slanging match Trev, just a reality.
  18. Yet Trev there is so much research to help this industry and the bees that is not happening because of no levy. We all complain when spray issues arrive or we cant sell our honey or there's to many beekeepers/hives, (insert any other issue you can think of) but we don't want to pay for it either. You cant have it both ways, either pay nothing and live with what you get and don't complain, or think about the future and pay, plan, participate and move forward. Take a leaf out of all the other industries that have done just that. But what do I know, i'm not a hobbyist or semi commercial(which is just a bigger hobbyist) my livelihood is this industry, not a side line to my day job or a retirement hobby.
  19. The good thing with bees is that if income is going to be an issue, and you have to go find employment away from the bees, then as long as you take the time to keep AFB and Varroa at bay as cheap as you can, the bees can and will look after themselves. You could leave them for a year or two if you have to as long as you check them from time to time for any issues, and when things sort themselves out you can make decisions as to what to do with them at your pace and not others.
  20. Just a heads up from apimondea with what may come down the pipeline sometime inregards to honey. The chinese take unripened honey out of their hive and then "ripen' dehydrate it in factories, there is a call to stop allowing this process happening as honey should be ripened in the hive before extraction. If so there may be a pushback for nz manuka that is ripened in the same way. There is a way forward but it will take some research to allow the process to continue to stop fermentation, under the grex there is already one honey from Europe/UK that has the same problem and has dispensation to ripen it. Get on top of one issue and another arises.
  21. Hi John, at conference Dr Sammy mentioned a report/study about the longer effects of OX on bees can you recall that study.
  22. Another version for it is candleing where you hold the cell up to a candle/light and tip the cell to see the shadow of the queen inside, she should move in the cell as you tip it slightly. Shaking the cell is the same thing is to see/feel the movement of the queen inside. The shaking is not "shake rattle and roll" but a more gentle shake, like you would shake you whisky glass to swirl the ice cubes.
  23. Go for it Jamesc, tell the tax man its for transporting bees
  24. Depends on what you wanting to do with the honey.
  25. Avo pollination has started for some, kiwis not that faraway. The cold can slow down the first/early orchards for a week or so but the later ones seem to always be around the same time. Yep slow hive buildup for some, depends where your hives are, even in the bay there are hives swarming and hives sulking. Rewarewa just starting to flower so if we get warm sunny weather shell be all on.
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