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  1. Thanks Nick, I lost my copy years ago and even though I be beekeeping for years, you still every now and then want to know how much do I need for this....... For the new beeks out there, this is an older file and on here is the use of pdb for wax moth control, DO NOT USE PDB FOR WAX MOTH CONTROL. You have been warned.
  2. The thermal treatment for afb works, but a bit harsh for varroa.
  3. Mt climbing on a bike now that's how i would do it- but it would have a motor
  4. Beeswax can be imported as long as its used for other things than beekeeping in nz. There was an issue last year on face book when a person in Auck (I think) wanted to import and then sell it for foundation making. There was lots of chatter about it and i don't think he imported any as everyone angry.
  5. You need to stop panicking about varroa treatments. Yes the best way is to alternate the different treatments. If you used bayvarol in autumn and all you got in spring is bayvarol then use them, when you go to buy some more treatment then buy another sort. Your hives will die from you not treating at the right time way quicker than they will die from from you using the same treatment in any calendar/season.
  6. I always say when you go to lift the box/hive to check for weight, if the hive comes to you -to light, if you go to the hive-just right. When i first started I used to carry one of those set of scales with a hook on the end, and hook the top honey box on the front and lift it so its tilting on the back , and if it read 8-10kgs I was happy as that was about 16-20kg of feed on there. Now my back has its own set of dodgy scales built in. and now i rock the hives and get a pretty good feel now.
  7. You'd have a hard time getting around orchards with a D Ram if kiwi pollination is part of your business income mix. A good late model low mileage ute will do the job with a good trailer. A truck will also do the job. My new truck with wireless remote hi-ab does a great job at moving hives but that is all I use it for. Checking hives and general hive work I do with the ute, I also use it for shopping, going tiki touring, picking up mom etc it's also my car. If push came to shove I could use the ute to move my hives(i'd have to put hi-ab on the back or trailer but it would work). I would go for the most versatile vehicle for you first and then if your business grows, adapt, if it does not or goes backwards you still got a vehicle that is a good general one. I know thats just some more confusion fo yah. If I was starting beekeeping again with what I know now, I would be a high end prostitute, that way at least you get payed for being screwed.
  8. Not necessarily about o/x per-se but had a lot more people mention robbing as a problem
  9. I know a few men who need to use these
  10. what amount of honey would you use to swap out the sugar
  11. There has been a lot of work lately on where NZ honey sits in the world. APINZ has gathered a group of mixed beeks packers markerters to further that NZ story. It is very interesting to see feedback from around the world as to what they think of NZ. With this information a plan of action going forward can be directed as NZ honey story targeted to markets etc. If you look at the wine industry their organisation went out to the world with their story and the rest they say is history. So the funding is helping with this project Only moving for some at low level prices
  12. In a nutshell The Honey Industry Trust is a stand alone entity that provides funds for any "beekeeping industry good project". They don't have very deep pockets but have given out more smaller type help funds rather than big ones. You apply to the trust if you have an idea worth funding. There are 3 trustees who administer the trust and have the final say 1 is an accountant with no ties to industry and 2 from industry. In the deeds the applications for funding are looked at and commented on by the APINZ exec (It was the NBA exec before that) but the exec do not have a say in who gets or dosen't get funding and at times members of the exec have all disagreed as to is a project worthy or not and others they have been a no brainer. but it is up to the 3 trustees to make the final call. Anyone can apply you do not have to be in the beekeeping industry but the outcome of the project has to better the beekeeping industry.
  13. To be fair I think what Toby is getting at if you asked the general public where parliament is and where the laws are made they will say at the Bee Hive in WLG. Those who have had experience at dealing with politics know that is not the case and not pertinent to the thought of a public display of a bee hive on a bee hive. I'm just suggesting the lawn would get far more exposure i'm not for or against the idea as I wont be the shmuck having to deal with them.
  14. Put in on the lawn out the front so many people will see it, that will create interest when working the bees during the daytime lunch crowd. When on the roof no one gives a darn as they cant see it. How many people in Auckland know or care about the hives on the town hall roof.
  15. My point exactly, I didn't say Africanised bees.
  16. She needs to do that as she needs the other hand to swat her killer bees away
  17. When we were in the bush, there was a gang on the other side of the valley, and they were all from the islands, they had a guy that used to sharpen their gear up at night and hunt goats for meals during the day. Not that i can remember
  18. I love a good day on the end of a chainsaw, you can do a lot of work and see the results. One of my first jobs was scrubbcutting down the Eastcape in from Tolaga bay and Matawai. we were clear felling native bush for caxton mills to plant toilet paper. The amount of beautiful native timber we just dropped only to be burnt for crappy pines was criminal. Two weeks living in the bush then a weekend in town drunk on Old Tawny Port those were the days.
  19. Sorry to burst your bubble a bit, but there are several big businesses that I know who all employ many staff, and they don't have an AFB problem, they hammer the message into staff the same expectation around AFB as they want. Did they come and inspect the hives and dealt with the beekeeper. they not there to clean up beekeepers mess.
  20. And yet there are hundreds of thousands of hives that are disease free by the beek inspecting their hives properly by eye. Their is no need for these new fan-dangle gismoes . Just beeks to do their bloody job properly. When you become reliant on outside help you tend to get slack in your own ability. But I dont want to stop progress.
  21. What I/we don't know(presuming here) is the best time to take a sample of bees after a treatment (of what ever is used) time has finished. As i'm sure there is a residue affect which still kills mites after treatment pulled, may only be in hours or days depending on mode of action of treatment. I've always used 2-3 weeks being close to a brood cycle to hopefully get fresh hatching brood sampled. Any thoughts?
  22. how many bees in that 1/3rd container? If we all use the same measure then we can all have an answer. half a cup of bees is approx 300, if you had 25 mites on that many bees, you in trouble.
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