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  1. They have been using it for about 3yrs in Europe with good results
  2. To scared to go out side and to scared to go inside. Houses we live in are toxic and also the veges and meat we eat and the water we drink, beds got bugs and now foaming detergents are bad so you can't wash. Tv and computers will blind you (sorry, that masturbation, cant see the text properly)make your eyes tired and cloths washing are killing turtles. When I drive to work I'm killing myself and the world with car fumes and a hazard to bikes (don't get me started) I'm getting skin cancer from the sun and not getting enough vitamin D when I cover up, I'm a 1 percent-er because I keep bees for money by factory farming methods, and worst of all I'm a middle age white male baby boomer. So I have decided to get a sun tan and cut my penis off and stick it to my head and become a transgender unicorn and sleep in the open, not paddocks because they are evil, and smother myself with bees and become a bee whisperer where the bees will be my only clothing and only meet with other like minded unicorns that eats, roots, and leaves.
  3. Has the speights man gone all soppy, you been drinking craft beer.
  4. A friend of mine was picking up hives in kiwi pollination one night and was chatting to the orchardist, when his worker yells out " do you want the dead-hive with the rat in it put on as well". Left the orchard with their rat tails between their legs.
  5. Having tried gluten-free toast with and without honey on it, I find chewing on my old varroa strips more nutritional with the benefit of keeping me worm free I hope.
  6. Its a pain scale that is recognized as the most painful and debilitating on earth, with incorporates such things a Man Flu and Testicular Blunt Force Trauma
  7. Happens all the time with TV, been there done that, you have a 30min interview when all they want is a clikbait sound bite that makes people watch so they can get ratings. Courts are not about justice, they are about the Law, and media are not about the truth, they are about the story.
  8. Its a good machine does a good job of cleaning frames. Drop of old frames and pick up wax coated clean frames. They only do full plastics not wood surrounds and plastic insert(which is what I have so can't use the service) due to water pressure. They sterilize between customers so your frames going through clean machine, and they capture a lot of the water and it is recycled and the waste is used in compost, so a green tick. Worth the money you pay in my opinion for a messy job.
  9. Yep Chrisdub, thats it, you hit the nail on the head. A packer who didn't want to pay $4 for bushblend honey has decided to potentially ruin the whole honey industry to save themselves $1.00. Now off to get more tinfoil to repair my hat.
  10. Rest assure Chris, it is not used and cannot be used for any whim of APINZ, for the 10th time APINZ does not have access to the data base. End of discussion.
  11. I hope so to, had a local beekeeper here a few years ago now, came to me and mention one of his sites were bringing in a late flow that he could not figure what it was. They were robbing out a shed a couple of kms away of AFB honey and he ended up burning 40 hives. We found the shed and it was a new beek who didn't know what AFB was.
  12. Chris that is from Election NZ, they are the organization that ran the voting for the commodity levy. They run a lot of election's in NZ. That email was not from APINZ, but was on behalf of the commodity levy voting.
  13. In Exec AGM meeting tomorrow in WLG will ask the question for you. How many hives do you run? Do you have the name at the top of the email where your notice came from.
  14. Chris, APINZ did not use the database for the commodity levy proposal, I was saying that under some certain circumstance that the data base may be able to be used, and if so APINZ would still not be able to see the data base. As has been the case since the NBA times,
  15. Just to let you all know I have been appointed onto the AFB Board as the APINZ Board member rep.
  16. Feel for you, I lost a 100 hives to flooding two weeks before Kiwi Pollination. Mine were near a river but the rain was in the hills and a flash flood came down and took them all out. Found pallets and hives 6-7 feet high in trees. Saved 20 the rest were lost out to sea.
  17. Ha Ha, Maru, I can't comment on growing, I went for the packaged side of the business.
  18. Gotta stop the dope getting out
  19. Manuka has a non-peroxide way of healing,. When UMFA was doing work around trademark for Manuka they had to check other honeys for signature compounds they found manuka had approx 2300 different compounds, Kanuka about 1200, most were around 200-300 and clover about 100(clover has been mass bred for agriculture so perhaps some markers lost in breeding) I understand and happy to be corrected that lepto scarparium (forgive my spelling) our manuka honey, has the non peroxide activity, but other lepto species plants do not.
  20. From what i understand, the wound dressing level for Manuka honey is 10+ according to Dr Molan, or what he would call "medical Manuka" I think the wound dressing market use 16-8+. The higher the + after 18 the less effective it becomes, or there is no better effect.
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