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  1. Well said Adam, talking to a packer yesterday with overseas funds, the funders were hinting at "make this work, or make this disappear" but don't expect any more funds. Joint ventures is the way forward, both between different packers and between packers and beekeepers. There will be "blood on the floor" before this gets better, beeks/packers have to decide where they can or cant see them selves and start to act now. Commercial Beekeeping is not a birthright, its a business that has all the pros and cons of being so. A very good Commercial beekeeper is no different to a piss poor one when you both cant sell your product, the banks IRD etc don't care. When smp's were taken off farming in the 70's lots of very good farmers hit the wall because they didn't understand the business side of farming. Beekeeping in NZ is in a very similar place, consolidation is going to be needed, the hard part is who decides where /how that will happen.
  2. Rather it wasn't afb and burned, than it was and wasn't burned. If you are unsure you can only rely on someone else, so best to get up to speed yourself.
  3. he has always got his C book, its just the pen he's using, it only rights smaller numbers than it use to.
  4. Jamesc, did your mate from England not want your honey or not offering enough for it?
  5. Here is my sugar tank set up. A Fill Rite 12v diaphragm pump, the hose is 32ml wash down hose at 4.5mtr long, that is the length of truck deck and crane boom, so when I park in middle of the yard I can reach all hives that are placed by the crane. I use monkey swivels on each end of the hose so you not fighting the twist in the hose all the time. I use a pressure switch and the hose is the pressure tank so when I pull the handle on, the pump starts and when I let it go the pump stops. I have used straps around the tank to hold to the forklift base, I used metal strapping but have seen another on use ratchet strapping, the little screws on base of tank to hold to forklift base wont hold a full tank, 700 ltrs of water is 700kg, 700 ltrs of syrup is between 800-900kg, plus tank hose motors etc. I use baffle balls in the tank to stop surge, they work bloody well and wouldn't have a tank without them. It is all compact and tied together so easy to use on truck or ute, the truck has a 12v plug setup, no noise when feeding, and can work 1 have at a time and feed or work the whole yard and then feed a blanket feed at the end. I have had this setup for over 16-17yrs and the only thing I have changed is the pressure switch. It was costly to set up at the start, but with kiwifruit and all the other feeding you spend a long time on the end of a hose so make it worthwhile and efficient.
  6. just buy honey if thats what you want, itll be cheaper in the long run
  7. Madsci, taste is certainly in the "eye of the beholder", but chatting with a honey buyer who buys from both NZ and Aussie, his comments were that the honey from the leptospernum scopariam trees in Tasmania was very similar in taste and look as our NZ Manuka, which is to be expected but with perhaps some difference because of the type of soil, environment etc it is grown in, and the leptospernum honey from the other varieties/areas in Aussie were definately different in taste, color, texture etc with a stronger eucalyptus hint, almost to the point of them being another honey all together.
  8. He had made his intentions to bring in the wax to coat his frames and offer any wax for coating frames for sale for others if they were interested.
  9. not that you knew of......
  10. As this standard is based on possibly someone being poisoned, probably not going to happen yet, a young child dead/sick from eating nz honey is not a look APINZ is going for. Dealing with the bug that is the cause of the issue well thats a possibility, if we can get the funds. But if you want to try your own hands-on experiments on what level of tutin in honey will kill someone, not sure how to set that up, but can supply a list of names for who to be guiniea pigs.
  11. Matt have you had any of your bees, dead or alive, tested to see what may be going on?
  12. Related but not an answer to your question, I had taken about 50 boxes of honey off some hives with bee escapes and I just left them with no cover over them as I was close to my shed, between my shed and the hives there was 2 sets of road works with a stop-go system. The boxes were on the back of my ute and as I was slowing down - speeding up for these road works I wanted to see at what speed bees fly out of boxes as you drive along with no covers over the boxes.When I slowed down to around 60kms lots of bees flew out of the boxes as the speed got up the bees slowed down and at 100km very little amount of bees were flying out.
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