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  1. No never had a 4x4, can't stand them, like driving a box on the rd and always got to climb in n out of them when you only need the 4x4 part of it for 6% o the time you own it, better to plan your trips etc. bees fly and you can go off track pretty well on a dry track. When the hives come out the pressure off so if I take a day or two longer to get them out waiting for better weather window or a day earlier if needed. Partnerships can work well, just make sure you know what is expected.
  2. It would be on someone else property and they do it all for me and i just pay the invoice.
  3. Yeah saw the same article, made me think of all the young travelers you got down your way there could be a market for this, like glass bottle recycling, so many cents when they return one.
  4. Jamesc, I know you love to recycle but........
  5. Ive told my orchardist that if its raining or the ground is wet they get the hives placed in the loadout pad and no more, if I cant drive around the orchard in my two wheel when they need the hives then they can use their tractor after i'm gone to place them where I can't get. Health n Safty and also wear n tear, is the reason I give, had to many late night hours stuck when you shouldn't have to be, and orchard tractors have no traction to pull you out.
  6. The queen in wlg hangs on and brings in a few more drones.
  7. True, my choice of words not quite right, but you get the picture that a small amount of bees, probably nothing to stress about, but where you can scoop them up with a cup, you have a problem.
  8. when saying you got bees dying outside of the hives, please put a number/size to it, if its a handful relax, if its a cupful don't relax.
  9. When finished I used to blow up the inners of any maxi I got, and the kids in the street would to play with them until they popped, they'd have hours of fun with them.
  10. But you drive down a road with a hidden speed camera to just catch the speeders, but everyone is checked but only the guilty speeders are spoken to. You can have the same arguments around any auditing, "its what's inspected, not what's expected" that is how you find the guilty. Morporks you seem to have an issue with having honey tested,?
  11. 30 may be a bit high, but packers know whos honey goes into what batch and what jars come from those batches. So if some is found then all those beeks from that batch perhaps may be notified.
  12. Hi all A reminder We are having a discussion day Zespri and APINZ BOP discussion day at Trustpower BayPark Truman Rd Mount Mauganui. Kiwifruit Pollination Research Update – Thursday 24th Sept (9.30am to 3pm) Zespri, Plant and Food Research and the APINZ BOP invite you to a pollination research update. Scientists from the PFR research team will update attendees on a number of recent research projects that will interest you. It will provide an opportunity to engage with PFR and Zespri staff so bring along your questions as well. Below is the p
  13. Drove past there tonight moving hives, and put it in the "to come back an take a looksee" one day to do list.
  14. MPI are terrible at sharing information between their own departments, that is one of the biggest issues in dealing with them.
  15. I think we have a huge "fear of a major AFB outbreak problem happening" than the reality of how bad it is. Now I know you all going to to tell me you have red hot spots within 2km of your hive sites, therefor there's a huge problem, and I'm sure in localized areas there may be/has been, or when people fill out the form they are lying, or the ones with afb problems do not fill out the form, or the red spots are just honest beeks reporting that they have found and dealt to an afb hive. Which is a good thing.
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