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  1. Thats also an option which most may take, but there is a lot of honey that the packers are not buying, so if thats the case then you have to be proactive and fine a solution for your self.
  2. What is non active manuka? Now you need to be looking at is it going to be mono or not, or do I have access to a blending tank or someone who does for multi manuka so i can blend it, there are beeks now looking for some stuff to blend to what they have got because theirs dosent meet the markers but with a bit of this and a bit of that they can make it fit. So yes there would still be a bit of interest in multi-manuka sites. But not me. Beeks need to start talking to one another and compare what they have got and see if they can blend their honey together to make a sellable product, which is what the packers are doing, but how the profit share goes is another can-o-worms, and I haven't come up with a system yet.
  3. You do not have to test for tutin if you do not intend to sell your honey. Now if you are going to barter your honey for other services then that is technically still selling your honey. If you are going to give it away to neighbors then be careful. If you intend to consume you own honey then no need to test.
  4. Now beeks are thinking that when they dont get manuka honey.
  5. 2420-600=1820, 1820 divided by 300 =6.06, 6.06 + 10.5(if this is your npa number) = 16.5. It is just a guide and not accurate, there are other equations so dot take it as gospel.
  6. There are some around, but some work better on new honey but not if its been stored etc. DHA - 600 =? / 300 = ? + npa/umf = potential. but its not accurate just an idea. Nothing is perfect. There goes that science thing again.
  7. There has been no set of standards from queen breeders, for their cells or their queens, and some times it would be hard to quantify. Im not sure if it could be done. I know a couple of beeks who have used very very expensive breeder queens and had better results out of a swarm queen or their own stock queens. So what do they fall back on if a queen turns out to be a dud.
  8. I failed school C science, but thought dosent matter Ill never use it. But beekeeping today is all about science, I could have 3 different batches that I could blend together to get a very good blend that ticks all the boxes, not looking at flowers, colour or taste, only numbers on a spreadsheet.
  9. being callous has nothing to do with it M4tt, your hive has more bees dying everyday than you would kill in a every now and then alcohol shake. what if you wait to long so you can do a sugar shake and find you mite numbers to high. how many bees will die then. When you finish taking your honey off what happens to all those bees? Just do the shake and bee done with it.
  10. Lucky is not in sheep 😉 Had meetings with several primary groups before xmas and this will be the next thing beekeepers are going to have to get their head around, bio-security on orchards/farms etc is only going to ramp up and beekeepers are going to need to show that they can wok within the properties systems. Similar to H&S.
  11. Jamesc, where you drinking when you posted this?
  12. Can you share more about how u set up the tent for heating honey drums, how long to do 4 drums etc
  13. A good video, Gino. He explains it very simply. I have 13 brothers and sisters so we be adding to the African side of the blocks.
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