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  1. jamo is that an off the shelve concoction, or made up one, seems to have done the trick.
  2. I'm saying no they don't participate constructively and add to the demise of the hive. We have always been told that the bees die from the viruses that come from the varroa bite, but we have also been told that the varroa feed on the bee blood. since conference and Dr Sammy Ramsay showed that the varroa actually feed on the fat body of the bee, and the fat body is used for most things that control the health of the bee. I'm wondering if just saying the viruses kill the bee is to glib, and the fact that the bee has been compromised by the damage to the fat body, that the bee can no longer handle the viruses due to a compromised immune system, like us when we are run down we are more prone to come down with a cold or other sickness.
  3. Now if she had been the pumpkin farmer that caught us with her pumpkins, i'd still be there cutting her wood.
  4. many years ago while at high school, me and a few mates went tramping for the weekend up mt priongia in the waikato, filled our backpacks with 1/2dozen big bottles of beer and a few cans of bakebeans. in the morning we spied a pumpkin patch high on a hill at the back of a farm, with the demon drink telling us what to do we went and released those pumpkins down the hill and took some back to camp. in the afternoon a farmer turns up and looks at all the pumpkin skins around our camp and well we were nicked. on monday we were spoken to by the principle and the next weekend we were chopping firewood for the farmer for our missdeeds. he was a good sort and gave us a beer afterwards and said if we want any pumpkins just ask, and if we want another beer we know where the axe is.
  5. I'm not using it for honey production neither are the orchardists, maybe different rules apply as they get audited and never had an issue.
  6. Yesbut there have been times where i have been caught short in the little room and had to peel the roll as well.
  7. I pollinate a couple of organic kiwifruit orchards and have done for twenty years, i'm not organic and use bayvarol while hives are in their orchard. All they require is a letter that states the reason I'm using the varroa treatment is to stop the hives from dying from varroa, send it in with the invoice, never had a problem. When bayvarol first came out it was allowed to be used in organic orchards for saving the bees as there was no organic treatment at the time so i presume it still can.
  8. seriously, bees are not worth that much aggravation. take up golf or some other hobby and on your way home buy some honey from a local beekeeper.
  9. Dont worry frazz, it wasn't aimed at you, it was just in relation to the way beekeeping used to be as you mentioned in your post.
  10. why do i always get the feeling that there are many on this forum who think that it would be good or we can only be a true beekeeper if we return back to the days when no one was making any money. Wake up, we can have a good job and make a decent living if we change how we approach it and think globally, as that is where we can earn the bigger paycheck. Those that want slave your butt off for nothing, just dont sell anything.
  11. Hi all We are having a discussion day APINZ BOP discussion day, Friday 27th Sept at 14 Morton Rd Aongatete. Bruce Lowes shed 1.00-4.00pm. Do other industries biosecurity issues bother us as beekeepers, we are landless farmers and move our bees in and out of other people’s properties? Matt from KVH will be there to chat about biosecurity and where KVH are going, also what are contractors being required to do/implement. Updates from Zespri, Avocado NZ and Apimondia. Clifton King the manager of the AFB management board In terms of my objectives there are three issues I want to address (in priority order): I believe certain beekeepers have been spreading misinformation about our enforcement operations and I want the opportunity to meet with commercial beekeepers to hear their concerns and address them. Commercial Beekeepers in the BOP/Waikato region are much more likely to try an prevent AP2 inspection of their apiaries than anywhere else in the country. I believe there are 2 reasons for this: The Management Agency hasn’t had many/any AP2s in the Waikato BOP region for some time and they simply aren’t used to having their apiaries inspected Misinformation from beekeepers Underreporting of AFB in the Waikato/BOP appears to be worse than elsewhere in the country (but it’s a problem elsewhere as well). So come along let anyone else you know that should be there. Beers, BBQ and Bull…t afterwards. Any questions 0272863124 Dennis
  12. Adam, fragmented - what gives you that idea?. Yes now it is, but if it was to mature in time and everyone got on board to realize that we only represent a very small portion of the world honey volume, but could be the best/highest price if we all worked together. Im not talking about a single desk seller like zespri (although kiwifruit orchardists have big smiles and bigger wallets)),If we take a leaf out of the wine industry and individual companies could still market their product, but with a little more control of quality and signage. An umbrella organization like the wine concentrated on the NZ honey story and locals looked after area varieties, but all with the same end game in mind.
  13. How long for each hive and how often do you do a hive .
  14. Adam, if we only had 1 NZ brand for our honey, an umbrella brand so to speak. what would that do for this industry, dosen't stop different area varieties
  15. Jamesc, you should be taking tourists around your back yard, with a night in your hut and a meal of wild food drizzled with local honey. might help with that folding note?
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