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  1. The only app that would be useful is one where a hammer smacks you on the head whenever you decide to look at your phone instead of looking through your hives.
  2. thats because they don't like the taste of a meaty sausage
  3. When I started this discussion about boundary riding, it was not because of Comvita or any other company specifically, more of a general issue thats coming up. Not to say they are not in the mix, but are not the main reason for the discussions.
  4. Dont forget about the public and health and safety, with more and more bike and walking tracks being put in, or even more people biking around, where there is a chance of the public being stung because a commercial entity has placed hives near tracks and the such like, and bees being left at gas stations etc. Only takes some very influential/vocal people to make some loud noise and councils may act.
  5. this is why no one likes vegans, lets sell a sugar type sweetener as honey
  6. The which council dosen't matter, it could be any of them, but already been mention Hawks Bay, I have had chats with WBOPCC up here on similar topic, others are watching/listening to what may happen. Your 5 points I agree with. The rest is about trying to front foot this issue as best we can before we are frontfooted by others.
  7. At this stage its just a get together and chat about the issues, and perhaps to see if there is a possibility of some way forward. There is no easy answer, but its all you here about so this council wanted to pick our brains about it. No more rants just ideas please. For the record, my stance is leave this alone. If someone wants to plant manuka good on them but its their choice, leave the neighbors alone, or you come to some agreement with them. But perhaps a distance from the boundary from where you can place hives and perhaps a max number of hives per site? I agree its a can of worms but still worth thrashing out some ideas.
  8. No i'm not saying 3km is the boundary or the distance, just a distance a bee flies. Remember that any rules would have to apply to both sides of the fence. in most councils with noxious weeds you have to keep clear 10mtr from your boundary, so perhaps that sort of thing is a starting point. Or another way may be to limit the number of hives on a given apairy site and under the afb plan the next site is to be 200+ mtr away or as Jamo mentioned an amount of hives per ha of manuka/land. These are just ideas to start from, so keep em coming. Councils can just say you need to pay for a consent to keep bees, just like a building consent, self funding. Dont underestimate the flak councils and govt have been given through the media about bees starving due to overcrowding and dumpsited in NZ. This council wants to see if there may be away of easing the issue, and other councils will be watching. So let us be the ones to come up with the solution not them.
  9. No, but they have powers under land use and bio-security that they can use, all be it limited, but if enough landowners kick up a fuss perhaps a council makes a bylaw about where bees could be kept. What i'm am doing is to make sure that mom n pop beeks are not disadvantaged. Yes, is 3km a bees boundary, Yes its more complicated than people think, also manuka plantations are making the noise at the moment, but spring sites are just as important, if not more. Ali, we all agree with that sentiment, but the reality is different, rather than stick to that ideology, what ways would you mitigate risk. I know of a case where a mom n pop lifestyle owner who had their bees on their block beside a big block of manuka, the owner of the bigger block of manuka nextdoor along with the beekeeper they used, were going to take the lifestyler to court because the lifestyler's bees were stealing their crop under business interruption clause. It did not go to court because the lifestyler's moved their bees away because they could not afford the court case. Just looking for ideas and compromises from both sides that may be workable. The govt also wanting to see a move in this area, and they have a habit of making laws that don't work, so we need to help them come up with the right laws as best we can.
  10. Ali, there is no 1 investor in particular in this, it is just a general discussion, but there are a few landowners maybe thinking of planting and have asked this council what could be done. Councils do have the power under certain land-use rules they maybe able to enforce, but have asked for some input. Yes true, but if we don't have some input, they can/may make their own rules to appease others.
  11. Me and a few others have been asked to meet with a local council next week to discuss boundary riding beekeeping, their issue is around freshly planted manuka blocks. Im coming from the point that all beekeeping sites should be included. I know this is a hot topic is fraught with anxiety, anger, frustration, fear etc etc. What I would like to hear from you is your thoughts as to how you may see a way around this issue, but you also have to have a plan as to how to implement it. For example, if you say " we should just have 400000 beehives in NZ", then how do you propose for that to happen. Put your thinking caps on please.
  12. Depends on the block and quality of the manuka, I'd pay that on the right block thats all good until theres an incident, and then that'll test any documents you think will save you. Yep, you can't contract out of legislation, but you can try, not me, you.
  13. M4tt, 95% of what number? commercial or hobbyist? context around the numbers adds weight to wether people need to worry or not. But you are right about viruses and the need for checking
  14. Just add chip buttys to the above list Trev
  15. they certainly were Trev, next year if we could have eggs, snags, hash browns and coffee with them that'll be great.
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