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  1. The "don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness" way of thinking for parishioners.
  2. I don't quarantine any thing if I find AFB. I haven't done for many years. I found yrs ago when working for others, that when they stored boxes and other gear to paraffin dip at a later date, they seem to never really get on top of the problem, all ways a few hives each year showing signs of AFB. When we started to pick the hive up when found with AFB and burn it that day or within the next couple, we got on top of the issue and have had yrs with no symptoms.
  3. they reckon it's also the best milk for lattes, the drink of choice for hard working office types.
  4. Wool and Honey Industries, the only two primary industries that don't have an industry commodity levy, and the two primary industries that are struggling.
  5. Same here in he bay, seen the manuka flowering a little on the road side, better get the boxes on quick.
  6. I find with apivar is i fold the triangle back in half and put it between frames and as it springs back it holds itself there.
  7. Its still a work in progress , got a zoom exec mtg on 1st of June will have an update then.
  8. John that'll make you get through the hives faster.
  9. Just in time for the shortest day and to start thinking about the new season about to start, enjoy your holiday.
  10. Tommy no hard feelings, I'm sure we would enjoy a beer together if ever in the same drinking spot. I re-acted to the post, not to you personally. I do think the moderators should buy me a drink, as I am confused as to what is "inappropriate language" as I never used a swear word or what i would call inappropriate language in any of my posts. I did suggest you stop "mouthing off" a common phrase suggesting that person is talking about stuff they know nothing about. I also said "Don't drink and Type, Think and Type", as a dig at another exchange we had many moons ago, all about having a think before you/me type a post or reply to one. If the moderators gave us a chance to explain it would be better for all, but they are the ones in charge of the "you been a naughty boy" button.
  11. Tommy you have it wrong again, I do not know the beek involved in that situation. I was annoyed at you being a hobbyist passing judgement on a commercial beek going through a very tough time, even though it may be their doing. You have no idea what they have to be thinking as to how their family may suffer etc. All yo have to worry about if you lose your hive is what to put in its place, a bird bath perhaps, this person has banks and family homes to think about. I never once mentioned I was ok with what they did and have said time and time again that those who don't take care of their afb need to be dealt with. APINZ is not ok with this situation at all, once again you got your facts wrong, but as a hobbyist you quite happy to blame a commercial beek as if you the moral guardian off beekeeping. I have been in that situation, I do know what they went/still going through, have you? All you got to worry about is what color birdbath to get. Moderators is this OK third time lucky.
  12. Meet an old beek many years ago that would turn up with a woolen hat and tucked a few cells under there on his head, he would only do a few cells at a time but thats all he used. Now that"s using your head pa-dishh
  13. Sorry, none the wiser as to who you mean. If you had a name or a link to the article that would be good.
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