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  1. I had a dream,...... it involved a pony, some honey, two ladies and a shoe horn...... If i posted it Trev would ban me
  2. Murthy, i still got plenty of bees needed to be shifted into pollination, you more than welcome to come help me shift them in and find out for yourself about pollination. Happy to help answer any questions you may have, that i know the answers to........
  3. M4tt, dont lump afb.org.nz into this, this has nothing to do with the pest management plan. the way you worded that post, some will assume afb have something to do with this stupid council.
  4. Im always up for a coffee and a chat, but the trail is to far from the BOP for you to whip of the track for a coffee.
  5. If the greens and Labour have their way then yes
  6. There is no8 wire attached to the pallets and i used a drive shaft to twist a loop in the wire. There are two pieces of no8 wire that are attached to either side of the pallet, so where they cross I had a hook in the shed set at a certain height that I hooked through there. I would then stand on the pallet and poke the drive shaft through the gap and twist, you have to twist it about 5 turns, when we first stand on pallet it would be on the ground but after twisting it would lift off the ground a bit, but be nice and tight.any less turns than 5 and it can unwind when a heavy load comes on. Ill take photo and give you my measurements tomorrow.
  7. yes but with the help of a boat boarding ladder, I stand on the truck and off load from there as the hook frees itself when you place it on the ground or truck deck, and stay on the ground when loading the truck.
  8. tomorrow morn i will pik up if you have anyleft
  9. I used to have cradle till one day it was left behind, the boys thought i would say lets go back and get it, I made them unload the 80 hives and pallets by hand.(i helped as well) My daughter was helping me during pollination and i brokered some hives with wire strops on the pallets no need for cradle, she said if i want her help again i need to go to wire strops as well, which i agreed-ed with so spent two days and changed all my pallets over and have never regretted it and I wouldn't go back to a cradle. With a wireless remote it is so much faster and a 1 person job.
  10. one of my sites the locals are letting the pigs breed up, an whenever i turn up they thing im here to feed them, and race me to my bee site
  11. Yep I have one of those - it’s called wife
  12. If you got an iphone 8, you making to much money to be a beekeeper, so wont need an app
  13. It will take me two days to drive down and two to drive back, plus ferry crossings and accomodation, but happy to come n inspect your hive, and we will need to chat about an hourly rate as well
  14. Do you mean that beeks who use to sell their bush honey as manuka, now cant sell their bush as manuka honey, so the research is flawed.
  15. freedom campers can be an invasion pest as well.
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