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  1. This guy keeps bees on his family farm of about 6000 Ha/acres not sure which one, he open feeds sites in the middle of the property and is more careful with sites nearer the boundary.
  2. No offence taken, part of deciding on what hives you want to treat, is also deciding if its worth treating, thats all.
  3. At what point in the year do fold these ones up, and concentrate on the full hives that will happily make it through the winter and be able to be split in the spring. There's a big difference between a young 3 frame expanding nuc, and a three frame old dwindling compromised hive. Sometimes less is best.
  4. What i have learnt after one week of self isolation, ----- "my list" is not as important as her list it seems, hers gets done and my list can wait till I've fin with the bees.
  5. We can carry on beekeeping, part of the food production chain, just be sensible n if you think you need stuff get it over the next couple of days in case supplies stores close down or go to restricted opening hours.
  6. It sounded right to me I was presenting a talk to WBOP council, and one of the councilors asked what can be done about a bekeeper 2 doors down from him who had many hives all over his property. I know the beek and yes he did at that time. I said you guys are the boss make a rule about it, I went on to explain how we worked with Zespri and the local BOP hobbyist club to come up with a plan for tauranga, they said when we do our next review we will look into it.
  7. The hives will be all finished next couple of the weeks, gas from a truck stop, order groceries online and pick up from outside New world store, and just keep your distance from others. We are lucky that we have a house big enough that we can both be there but not need to come in contact, (some may call that a blessing) and when we do we just keep the 2mtr rule. Its not as bad as you think, just be sensible. Heath can go for walks and still feel as if she has some sort of freedom, if she short of things to do "I got a list".
  8. My thoughts are that as most beekeeping is done in a semi isolated way, i.e. you either work by yourself or with a couple of guys/gals so not mingling all day with the great unwashed, you should be fairly safe, can't speak for your night time proclivities but keep your hands washed. I would think that the stronger reason to maybe be worried about your job/position would be you/your boss not being able to sell product which then may snowball to the point of not being able to keep you on. Is the reason you/he/she cant move/sell product due to covid9 ? My wife came back from Aussie on Monday so she self Isolating, lucky she bought 2 big bottles of booze at duty free so we all sorted for the next couple of weeks, and as I work by myself and we at each end of the house and not meeting in the middle for hanky panky we should be all good. Now to go wash my hands.
  9. Wait for the movie to come out.
  10. well he'd have to buy me dinner first---I ain't no cheap hussy Yeah his dad was his trainer, I stopped using him for help a few years ago as i had to go after him to "tidy up". But the jobs done now and back to just me. It was just interesting to compare, you don't know what you don't know.
  11. I think the reason was that mpi did not want to take a business commercial rating as a starting point, they were looking at, is it-isn't it manuka honey , not what activity or any other commercially vested markers that an industry my want to use in their marketing.
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