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  1. No flow except what they can steal at the moment, we putting staples in but nothing else, get through about three pallets then they start. so we just do the three and then go to next yard come back in couple of days to fin yard. Sugar feed round will be next week but I got top feeders and dont have to open hives to feed and while putting staples in gives us an Idea of what feed the hives need. Not seeing any mites so far.
  2. You have several big/bigger beekeeping operations in the Hamilton area, but as we are all coming to the end of the season jobs may be a bit harder to fine untill next spring. You could call into NZBeesWAX near the base shopping center and ask them for some names
  3. For you Tom as a hobbyist it will always be zero, but we are happy for you to receive all the benefits whenever the industry votes one in. Kiwi Bee, unsure where you got your understanding from, MPI would sign off on any design an industry wanted as long as it fits in with the commodity levy rules, they had no suggestion as to how to strike the levy. APINZ looked at many types of levy design and chose what we settled on, not MPI, but as a hobbyist it really dosent affect you as you would not be levied. All industries come under MPI umbrella wether they like it or not.
  4. MPI don't set a levy, they just sign off on a levy that an industry decides it wants.
  5. Yep I agree, so how can you see this being played out in our industry?
  6. The study only discusses pollination and mentions 1 hive will pollinate 3ha, no mention of nectar production.
  7. Study's done in the 1960s by grasslands found that honeybees can and do pollinate red clover. BEHAVIOUR AND EFFECTIVENESS OF BEES IN POLLINATING LEGUMES I. W. FORSTER Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oamaru The pollination requirements of red clover (T. pratense) have received much attention over the years. There does appear to be an accepted’natural affinity between bumblebees and red clover. This has created a strong impression that it is bumblebees and maybe bumblebees alone that effectively pollinated red clover. It is a fact that the tongue of the honeybee is seldom more than 7 mm long and red clover florets are about 10 mm deep. But, as Snodgrass (1925) ’ points out, several appendages of the bee’s head combine to form the proboscis and it is the proboscis that is inserted into the flower. Observations in 1954-5 had shown honeybees to be doing 76 to 89% of the pollination of Montgomery red clover near. Timaru (Forster and Hadfield, 1958).
  8. I dont know if it is still the same but they do or did restrict who could supply them and where you could farm goats for supply, we were looking at it at one stage. So if that is still there and that is holding up the price paid due to containing supply, same as gold kiwifruit, then the question for beekeeping if you want to go down that path is who can be in and who cant? and who decides?
  9. Hey Tony, no it was maybe my worst one yet, the whole valley I go to didn't even flower, and where it did flower the bees got astelia honey. But theres always next year. The billion dollar industry was Nationals target not APINZ.
  10. That has been the problem for years, AsureQuality were very slow and ineffectual at most times, only now the AFBManagement are slowly taken back some of those roles off them to get the job done. 17 new ap2s are better than none. We now have an AP1 that is hot on dealing with afb and can sign off on action to be taken. Stop looking backwards and look at what is being done. Dogs may be A tool but they are not THE tool, the beekeeper poking their heads into hives and then dealing with the afb is THE tool.
  11. Tony so let us know what other beekeeping group is buying all our honey, I would join that one as well?
  12. Dont make up stories, to please yourself. If you know someone doing that then tell the authorities but don't attach that scenario to this incident if you have no proof.
  13. Once again, you are not thinking, I never mention that there is any reason to NOT address afb issues, I mention the reasons WHY people may not address afb issues, a big difference. That is where people need to feel that they can ask for help, but when they get attacked, then they go inside themselves and thats when it becomes a problem. I know of a beek in our area that hung himself because of his situation, he had no where to go nor feel he could ask for help, even after his passing people were still pillaring him, no one offered help before hand. If we are really wanting to get on top of this issue then people need to feel that they can ask for help, because dealing with a outbreak in a commercial outfit is a lot harder and involves a lot more issues with family and incomes etc, that a hobbyist situation doesn't even compare. Cant tell you any details about this situation, Yes you should have, my reaction was due to his dig at a situation he knows nothing about, and involving a commercial situation that he knows nothing about, i would have said the same to anyone who posted that dig. AFB is not aids, but people who have AFB need aid.
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