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  1. I have done this, it took about a hour to get 100g of honey fine enough. Then added to 1kg of liquid honey. The final results was a very find cream honey.
  2. Thanks Alexina, i'm a member of the chch club, i'll ask at next meeting about where the hives are in town. i think there are to many hives at the somefield site so will look at move some of them.
  3. Hi, I'm a newbee, in Christchurch I have two hives at a friends place in Somefield, he also has two hive on the section and there are also two hives two doors down the road. I also have one hive in Linwood which has produced more honey, then the other hives combined. Would this be because there are too many hive in the Somefield area? So my main question is. Is there any way to find out what other hives are in the area?
  4. [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] Thanks for the report, saw this on youtube about a month ago and was wondering how it was going. I'm new to bee keeping but like this hive for a hobbyist as it would be easy to check over. Will be interesting to see if they full both supers or only work on one.
  5. Hi Trev, How is this hive working out? Have you put any supers on it? MikeL
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