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  1. Hi could someone identify this insect please I am thinking it may be a native bee but unsure. I spotted one in the beehive a few weeks ago and today heaps are on the fennel plant.
  2. Great thank you for your advice, I think I will remove and put in plastic bags. I have used oxalic acid but did not work well. I was informed by someone a few weeks ago that I should have don't it 3 days in a row and then one week apart from then.
  3. If I put it a side what are the options for storing it ?
  4. Hi Borage: Both hives are very strong, I made another two brood box hive using brood, bees and honey from both hives 3 weeks ago new queen has hatched. Saying that both of the two original hives are still very strong plenty of bees and brood in both brood boxes the queens are laying well. No signs of swarming yet I am looking at maybe making another hive but will still have plenty of honey that I am wondering what to do with it as it was on hive with varroa treatment.
  5. I had two hives over winter they both had two brood boxes and a box of honey for winter. They have used very little honey and the hives have had varroa treatment on, I was wanting advice on what to do with this honey should I just leave it on the hives for next winter and just add a super on top?
  6. I am in the east side Christchurch and this is the first time in 3 years that I had had wasp attacking bees in one of my hives. Normally only see a few on the fruit trees but a lot more around at the moment.
  7. Hi, what Size is your brood box F/D or 3/4 ? I have two brood boxes on my hives one F/D and one 3/4. I do not use queen excluders at all when supers are on, I watched the bees when I first put one on struggle to get through it. I also read how it can damage their wings and shorten their lifespan so do not use them. The queen at times may lay alittle at the bottom of the middle two frames but as the honey is only for me and friends it is not an issue. These frames will replace old brood box frames at the end of the season. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong in saying having a hi
  8. Any honey I give away is creamed as the first year I got honey off the hives and gave it away I found most threw it out thinking it had gone off as it had crystallised .
  9. I would contact your local bee club talk to them, they may even know who this person is if they work for a local bee keeper.
  10. Hi all just an update, When I looked in the hive on the 28th April as stated above there would have been a newly hatched queen. I sighted her on Saturday along with 3 queen cells the hive is strong. Now the queen is very small she would get through a queen excluder. I am now wondering were the queen cells there to replace her or were they Swarm cells ? I am thinking there to replace her. I removed them as they were capped and I needed to control the next step. what do people think ? there is a small amount eggs plus brood of different ages.
  11. I went into the hive on the 10th April and did not sight the queen then I looked but did not find her and she is marked. For two queen cells to have hatched by the 28th April they must have been started round the 10th. If anything, there will be a new queen in the hive I just have not yet seen her. I am hoping she will mate but have been told at this time of year don't count on it. I would not merge yet as it is still a strong hive I just want to work out a plan if i do need to merge. My main concern if I did merge would be the new queen if she was in the hive killing the laying queen. The
  12. Hi I have a hive that has no queen or should I say no laying queen on April 10th I did not sight the queen. There were some eggs in the second brood box and plenty of brood, in the bottom brood box I found a little capped brood. 28th April very little capped brood only and two hatched queen cells. The 6th of May I had a very quick look there were no eggs or brood. I am looking at merging at some stage when is the question and if there is virgin queen how to do this safely to protect the other laying queen. The hive is a good strong hive with plenty of bees still. Unsure if I should merge now o
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