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  1. Definitely wont be walking away! I've been wanting to try oxalic as a treatment for quite a while but never had the justification of purchasing a vaporizer for just 2 hives and I don't really like the idea of the dribble method. Im very interested to see the results from these staples, I hope to get them made and in the hives this weekend.
  2. Oh yep woops 35%/65% and removing excess liquid! And I assume you leave them in the hive and the bees will discard them or is there a recommended treatment time frame? Im going to go ahead and make 8 up just for my 2 hives at the present. Ill be back with sugar shake results and observations ?
  3. Just clarifying on the diy instructions for making paper tape staples. (Please forgive me just struggling to piece together the latest information having not been active on the forum in a while). So far I understand its a triple layer of paper gib tape cut in strips 430mm long, sewed together (or stapled) down the middle then soaked in oxalic and glycerin mixed at a ratio of 35% oxalic to 55% glycerin measured by weight. The end strip should weigh about 28g - 30g. You treat with 4 staples in a single or 7 in a double (4 down 3 up). Is this all there is to it? Anything th
  4. @Jaspur M I definitely prefer the beetek mats, the mesh mats are much to flimsy and rather annoying to place in a hive as they tend to want to roll up. Cutting the corners off the mats works no problem. To be honest i didnt even bother putting a mesh mat on a hive, just left one of the beetek mats on, I will probably take it off on my last inspection before winter and harvest the propolis myself my freezing it and cracking it out, will defenitely run them on my other couple of hives next season.
  5. Did my AFB Inspections this afternoon as well as checking the overall wellbeing of the hives and noticed a couple odd things. My overwintered Nuc (A split created in autumn with a caged mated queen) has a tennis ball sized area of brood. It is patchy and mostly drone brood which appears healthy. There are also fresh eggs. My instinct said that possibly a supersedure occured or the nuc had swarmed however theres no sign of any queen cell remnants and its population is rather strong. There is no way its population would have recovered. So my second guess is they're still in wintering
  6. Treatments went in today after the sugar shakes! Should of stated that.
  7. AFB Inspections and Sugar Shakes this evening. No sign of AFB which is good. Still plenty of honey in all three hives which is great to see, can put off feeding for a couple weeks. My Double FD Hive is a bit weak after winter (possibly already swarmed, check my thread in general beekeeping forum). Reduced to single box. The Nuc is chugging along and I am quite proud of wintering a Nuc my first winter however it is possibly got a drone laying queen (again check my thread in general beekeeping forum). My overwintered single FD (Hive 2) is chock full of bees and bringing in
  8. Made my gear orders for the season yesterday, no doubt I'll need much more:what: Bayvarol treatment planned to go into the hives in about 3 weeks. Haven't opened the hives for a while but have seen them bringing in heaps of pollen. Last time I opened the hives (about a month ago) I added some dry raw sugar just to keep them going. The single FD Box was full of bees, the double FD Box also had a good population. The NUC was down to about 2 frames of bees but still looking sustained. Will open them up soon and do sugar shakes to figure out the mite load in the near future!
  9. I actually just placed my orders for gear for this season and decided to get 2 mesh mats from ceracell and 2 of the beetek mats. Will try both of them this season and see what I prefer.
  10. Looking to start collecting propolis this season. I plan to use the pre cut mesh from Ceracell. With these mats do you place the mat under the inner cover or completely replace the inner cover with the propolis mat. Also if I were to use these with the corner access feeders, is it just a case of cutting the corners off the mats, has anyone done this?
  11. Bought some raw sugar to carry my 2 hives and nuc through the rest of the winter before feeding syrup and splitting in the spring. Will put the sugar in on Friday.
  12. Removed strips from my 2 hives and nuc that are going into winter on sunday. They are a bit light on stores so I will make some candy up for them sometime this week.
  13. Any idea where to get some relatively thin sheets of polystyrene, preferably for free?
  14. Made a split last friday (A bit late I know, but it was a part of the requirements National Certificate in Apiculture course, also managed to get a Mated Queen for free) Apivar strips into the hives on friday too! One hive im pretty impressed with, 1 full box of honey and about 6 frames of brood in the bottom box, they wintered themselves down. Other one is still very strong just put on the second box too late and they barely started drawing 3 frames in that so reduced them down to 1 brood for the winter. Strapped up my 2 hives (and one Nuc) tight today in preparation for this Cyclone.
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