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  1. You will need transport as a listed activity on the RMP and then keep a log and cleaning records etc Edit: note that if your extraction plant 'added your ute' to their log then they would also have to have you listed as a subcontractor with a contract
  2. ... We isolated a free-living Gram negative bacillus from hemolymph of worker honey bees (Apis mellifera) found separated from winter clusters. In some hives, greater than 90% of the dying bees detached from the winter cluster were found to contain this bacterium... https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0167752&fbclid=IwAR22GFwW9gfVPo0pYgRFkaW9Uu-qOPnVMfT3SsL5Pe4g1ELi_-rbaICoYDw @JohnF Thought on implications for NZ? ie do we have this?
  3. Charles

    220L Drum food lining certificate

    The cert should be dated the same as the shipment date of the drums. Most extraction plants should be able to supply the drums (at a cost) that will meet all the specs And make sure that they have been stored well and no water has been sitting on them
  4. Charles

    tall hive pics

    I had very few doubts, done it before, but not seen it for a few years now though. Ive seen whole areas that averaged over 100kg per hive
  5. Charles

    tall hive pics

    drying boxes...
  6. I do and I contribute to it as well - both text an photos. I have no problems with open souse (hell one of my patches to android was taken back up stream into Sony's open source repos)
  7. how ever you want to read that paragraph... They are still a 'rival' and are asking for free work with out saying who they are
  8. What content? not much there at the moment. They ask you to find pair reviewed papers for them, but they don't say who they are. Why should I give my time to someone else that wont even say who they are. If you want to be taken at any worth don't have a .com and hide behind rules that are there to protect the individual
  9. humph " Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry Registrant Name: Registration Private Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC"
  10. we go for about 30-35 g for 3/4 and close to 50 for full depth
  11. Charles

    Syrup tank and pump layouts

    Gear pumps are the way to go, even for syrup, but the 5mm trash pumps do the job well enough at a lower cost. We have a couple of 12v diaphragm pumps on smaller tanks, slow when the sugar is cold, ok if you can heat the sugar up.
  12. Ok form my "branch's" perspective: Branch manager holds 'The' DECA Staff may or may not hold their own DECA or have done the AFB course, a quick breakdown (numbers from memory): over 1/3 of staff have their own DECA another (more than) 1/3 have had the formal AFB course all staff will have a refresher (AFBPM teacher) AFB course this spring Some of us cooperates do take staff training seriously
  13. Charles

    Re-using honey drums

    Compliance letter from where the drums come from, normally includes a letter from the drum makers. Expect to reject about 10-20% for dents, rust, black honey on seams etc