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  1. I have discovered a wasp nest in the bottom of an old stump about 20 meters from my hives. The wasps are entering through a crevice at the base of the stump. What is the best and safest method of killing the nest?
  2. As a hobbyist with 4 hives, I end up giving my excess honey to friends and family. Surely that is undermining the commercial sector! On the other hand, I am introducing people to the taste of honey fresh from the hive and making them keen to buy from farmers markets or specialist honey shops. It would be nice to be able to recoup some of the costs of producing by being able to sell some.
  3. They are in one full size box, ten frames per box. They have four full frames of honey, and 4 part frames. Two frames only with brood in very small amounts, pollen and some honey. There were bees on every frame when I opened up the hive. Yes I will be keeping an eye on the honey frames re feeding.
  4. Thank you all for your help.
  5. Oh, good. I was hoping that may have been what was going on. Well, I'll leave them till spring and see what I've got. It's probably all I can do anyway. C'est la vie! I got my first hive January 2015.
  6. Around 11am. They are both one box hives. There were only 2 frames in each with small amounts of capped brood. There were plenty of bees in both hives.
  7. I checked my hives today after about 3 weeks. I think two hives have lost their queens. There is no uncapped brood and only a very little capped brood. One of these was going really well when I last checked, but the other has always been weaker. My third hive has a little uncapped and more capped brood. Is it possible to get replacement queens from at this time of year, and if so, from where?
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