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  1. While waiting for bees, you can gain some beekeeping experience by joining your local club or support group(Porirua in my case). Make time to go to the field days. Let other beekeepers in your area know that you're available to join them whenever they are opening a hive. You get to ask a lot more question on a one to one mentoring. I keep some cheap coveralls, veils gumboots and gloves to cater for our local support group should someone turn up without appropriate attire. It's better for me to know that the beeks within foraging distance is knowledgeable about beekeeping for disease, treating
  2. Are they not city bees and suppose to clean up all the spilled sugar drinks from fast food places and cafes.
  3. How do you store it without it crystallizing.
  4. A bit early in the season to get a capped frame of manuka?
  5. That would make wing clipping a lot more acceptable as it also happens naturally. So no pheromone from wings that affects her laying capability then?
  6. Does the old wingless queen carry on laying?
  7. What age bees are better at drawing foundation. If you swap an empty nuc with a hive to collect the foragers, then remove the nuc and close it up for a few days or relocate, would that work?
  8. That's what I used to get rid of wax moth on 3 stacks of honey supers from last year. For the varroa test, just need to work out the volume of Co2 required for the volume of the container. Then the correct weight of dry ice. Or as soon as the bees are out of it. Remove the dry ice. I did read an article some where that after Co2 anesthetising, the bees get disoriented and also the time of the day in relation to the position of the sun. Would be interested to know if someone did that who have one hive and see if the bees do go straight back to the hive. The way the bees were shaken in
  9. On my trip down South, bought various sample of honey so I can keep as a reference to the taste.
  10. Is there a reason why you would not wind up the thermostat to its max a few hours before needing the hot water. The water temp will drop once it start mixing.
  11. Surely you're going to have more disclosure than that statement. Don't sell yourself short. If you don't blow your own horn, someone might use it as a spittoon:D
  12. Not that I am making any endorsement. Just think that these info should be out already. So early bird catches the worm. He made an effort to approach the club to inform its members. That's a plus. "I would like to introduce myself, as a candidate for the non-commercial board member position of Apiculture NZ in the upcoming elections -which begin on 20 May. I am Paul Martin. Based in Whangarei, I am a Vet but work in the dairy industry as a Farm Business Consultant. My wife and I run a drystock farm, and I am a Director and Shareholder of this business. I am also a passionate hobbyist beek
  13. A candidate representing non commercial has already started to request to be made known to our club members for support. I am surprised that there is no thread started by the prospective candidates on this forum. Why? Too much exposure? Too many question get asked? Should I start one and post what was sent. If I do and he is not on the forum, where is his opportunity to have a right of replying. How do you engage these candidates to come on the forum to show their worthiness to be elected.
  14. It should be easy to remain meditative after a sting on the eyebrow. That would be turning a blind eye.
  15. Good one for a top bar comb. Gentle handling during transport required? Mine was out for 54 hrs and developed queen cells including capped ones. When the queen went back in, the queen cells were torn down. Had very heavy rain to the point of flooding the creek back of my section on the day I was supposed to deliver the hive. Transfered frames when it eased to a drizzle. As there was insufficient bees on frame, shook some out from other frames and bees flying back lands in observation hive. Hence it's in front of the hive entrance. Public enjoyed the display. Include
  16. Bomb it with bee-quick and bee vac it as they all exit. Would that work?
  17. Great idea to include that. Will follow suit. A digital displayed on the outside with wired sensor placed on the brood and another showing space temperature will show that they only maintain the brood temperature from 32 to 35C rather than the whole hive. Having thermometer on the inside, display may get covered by bees.
  18. Taking a 3 FD frame observation hive to the Wgtn Home Show this coming weekend. It's a 3 days event. Two frames of brood in the process of emerging. Allows the observation of "baby bees birthing", young bees cleaning cells, Queen laying in empty cells. Include drone cells if possible but difficult at this time of the year. One frame of pollen, nectar and capped honey with less bees. This allows room for bees to move into when too warm for the clustering around brood. If there are empty cells on this frame, spray with water. Choose a gentle non flighty hive. Do not smoke. Do not shake bees fro
  19. Went for a walk yesterday around my neighborhood and found I suspect my bees on the same type of plant. They seem to be collecting orange colour pollen. Is there any nectar from ivy.
  20. Same site. I AFB hive burned last year. Lots of abandoned building and rotten trees around which could potentially host lots of feral hives in foraging/robbing distance. As @deejaycee said, part of beekeeping. I will probably not get notification from Assure Quality regarding this AFB report as there is no rob out. Hence my comment on the other thread that was copied over to emphasize keeping in touch with other beekeepers in your area to be informed of the going on. There is no need to generate a fear syndrome and treat the beek as "leper" when informed that there is AFB around. My spare ge
  21. Won this year's liquid honey competition as first equal. Twice in a row before except last year as I was too busy with the renovation. Does other clubs run competition? Is the Apiculture NZ Ltd conference having one this year? Can any club running wax competition start a thread and tell us what the rules are. A few hobbyist are mentioning that they do not know what to do with the wax they have. No need to mention about plastic frames.
  22. If in doubt of how it should be done Closing hives with AFB And read the rest of the available information. As for this hive, all that is needed to be done is being attended to. There is no necessity to make a big deal of it or you may find that others will not even bother to mention anything about AFB being located in fear of being overly scrutinized.
  23. Yes it should made clear as a strong hive with afb.
  24. Admin note: side discussion moved here from NZBF topic [PLAIN]NZBF: - My first hive is queenless ([/PLAIN] Don't see why not. PM me your real name, hive location and contact details and I'll see if there are other options of beeks near you. I am always interested in what other beeks are up to within my foraging distance to watch out for disease and treatment etc. Had a Northern Wellington Club day on Sunday afternoon and one fairly strong AFB hive found. Sealed and petrol added. Awaiting arrangement to light the fire. That's within my foraging area. Always good to keep in touch wi
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