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  1. Pssst. Save capital cost. Invest in manuka labels only. They will not know the difference. The placebo effect is the same with the current product.
  2. Make a dark brown colour, add some gelatin and extract that as fake manuka and sell it at a higher price than the real stuff.
  3. To see who has robbing bees in your area as they will be reporting this strange phenomenon on the forum.
  4. Welcome @Alc I have heard lots of people describing the smell of AFB like that of rotten fish. You might end up burning you hive while being overly cautious.. However the rope test can prove otherwise.
  5. I am still new to top bar hives. Can they be shaken as in a langstrogh frame or should it be brushed.
  6. Thanks @Alastair I hope it goes well and give newbies hope that there is life after being condemn to death.
  7. If NZ can export more manuka honey than it produce, there is a risk that we import more that some of these allowed Islands can produce
  8. Looks like the seller is attempting to diversify from UGG boots and Casio watches.
  9. $200 for a frame of emerging brood! Assuming there is 5 frames on a nuc. How would you price the honey and pollen frame individually. If you still have the hand full of bees and do not intend to revive it, suggest that you offer what's left to someone who has some bees to start a nuc. Might even get them to sell it back to you after ICU treatment.
  10. I have save two hives last month as what @Alastair suggested. As one was being robbed out, checked for afb, shifted the hand full of bees and Queen to a 5 fame nuc. A donor frame of about to emerge brood/bees and shook 2 more frames of nurse bees. Thriving and ready to be in a 10 frame box when the weather improves and for me to clear a bit of space next to it. I try not to give up too easily on saving what there is. Compress air also clean up old drawn out combs with dried pollen and sometimes the old cocoon comes out as well. Overalls about to be washed and a face shield recommended as part
  11. @JohnB from Tawa. PM him. If it's not too wet today, he'll be at the club Chartwell hives for our field day from 11 am. He has stack of gear ready for our new members. Get in quick.
  12. Care to expand on that so we do not follow that method?
  13. Would civil disobedience work in this country to change a law?
  14. Briscoe has half price sale most of the time. Single electric blanket is good with 3 settings. I am anticipating that I will use the settings to suit the ambient air temperature/season so the controller does not switch on/off too frequently creating temperature swings. This is what happened without temperature controller and an 'O' ring failure on the honey gate. Electric blanket inside a polystyrene box.
  15. STC-1000 is the controller. It is a tall fridge. The existing shelves are tempered glass and may be the culprit for temperature stratification. Will remove all shelves to see if any difference. If I have to, can install a bigger fan. My Wellington bees should be use to strong wind. Humidity reading only with wet sponge as source?
  16. I've got the fridge set up with temperature controller and electric blanket at the back. The fridge fan turns on when the door is closed. There is a 4 oC difference between top and bottom of fridge. Quite happy to experiment base on forums suggestions. What next? Humidity control required?
  17. After seeing @Shaun jumbo hives, experimented with one by attaching a spacer below and made up 10 jumbo frames. Cannot recall if I did have a swarm out of it. What if you just add a spacer below on the one full depth brood box when it's strong and allow the bees to build comb under. This will probably be drone cell any way. End of season, cut off comb and use spacer for top feeder. Thinking of doing a few more jumbo.
  18. Suggest holding the camera still or tripod. I keep cleaning my specs thinking it was dirty.
  19. Is that still applicable if the neighboring drones (assuming that it means from the same apriary) are from a different gene pool ( by swarms all over Wellington or from queens supplier from queen breeders).
  20. Did you use the right dried grass for your smoker.
  21. Discarded ex bathroom lining like seratone is the best deal. Free. Establish friendship with a jar of honey to secure supply from a bathroom renovator. Laminated side in. Easy to clean off any burr comb or propolis.
  22. Can you please elaborate on this observation hive. Type and size etc.
  23. All of the above. Yet I have no problem removing gloves whenever I find unmarked queens. Maybe by that time i am in the hypnotic zone that the bees and I are one. I have always used vaseline on my hand before painting for easy removal. I wonder it that would work for propolis.
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