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  1. I was told not to let the bees completely cover the propolis mat as they will slow down production or stop. Exchange a new mat to keep them going. Is this true.
  2. With such a shortage of bees wax, it would be a waste burning it .
  3. We did some splits at my place and Frank Lindsay found a queen cell with the queen's head facing up. Anyone seeing this occurrence? He pop it out, reversed it and put it back. Unfortunately in between all that was busy getting more frames and nuc boxes. Not sure which hive he put it back in.
  4. I also contain the bees in the boxes put aside with spare hive mat. Stops them flying off back to the bottom box. 6 pm could also mean almost every one home?
  5. The corner was broken due to Heavy Loading with honey and Hot Wellington weather. Or possibly strong wind leaning weight of hive to one side. Concern with plastic going to landfill. Post by members burning plastic base with oxalic vaporizer. A few more season for this base. Screwed a block under with cut out for the stopper. Screwed 20mm side batten. Front slides for fully open to fully closed and back slide's out when required for treatment. Off cut from the back of an old oven to be used to block bottom screen when using oxalic acid vaporizer. Not fully tested yet.
  6. Just as I do not know how to describe wine flavour, even worse on honey. My first attempt on first frame of honey was wet dog fur smell which made me think why I was keeping bees. I am now buying various sample of honey when I travel in NZ so I can do taste comparison. Meanwhile bush honey is a safe description. Yes it was the runny honey section. Will try cream and comb honey next year. It was a fiasco though with the Honey Cup. Somewhere between winning that night to having the newsletter printing the results and name on the cup. Someone got it wrong with another members name. It was fixed
  7. Would it help if the divider was not in the slot but just fits like a follower board.
  8. Have a go at using the left over cells in a mini mating nuc for fun. You might be able to sell/give it away at the next club meeting.
  9. When there is a lot of bees on the frame, it's quite easy to miss seeing them queen cells on the sides and any other holes in the comb. I had a helper look through one hive while I investigated a swarm down the bush. Too late as it went inside a dead tree. He found one obvious frame with cells at the bottom. I went through it and found 4 more. Gently brush the bees off each comb to do a thorough inspection. Did six splits today, cloudy, between showers. One hive did not show any cells at bottom of frames but it's numbers made me do an inspection anyway. Placed 4 queen cells in a nuc for fu
  10. (Spoken with an elevated voice and fast) BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE If you order now. You will get these accessories for free. Find a Langstroth hive owner who is sympathetic to your desire to have a TBH. "Assemble. Put in Hive. Walk Away (spoken with top front teeth forward)" Repeat for every frame and checker it with drawn comb. There is no need to wait for a swarm. ORDER NOW. To help someone get a top bar going before getting a swarm or a package of bees. Should have taken photo before destroying it. Mark I was polystyrene taped on the edge only. They chewed most of it thus the righ
  11. If its not a good queen, I'll combine the hive for a bigger harvest. One of the cell was among eggs. The other is right at the corner of the frame amoung nectar. Probably a moved egg. Quite surprised I did not loose a lot of foragers back to the original hive. I blocked up the entrance of the original hive to see how many trying to get in. Added a frame of pollen facing the queen cell. I should have mangled the pollen and honey to make them feed to produce more royal jelly. Will do it maybe in the morning.
  12. I was not meaning to split a hive. It's an experimental 5 frame langstroth/ 5 top bar hybrid. Took out 3 frames for the observation hive on Saturday for the Otari Open Day. Was pondering to split or not. This evening found the observation hive with two queen cells. Thus the bees made decision for me to split.
  13. Search titled Swarm and posted by Dave Black. Lots of interesting write ups. I'm revising in preparation.
  14. Depends on the harvest and generosity at the time.
  15. Yes it would be like eating oyster with grit on the side. It is a mind over matter. Funny part is as soon as there is a high price tag on stuff we do not normally eat and it gets hyped up by media. It becomes popular and status. No different from manuka honey.
  16. The first thing about bee keeping is lighting a smoker. The first thing about getting involved in a bee forum is using the smoker on some of the post. It can mask some of the alarm pheromones. Lots of guard bees around as membership expands.
  17. Interesting concept. Bee suits out of foundation.
  18. Suppose to be on another thread due to split?
  19. But I was serious. What is the component in a smoke that calms or mask the alarm pheromones.
  20. Would electronic smoker like the e-cigarettes reduce the risk and lower the insurance?
  21. @Shaun those jumbo hives looks good at that office site. If you need a hand at that site, wouldn't mind a call.
  22. Are you kidding! At one stage any topic however remote, had some form of warning about AFB. Now I ensure it is mentioned that I have checked for AFB before I did this or that so the AFB Police do not have to waste their time posting. But when the club members and experienced beeks are willing to mentor for their first year, then possibly better outcomes. Or frighten the timid with all these disease, doom and gloom and hopefully discourage starting the hobby.
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