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  1. Thanks Dave. I did mean to type 2:1 (by volume)and not 1:1. How ever I always have to add a bit more water to the sugar(chelsea standard 1A sugar) to dissolve it. . I tried not to heat as caramelized sugar is not good for bees, written somewhere.. I had to slightly. But then it does crystallise quite a bit on the feeder towards the end. Four frames honey, 6 frames bees, leave it alone. Checked and Filed. Now back to reading your past Letters from NZ. Really find your articles very interesting, captivating. As I was scrolling down the page , I was hoping for more. Please don't stop.
  2. Experiment of removing queen to observation hive did not go ahead today. Queen of the house said NO observation in the house.. Instead escorted queen(bee) in a carriage and dispatched to Siberia Intend to put her to use later for further experiments. Read/heard somewhere that it can be pinned on the top bar to flush out a jealous queen and somewhere else about putting it in alcohol and use as queen juice for swarm attractant. Need to de-fragment my hard-drive. Keep forgetting where the articles are after I have read them. The supercedure cell that was capped was underdeveloped. Found a small p
  3. This is part quoted from "Sugar in Honey" thread. I am trying to understand bee keeper terminology. "You have to look at the weather, phonology, hive condition and how many other hives you might have to feed . Round here when the hives are very strong in November they will use up 8 L of heavy syrup in 10 days. You just have to develop judgement based on experience about how much and how often to feed. Too much is not good but not enough is worse." Please confirm is a "very strong hive" means that they have the number to take in 800ml of "heavy syrup" ( is that 1: 1 ?) and i
  4. At the club site I saw that they use twine going from the feeder to the box below and dribble some syrup on the rope. Apparently this draws them up to the feeder. A bit like a crumb trail.
  5. A few weeks ago I had the same problem of dead and lethargic bees in front and under the Hive doctor. It was on winter setting. Also noticing landing bees falling on wet surface in front. Bees getting wet & chilled queuing to get in was my thought. I placed a carpet square on a block on a slope and set it for summer and had not a problem since.
  6. Hi Adam, My experience with swarms is too many for a beginner. PBee in Waitakere had a swarm 6 July. Refer to Hive activity in Winter Thread My first swarm experience was with the bee keeper who sold us our first hive. Helped him collect it and learn the procedure which came in very handy. Second :- Had our hive for a month and it swarm into the most precarious location. Top of a branch of a dead rotten tree with vine on it. On a slope with a creek below. No strong enough branch to lean on. Tied a tow rope 2/3 up on my 5 metre extension ladder on one of the rung. My son held the bottom o
  7. S/steel hook end works for me. Fits nicely into the bee suit long pocket by the knee for a quick draw. Started bee keeping with lots of puffing and lots of puff out. Then went through a stage of lighting it and not using the smoke. I now just take the bee kit bag as a just in case. No smoke, hive tool, home made frame spacing tool and camera(cover with glad-wrap around camera, cut hole for lens to stop propolis on buttons). Can have a few collateral damage with bees on edge of boxes during placement even with bulldozing method. My understanding is smoke stuffs up their day. Smoke does help d
  8. Sorry Tony did not see your previous post. One box full and more. Had to shake quite a bit off just to take photos and was surprised with the amount of brood. Especially when I had a major hit of varroa not that long ago. Heaps of deformed wings being chucked out, thought I was going to loose this hive over winter. That was after two consectutive api-lifevar, but think that it was too late in the year as the temperature was too low, so quickly swapped to bayrol. On my second bayrol treatment now. Just getting onto 5 mite drops max per day, but some days none at all which is a big differen
  9. Hi Tony, My lack of experience at the moment cannot help me determine strong, super strong ect. Still matching bee keepers terminology to my limited experiences. The club hives field days had been working on nucs and enjoying every site visits.. Any bee keepers in wellington needing a hand and not mind heaps of questions, contact me. I will make time. I will even bring lunch. No bananas ( my first sting on the face). The brood was originally at the bottom box and had moved up. My thoughts was there is no frames at the top I can move around. Two frames of capped honey at either end to ke
  10. So is it ok to leave the box that is already swapped, if not for swarming, for the queen to move up to more room to lay. Or if I had not swapped, she would have move down anyway?
  11. Two days ago, I inspected a hive and found the top brood box with 5 frames of capped brood 1 frame eggs the two frames capped honey and nectar on each ends. Some drone capped broods too. The bottom box had no brood and being filled with lots of pollen and fresh nectar. As there was hardly any room on the top to lay. I swap the bottom box to the top. Reasoning being bees like to move up. Queen running out of room to lay and may create swarm cell. Is this the correct thing to do for this time of the year? First photo is typical of the 5 capped brood, second is the frame full of eggs.
  12. I had a problem with the bees in a bunch full of sugar crystal around their bodies and the ball of bees gets bigger as I think they were trying to clean each other off and getting coated with syrup. Since using bracken on top of the foam, problem resolved. Home made feeder. The reason I used the the foam was to provide a larger surface area for feeding. 750ml disappears in less than 1/2 day. Recently bought a beetek feeder but have not use it yet. Comes with the coreflute cover. Perhaps it is the amount of bracken that is place submerged in the feeder that creates the perch for the bees.?
  13. The set up looks like a cover board with hole/holes maybe towards one side. This goes on top of the super. The feeder box on top with the 30 litre plastic container. Then another cover board(no holes) and roof on top. The plastic lip appears to be the same level as the wooden frame, Assume the cover board provides the bee space? The idea looks great. Potential for massive drowning? Does the weight of about 30litres bears on the cover board or the feeder has its own self support for the container? I have found even using an ice-cream container disastrous when they seem not to be ab
  14. Thanks for all the advice. I will take that all on board and experiment. My plan will be to take three frames out, the two with drone/queen cells with the drone laying queen and one honey frame and place that in the three frame observation hive I made for the Better Home and Living Show this year and observe. see if a drone queen has big eyes, etc. Probably keep that indoor. This will also help me do modification on the observation hive. It is already a mark3. Leave one box on existing site and put a frame of eggs, open and capped brood from my good hive and hope to see queen cell a
  15. You guys can reply faster than I can one finger type. How do you have that excerpts from some ones comment before you type your reply. The parts in brown writing!!
  16. Hi Dansar, The only reason I started going cameo was when I took a swarm to my brother's place as a quarantine site, it was located quite visible from the house. Wife comes from Hong Kong and the Chinese apparently have white boxes with urns for the decease family bones/ashes as a memorial just like the bee boxes. Offered to cameo it so it is not so vissible. Also had to cover with bracken. When I came back with left-over on a palette decided to finished of the paint. Thus now standard hive color for me. So, when visiting China, dont assume there are so many beekeepers with nucs.!!
  17. Assuming that the queen is now a drone layer, the workers do not detect the drone eggs and carrying on making a drone into a queen!!! Shall I transfer a frame of eggs and larvae and brood from my other hive without the bees ( or should it be with bees that were on the frame for nursing bees). Or since there is drone larvae there is existing nursing bees(how long do nursing bees stay nursing?) This is in the hope that they will make a queen out of fertile eggs. The current queen will keep laying drones and hopefully sufficient to mate the new queen. I have a hive from the caste swarm
  18. Rain stopped briefly, lull in the wind,13 C, quick photo shoot, All bees at home. Had to blow at them to clear for photos. Looks like there is another four or five more supercedure cells. Too hasty with photos of the queen. Just noticed white stuff in the second last photo. Not sure if that is brood. Does the supercedure queen likely to kill the original queen? Should I separate them with queen excluder into two boxes.
  19. Thanks Alastair, Weather forecast indicates Sat to be a warmer day 14C for photos. If there are no worker brood, is there a risk of chilling or harming bees/drone brood/larvae should I decide to shake off the bees to take better pictures or better inspections. We seem to have this panic to try and do things fast so as not to disturb them too long. I am assuming they are drone cells even for the uncapped ones is the building out of the cell. ie longer. What confused me is how it is possible to have one capped supersedure cell when there is no other worker brood? What if I start
  20. Spotty in the worker cell area but drawn out to drone cell length, ie in the middle area. I have 5 hives in total. Two from swarm and caste swarm with this hive, two additional from queen cell and swarm from club apiary. This is the only one without worker brood. This hive was accidently re-queened on 28 Feb. Had 4 spare queen cell from club hives intending to help someone who had a lot of dead bees outside just in case they needed queens.(found no bees left in their two hives). Brought queen cells home, stuck on a bar and placed over hole on the cover board to keep them warm to decide later.
  21. Hi all, This is my first winter keeping bees. Put in second lot of Bayrol today. Found no worker bees brood, quite a number of capped and uncapped drone brood, drones still flying and one supersedure capped queen cell . The current marked queen sighted. Plenty of capped honey, still bringing in fresh nectar, plenty of pollen. Hive is 3 X full depth. Any suggestion what to do next?
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