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  1. Yes of course. A whole jelly bean does not fit in. 15% gst tax gets swallowed.
  2. I was borrowing some queen cages from Frank Lindsay this morning and was going to ask about fondant. He showed me how to use jelly bean as the candy. We joked about saving the black ones.
  3. That's 5 days of comb building. Would they have used up their tummy honey? These days with so many commercial beeks having sugar fed hives everywhere, not a bad idea to build up your hive to strength ASAP to prevent robbing. For seasoned beeks 10 days. For new beeks who wants to look sooner and more frequently, use perspex as a hive mat. Looking without taking a hive apart. Now I use that to show kids and adults visitors as curiosity.
  4. Bee awareness was not a success then. Incident as such reported on the News would counter such practice and educate the public what not to do.
  5. Have you met a man that reads the instructions first! It's the same with beekeeping. I committed to buying my first hive on the night of my first meeting at the bee club. New nothing about keeping bees. Came home and told my wife. Just as well she was in agreement. Bought the NZ Book for her to read. If I need technical information, I'll ask her as she had more memory than I have.
  6. That's what happens when the Queen choose not to abdicate. Her successor may not be what the rest want.
  7. As it's not a fashion statement, err on the side of larger. You can always fold and sew where the knees and elbow is. This will give a four layer padding. When they grow, remove the stitching. Sorry @JohnB , that does not help with your sale as children grow..
  8. Good way to learn asking question. Have also rung John. He will get in touch with you
  9. The culture of beekeeping is changing rapidly. These days I get called to give advice on how to catch their swarms.
  10. Went through a hive with lots of cell about emerging. Some came out naturally while I waited to cage them. Other had my assistance with the scalpel. One was slightly premature with light brown color but was attended to by the workers and came out anyway. One looked like too small a cell which I was discarding but emerged quite a big queen. Must have eaten all her food in the cell. 8 cells got caged with one given away. Busy today making up mini nuc.
  11. The flow hive will have to be certified as a commercial kitchen:).
  12. A swarm decided to return but not inside the hive. Mist and swept it into a nuc. Dismantle the original hive and located all the swarm cell frames with brood including cup with egg. Left one capped cell in the bottom 2 box with some capped brood. Excluder on top. Then a honey super. Top box has the brood and all the queen cell at differed stage transfered into one frame. Pollen nectar on one side. Open brood on the other. After reading the above thread, will check in the morning if more nurse bee has come up. Capped cell in hair roller cages. 5th was capped but the crown was dented. So I
  13. The walkway is 2.5 metres below. I use a ladder to get down to catch my swarm. Will be considering a visual break. Perhaps a fence like a Pa stockade. or will that be culturally insensitive.
  14. I am reconsidering the color of my hives. Camouflaged facing public view. None of these iridescent and bright colours.
  15. Yeah. This week I had a passerby accusing me of keeping wasp. Not interested in any conversation of what it is or pollinating the local fruit trees. No one supposed to keep bees in the city..... rant...rant... When I said that there as no point continuing with the discussion, the rights of the indigenous came up.
  16. The nylon/plastic rod stiffener easier to fix. Finding the right zip replacement to match the one on the suit? Then the sewing. Time to get those disposable hair cap/nets:)
  17. Not a good idea to put the hood in the washing machine on high water level. Mine got caught between the drums and the zipper and nylon stiffener is ripped. Still looking for a solution to fix it.
  18. Just to stir.:whistle: Just like in a class room, don't you hate that someone always put up their hands and wants to answer all the question that the teacher asks. The moderator/teacher needs to say we will let someone else answer this one. Gives others the confidence in what they may know. Get in quick. She may have 1 bottle left. I paid for one this morning. Planning to do a tree extraction soon. Probably same situation with no electric power. Dead tree stump on a bank about 2m high off the public bush walk. Anyone done any and video. What's the techniques.
  19. Is the 2 day and 10 day cell referring to from the day it is grafted or something else?
  20. A possible solution for back yard hives is a driveway alert alarm. About $50 from Mega10 doing about 60 meters wireless. Lifting the lid would trigger a door bell. Leave the sounder with your neighbour when away with the promise of honey. I did that with rental at one stage where there were hot water cylinder being stolen.
  21. Not really knowing what you have in the 3/4 makes it difficult to comment. If you're intending to split it as a nuc, may be put the 3/4 as the bottom box with excluder for a little while so all the foragers deposit their load. Maybe with the queen as well to lay up a few more worker brood. Not sure if that would work. I like to experiment with bee keeping. Cut out swarm cells capped and uncapped today placing them on a bar. Capped ones in a hair roller to see what happens next. That's instead of grafting. Stopped a swarm from traveling too far using sprinkler today. Now in someone's top bar
  22. Sounds like an opportunity has risen for you and a club member for a 3/4 nuc. As you're aware of the difficulty of getting 3/4 nucs order last year and it will be the same this year. Suggest you use the queen cells when it gets capped and split. Wait for it to lay and collect $ at the going rate. Tee up with club member on the club website and get them involve in the whole process of surrogacy. Get the new 5 frames and foundation from your purchaser as the replacement. Problem solved. I will be intentionally adding 3/4 brood box on my FD hives for that purpose.
  23. That's one side of the coin. On the other it could be helping the robbers hive by not sharing honey between hives just in case of disease. Hives could be weak while in all the process of getting it stronger. Not much different from swapping position of hives for the foragers except the word robbing bees and the source of food.
  24. What's the fix being suggested. Can a bee escape be used to trap robbing bees to strengthen a hive?
  25. Are robbing bees fair game. When it happens from someone else hives, create a box with its own entrance above your hive. When there is sufficient robbing bees, close entrance and move it away with a split. Bring back later to make your hive stronger.That's recruitment for getting more ready made honey.
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