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  1. It has already been disclosed when photos were submitted of the stencils.
  2. I mean the alphabet for the region H Wellington
  3. Can the granulated stuff be used for mead making.
  4. So come November a lot of people will be breaking the letter of the law. Just as well swarming is about the same time as firework season. I wonder if there is a design to create shock wave rather than a projectile.
  5. That's the problem with getting Auckland strain of bees. They prefer shoe box apartments.
  6. Different hives on the same site seem to produce different type of propolis. Some very hard red and some very gooey pale green which makes gloved fingers stick together. Recently boiled a lot of wax and debris, strained. Scrap off the fine grey stuff at the bottom of the wax like the fat beeman and awaiting to find out if that is propolis. Anyone else collecting what I just described?
  7. Time for moderator to split thread? Someone is still looking for Neville.
  8. Not sure how to do link. Mike Palmer Queenlessness Test YouTube - May 9, 2013 Try this [media] [/media]
  9. Yes. Like buying seedless variety of fruit and plant fruit in the ground expecting the next generation of seedless plant. Skep did not allow any room for expansion or manipulation. Beeks who do not allow room for expansion or manipulate is similar to Skep keeping. Thus bees naturally swarm. So is the breeding based on queen laying proportional to the space available with a reduction of work force and no tendency to swarm. Pheromones strong enough to spread through the hives. But then it's the workers that decide to make the swarm cells and initiate the swarming process.
  10. I am just starting to use virgins for nucs. Only because after an interrupted swarm, the hive is still well populated. Going through the whole hive with a brush and cage all queens emerging or assisted emergence. Transfer most salvaged open queen cells on to cups. Later caged when cells are sealed. Bank the virgins in the same hive. Make up mating nucs at my leisure. Use caged virgin older than a week to observe bee behavior in a questionable mating nuc. Google shows bees flicking their wings when wanting the queen and cluster around the cage when rejecting. Pulling them off is like velcro. St
  11. Kept all the swarm cells and let them mature into hair rollers. Cup with eggs was raised into queens. Now that I have more than enough banked virgin queens, I have used them to confirm if some of my nucs were queenless by placing one of them in the hive. Before long a virgin queen will be chucked out. However I now mark the new virgin queen before I put it in to see which one got removed.
  12. The higher ones are more difficult to take a picture of. Normally among scrubs, vines, black berry and next to a Creek. Got 70% on a dead tree trunk this evening and still in a bucket tonight. Just made up a quick base, wire up frames for tomorrow morning. Will attempt to get the rest in the morning. Running out of gear again.
  13. I was told to rub the branches that they had settle on to somewhere more convenient to catch the swarm. I had wondered if you use a paper mask on the intake of a vacuum cleaner and suck up the pheromones of a hived swarm, if that is sufficient as a bait.
  14. Sounds like the TV advert of what had to be removed just to change the spark plug. Just a longer hose should do the trick. Assuming the brick and mortar is 80mm X 16 rows is 1280mm. Tons of room.
  15. Yes I would have. But I needed it this morning at a school before they started. Made the mistake of attending to it too late in the evening yesterday. Someone else did not have a long pole. Bees were all over the tennis court. Had to do a sweep up first. It was standing at the top of the retaining wall reaching out with a pole and bucket. Branches kept getting in the way. Then The bucket with bees fell off the pole. So it was recovery mode this morning. Left the swarm box on top of the wall to pick up later this evening. Got a call that a club is using the tennis court for practice at 4 pm
  16. Another swarm on the same spot over the fence. The previous swarm must have left a scent as a stop over for all swarms. Time to put a swarm box at that spot.
  17. Made of scrap wood. The rebate is deep enough for the frames plus bee space above to have conflute as hive mat. These two do not have bases so I can put both over a normal hive. The sides will overhang by the thickness of the wood. Will screw a strip of wood for the front and back to hold the two nuc boxes together. Then it will be the standard length.
  18. Busy yesterday catching my own swarms. Settled in the neighborhood over the same fence on a tree. Ladder and pruner. Not bothering to dump them into nuc boxes until I get them home. Method I use now is spray the cluster with sugar water. Cloth paint sieve over the bucket straight after the fall and a spray of sugar water to stop them flying. Next bucket for the re cluster. While collecting that, wife yell out that another was about to swarm. Put the hose in the air hoping that would delay it. No so. They just flew further out of reach of the spray. Saw them cluster very high up on the
  19. They chew through cling film. Dry ice does not kill all of them. I have put through a few boxes of honey where they have made a mess. I still have to scrap the cocoon off and still find grub alive. 9 more boxes to clean up.
  20. Is it worked from the outside. any picture if how that's set up.
  21. Last Thursday. In the blackberry bush again. Went over the fence to prune a clearing below the swarm so I can use the bucket and pole.
  22. Was the beehive a Top Bar and painted black and white, pattern similar to a Friesian:love:. Bull must have thought she was feisty. Was the vet call in because of the viagra effect lasting longer that it should.
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