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  1. Like in the old days before OSH came on the scene. A decent helicopter could lift the whole truck into the manuka bush?
  2. ...Permanently. Until kanuka becomes the next big thing.
  3. Judging by the weather report on this thread, we're gathering all our camping gear and heading off to Lake Waikaremoana for a week camping.
  4. ("If [Comvita] had a cultural adviser they would have come to the marae, spoken to all of the land owners instead of entering into engagements with a couple of people to extract a resource that belongs to all of the people from the marae," he said. Commenting on the charge of non-consultation, Charmaine Rawhiti - chairwoman-elect of the new Waiohou Trust board voted in at the end of last year - said the Sunday Star-Times article was the first time trust members had been aware that Glen Miru was running a beekeeping operation in the adjoining block.) Does this mean that there will be a
  5. Why the vertical position for grafting?
  6. Block off the location of the hives for the undesirables.
  7. Thanks. I tried ground cinnamon yesterday and it seem to act as a deterrent. Honey room smelling like it now. Will try to find the trail behind all the stuff and apply poison bait.
  8. Good to be back for a bit of venom therapy. Extracted 2x 3/4 boxes from a 2 gueen hive. Awaiting for the rain to stop to check on the other hives for honey. Finding ants in my honey extraction room. Any solution?
  9. Beesource web site had this. Is this fake news re no one taking over the business for Arataki? Arataki Packaged Bees We bring our packaged honey bees into Canada from New Zealand in the early spring. Our shipment will come at the end of March or the beginning of April only. This year we only have 75 packages available. These packages are unique and easy to use because they come in a tube. The ease of installation is top notch, and the quality of the bees is beyond anything we’ve seen before. The bees are the newest line of Arataki's Carniolans and have some improv
  10. P K Tan

    Wax moth

    New beekeepers need more fixes that that. He should be watching them fly in and out of the entrance instead of cricket. Lots more activity. Check for bees coming out from the bottom entrance thats from the top box above the newspaper:D.
  11. If after spliting and found not to be strong, there is the option to recombine or two queen hive with excluder.
  12. No problem taking it to Canada. Brought in 7kg of bush honey and 2 more kg left to give away. Declared of course. They were much appreciated for the flavour.
  13. I have not noticed any nz honey yet in the super market. Perhaps when i get to Vancouver. What a bummer of a trip. Been sick with the flu like symptom for a few days. Staying close to the ski resorts and driving there just to see what we are missing out. Two days of skiing so far. Leaving Red for Kelowna tomorrow. At least we are moving from -31C temperature to -12C Whats at the supermarket at Rossland.
  14. New year resolution. Reduce hive numbers.
  15. Nice. Optional extra of overhead led strip lighting? Is the frame of brood only supported by its edge so the brood on the other side does not get damage?
  16. When your are going off on holiday and there are nucs that has no more room. Not enough base or roof. A few drone layers. A mad rush with the fork ridding the drone brood, newspaper to make two queen hives with a queen excluder fixed the problem.
  17. Them is the honey to enter for a competition for the judge to determine it's placing. You never know. Like manuka honey used to be frown upon.
  18. Mine accidently dropped while capturing the queen when it was new. Noticed that the design has the lock and used it ever since. I cleaned the propolis for clarity so I do not accidentally damage the queen while closing the "gate" slowly.
  19. Was told it gets better every year. There are more qualified forum members here who makes mead like @tristan. I only started in January this year. Unfortunately I gave away 20 years of tasting opportunity. Will make more batches and see how it goes. The judge mention that he was not successful in making an apricot melomel and quite like mine.
  20. The Queen catcher has a bayonet style lock in the open position so it does not accidently drop while in use. Propolis sometimes stop that from happening.
  21. The most difficult part of the mead competition was finding clear glass bottles. Bought two bottles of wine and struggled over a few nights to finish one and decided to decant the other just to enter my mead. Results tonight at the club meeting for my entries was Open catergory. The fruit mead (melomel) 2nd place (berries) and third place (apricot). The traditional sweet mead catergory first place. Did not have a dry to enter. No one entered sparkling. Overall winner 2nd place(berry melomel) and 3rd equal(traditional sweet). I am enjoying the fun of making it and very please with my fir
  22. I used the only fondant I had once for queen cages and it was almond flavored. Not long after I received my Honey B Gone and read that it was almond and cherry. Now I know why I ended up releasing the queen before they chewed through the fondant.
  23. Is that a vertical long hive using a long drop. If so drop a flare in the vent pipe.
  24. When you go into liquidation or cease trading and restart again, do u get a new registration?
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