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  1. I have a few of these hives but decided to split them with queen excluder with the daughter on the bottom hive. I have not decided how I am wintering them. Last check about 4 weeks ago they were both about 6 to 7 frames wall to wall brood. When I did the oxalic treatment there is always a massive pile of bees trying to get in.
  2. Honey tend to crystalize anyway unless it's honey dew. So i thought the idea of creaming it is to have it in a fine texture like soft butter rather than crunchy granules. Where is the waste in that process. It's worthwhile scraping off the top layer of "fine wax froth" after it has set before reheating for jaring. Otherwise its like this..
  3. Even although we have not had a case of tutin in honey for Wellington region, the Bee Club had done 17 club members composite honey at $22 per member and all passed. Worth doing to avoid Russian roulette. I submitted a composite sample of all my stock and worth having that test for piece of mind even when giving it away. Also all taste tested while extracting.
  4. I had quite a number of un capped frames being extracted after the shake test and was quite surprised that it came out at around 16%. Made me check the calibration and it was accurate. If I was commercial I might be considering adding moisture to get more $.
  5. I have a few of these hives but decided to split them with queen excluder with the daughter on the bottom hive. I have not decided how I am wintering them. Last check about 4 weeks ago they were both about 6 to 7 frames wall to wall brood. When I did the oxalic treatment there is always a massive pile of bees trying to get in thus indicating the strength of the hive. Is it appropriate to have the honey store between the two brood two queen hive in the middle? Probably another thread for wintering two queen hives.
  6. Also look out for signs of lots of wax capping under the screened bottom board.
  7. I mark all my queens and date it on my notes. This gives me an indication of age of queen. It can tell me if hive had been superseded or has two or more queens. The process of looking for the queen to mark is training to find the queen. Spot the difference game. Loosing eye for queen spotting is mental laziness. Most times it can be spotted looking down the frame just as it's being pulled out. They stand out slightly higher. Next on my list to acquire is picking them up with fingers.
  8. As in food grade mineral oil or with additives and was that with paper mask.
  9. The accumulation of oxalic on screen is from multiple hive treatment. Don't know how to post video yet. I have video of the change of state of the oxalic. Started with some that appear to have high moisture content that took a longer time to boil off before sublimation. Another batch straight from the sealed bag was drier. Subsequent dose of 1/4 teaspoon on a hot vaporizer gives better flash of vapour. Using the weight dosage is not accurate as it depends on moisture content. Below hive treatment probably like yours is done with some wood wedge hopefully improved with a pump up bladder
  10. I have been treating oxalic vaporization for hives with screen bottom board for some weeks but have been missing out the HD base and solid board with shallow entrances. Decided to use a DIY glass/wood feeder I made some years back and observed how the vaporizer worked. Build another with mesh and foam to seal the fumes and design it so the evaporator does not tip. What can happen is if during the boiling phase, the liquid spill out and the dosage is incomplete. The downside of having the screen mesh to prevent bees near the evaporator is the vapour re crystallize on the cold mesh. I susp
  11. After the incomplete rebuild of our house I have lost the zest to do maintenance on our business of property management and maintenance to about 80 rentals. Every thing seems to take longer to achieve. Beekeeping is sort of an escaping to the paid work. I get more done and time disappear faster and more satisfaction. Sounded out my 3 kids to succession but no takers yet. 3 more years before the pension but I do not think that's going to make much difference to what I would like to do. @Rob Stockley Yes. I would like a copy too.
  12. How about in one hive with queen excluders. At the moment I have a few hives with two queens. What if some of the boxes has solid dividers for two queens on top of the main hive with excluder. Thats after drone production has stopped.
  13. Time to get your in laws to start a side line business of selling bees as no one is claiming them.
  14. The Warehouse or Mega10. Check the price. One was cheaper than the other. Watch out for sharp corners of what you're carrying or walk backwards to open the netting.
  15. Depending on the size of your door. You can do this. I left the door open on a hot day extracting. They buzz around the screen. I also tried spraying honey b gone (bee repellant) on the screen. It works.
  16. Welcome to the forum. The screen looks like expanded mesh rather than woven. Thus sharp edges. Now that you have hives, time to change from wannabe to hobbyist. Keep the mesh just in case you're wanting to collect pollen for health supplements. Pollen do taste very nice.
  17. With very limited experience, my makeshift top bar and helping a new beek with a top bar. Recently inspected beeks TBH and found it had been robbed, drone laying and lots of dead bees. It has full length screened bottom as well as a solid floor. Had to use a battery powered to vacuum debris from the mesh. When I build mine, will incorporate a hinged solid bottom board and removable screen panels, like rangehood filters. Gap between solid board and screen big enough to place the oxalic acid vaporizer.
  18. Was not expecting this sight. Moving into a nuc box. The purple nuc has its own queen.
  19. Thanks. What I was also wanting to find out was if there is no harm in putting uncapped(drone physically removed) frames with immature varroa back in a thriving hive, will that train the bees to have "hygienic behaviour".
  20. Recently with oxalic acid vapouriser. Samsung S7 When the prongs goes through the developing drones in the process..... some don't come out cleanly.
  21. Had a hive with one FD frame 3/4 was capped drone. I used the fork and removed the drones. Lots of young varroa at the bottom of the cells. Do these young varroa survive if put back in the hive or the bees will chew them up. I have put that frame in the freezer. Left for the birds to clean up away from hives.
  22. Is that bearding on a hot day or just recent arrival. If recent i would try the Honeybgone.
  23. Bought a stand by "tent" from Tauranga and camped at Mokau Landing campsite. Lost the spare tyre that was installed by Tony Tyre Tauranga along the way. Could not find it back tracking quite a few km. Had to leave earlier due to toothaches. Got relief at the Taradale dentist for the rest of the journey home.
  24. About to head up north this afternoon. Guess i might have to stay in motel until it fines up for tenting.
  25. Put an add on your local paper making yourself know as the local friendly beekeeper before Big Corporates move in. Offering honey. Flyers at Farm Supplies outlets, having coffee with manager with a jar of honey and extract some local farm news . You might get better response than Assure Quality official stance..
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