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  1. Queen mating at this this time of the year?
  2. To meet the requirement of "unfiltered" honey just like "halal meat". Next project for MPI to come up with the definition and test for unfiltered honey when the Manuka is completed.
  3. If someone ask for unfiltered honey. Is the process to let the honey settle in the bucket for the wax and debris to float to the top.. Scoop off whatever floated on the top and the rest is unfiltered. Even the filtered honey when it has crystallize will have more stuff on the top and has a different texture and fine particles like set foam. I scoop off that set layer before warming it up for bottling. Further scooping the top layer after warming and whatever clings on the lid.
  4. This weekend at the Westpac Stadium the Wellington Bee Club will be hosting a stand displaying an observation hive (my bees again) educating the public about beekeeping. Various club members will be volunteering at stall to answer questions. Kids just love finding the marked queen. The club meets every first Wednesday of the month at the Johnsonville Community Hall from 7pm. A great place to get in touch with your neighbourly beekeeper. Some meetings towards the end, we gather by suburbs group to share info and hope to organize get together at each other's apriary. We have mead, photograph
  5. One strong hive among a commercial site and its sole job is to rob the honey.
  6. Idea being to treat at the same time as combining. More likely to chew through with the traffic.
  7. What if these cloth were used to combine hives?
  8. To qualify for employment at Worksafe. A certificate proving paranoia. They should never have closed down mental institution. Would have created the same number of employment for carers.
  9. Just noticed that you're using "we" in the designs of the new style. Is this part of Trev Bees product line or "we" as in promoting New Zealand design.
  10. I did not know that looking at the girls in the back yard also gives the 7 years itch.
  11. Independent researchers coming up with answers instead of colluded results.
  12. It's a bit like donating blood. One day you might need transfusion but will not get back what you gave.
  13. I normally put a queen excluder between the queens to determine which to execute.
  14. I am helping out a new beek with a top bar hive. It came with two follower board. That means I can shift the bars to the entrance. Is it best to have the brood at the entrance?
  15. A week for her to mature and sunshine then.
  16. That hole would be big enough for the vaporizer under the hive.
  17. Did a similar mistake yesterday. Was going to return 2 sheets of 12mm non structural ply after a garage wall re-lining. Last cut on the last sheet late in the day. Must have accidentally loosen the depth adjuster and the sheet I was cutting slid. Will have to consider using it for hive parts like lids.
  18. I noticed that some recycling places had these thin white and some clear or Fresnel plastic that came out of t.v. screens. That should be thin enough to slip in the solid floor board. Might be even possible to fold the sides and back up to not loose any mite for the count. Mark the grids on the underside so it does not come off with the oil spray.
  19. Anytime. As long as you have the blindfold on and while I am conducting the test with Nigel Latta as witness .
  20. Thought I have read somewhere that adding back moisture is practiced. Increasing from 16% to 18% wouldnt make it fizzy would it? May be even an article from @Dave Black or perhaps only discussed in the Exclusively Commercial Forum.
  21. Scrape and dissolve as must for mead?
  22. Or depends on what creamed honey was used as the seed.
  23. Perhaps a multiple blind fold test would show a true difference in taste or a psychological one.
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