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  1. There is nothing to stop local clubs running bee awareness. It would be interesting to see what the new organization will focus on. Perhaps "manuka awareness month" as to why we must all buy some at the high price at the local super market. That should condition us when lack of supply to import Australian manuka.
  2. What size do you need. Might be able to loan you a piece. From the chippy catcher on my construction site. I used some to drape over 50 nucs on Xmas eve at the back on the van.
  3. 150 litres is like a standard electric hot water cylinder(135 litres). An open base thick polystyrene box over the top of the cylinder with a wet towel on the exposed outlet copper pipe might do the job in an emergency. Mains pressure hot water cylinder has the pressure relief valve at the top. There may be sufficient exposed brass and copper to transfer heat to the polystyrene box(incubator). I have a 300 litres mains cylinder electric solar powered. Last 3 days for our normal hot water usage. If your livelihood depends on an incubator, get it with bells and whistles.
  4. Had some honey/pollen and mixture stored and was to unable to extract due to rebuild of house. Yes, as @tony said. A real mess. Wrapped up two tower of 7 box with an empty on top. Put in about 1.5 kg of dry ice on the empty box. I am hoping that it will work. Anyone tried this. Also have zapper going to get the flying ones and vacuuming what's flapping on the floor.
  5. That being the case, anyone tried keeping bees with some bars and a sort of roof to keep them dry. No walls. Is that doable? Next time I find a swarm starting a colony in the open, I might have a go. Besides robbing, wind damage, what else can be assume to happen?
  6. One day they will make money from GM corn starch and edible. That's the disposable income.
  7. Makes me wonder if the weather is changing the behavior of the bees to form hive in the open. I collected a swarm on an apple tree and it was forming comb on a branch.
  8. And when that happens we will vote for a recovery of the unification of beekeepers and call it NBA. The more changes we make the more we remain the same.
  9. Should all this go ahead and the new organization has the government ears, there is nothing to stop a compusory levy, membership etc. from all who are registerd as beekerpers. Is that how it works. Does that mean when not a member of the new organization, non commercial will still be affect by policy being made and having no say in it. Or if policy affects your business enough to pay others to become members to vote a certain way. What's the membership criteria. Must be NZ citizen?
  10. Is there transparency enough in NBA to show why they were suspended?
  11. Since some of these post will be shifted, I might as well join the naughty group. Where's the whine? Perhaps the icons could be centered to leave both sides free for left and right handed fat fingers and sensitive smart screens.
  12. I am planning on going to the Queen Raising workshop at Camp Rangi end of the month. I suppose that if I was successful in my attempts, will end up using the queens. Unless I start two queen hives, there will be significant increase at least in seeing how things go with wintering nucs. Still just as a hobbyists.
  13. Did you mean manuka impregnated toilet paper or something more liquid for instant absorption like I saw on a TV program once with coffee. Probably they will both market well. I better get to the patent office first thing in the morning.
  14. Moteling. Leaving for Te Anau from Mount Cook tomorrow morning. 3 nights. Any specialist honey on that route. Then 2 nights in Queenstown. My visiting family leaves from there. Liz and I will have 3 days to get to ChCh. Any forum folks to visit and check out their harvest yields?(just to keep this on topic:D)
  15. Be the middleman. I recall at one stage there were lots of foreign investors buying into apartments with "promised" returns. Lots end up selling at a lost. Get them to invest into manuka plantation like pine trees. I remembered when I came to NZ and a relative gave me a piece of paper with share investment ownership to some forestry bought by the husband. I could not find out how to redeem the shares for them. I am not suggesting to be dishonest. No body knows what the future is for manuka.
  16. At the moment, add active manuka into anything and it will sell. Glue to the back of stamps and the self adhesive ones will not sell as well. NZ Post will make a profit .
  17. Sorry. This trip is south of Christchurch for us. You can look after the upper South Island. Between you and I we can keep the image of Clean and Green going.
  18. Wait till I post some photos of bee venom product of face cream, lip balm. All available at the Hermitage Hotel at Mount Cook. Bus loads of tourist from Japan and China. Any where that's catering for tourist sells manuka product. Beekeepers will soon become a by-product of the industry. Meanwhile just sitting outside the balcony enjoying this view. You can sell anything that has the label active manuka. Make no claim of what it can do. The buyers will have their own imagination. No liability. Enough misinformation out there to confuse the ones with surplus money and those who want
  19. Or use the honey for tourist.
  20. Upgrade the kitchen stove top to induction and you can have all the old pots and pans like I did.
  21. With email and smart phones becoming more common, it might be a good idea to have photos of the two common wasp sent to the caller and ask if these are the bees they recognize on their property. With difficult callers and without entering into argument as to what kind of "bees" they are, explain that it requires specialist "beekeepers" trained as exterminators for the job. Have your local "specialist" phone number handy for referral. If not, proceed with extraction of refugees.
  22. Make it compulsory for all hobbyist, beginners, those wanting bees, those who do not want bees, those who have anything to do with honey including shoppers walking past honey shelves become members and pay a levy. Don't need plan C.
  23. Please elaborate the illegal bit. Don't reply too quickly. Just dashing out to two I found last week while it's dark and I am unaware of rules. Back now. Sorry council officer. I just spilled some petrol. However being a good citizen, I have left a rag to soak it up. I even used a piece of plastic to cover it so it does not evaporate and contaminate the atmosphere. I will collect the rag and plastic tomorrow giving the rag a chance to soak it all up.
  24. Looking at a few similar threads there seem to be opinions of destroying wild hives. Have we come to a point of bee keeping in NZ due to the spread of disease and pest that we now think that feral hives are like unregistered managed or lack of management hives? Will we come to a point where the public are encourage to report them like invasive weeds? Will foam guns be subsidized! When you're out tramping, don't forget your foam gun. Went to a picnic and a walk in the bush and found this wonderful sight. Will not disclose this site just in case someone decides to foam it or put it in
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