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  1. Don't see why not. PM me your real name, hive location and contact details and I'll see if there are other options of beeks near you. I am always interested in what other beeks are up to within my foraging distance to watch out for disease and treatment etc. Had a Northern Wellington Club day on Sunday afternoon and one fairly strong AFB hive found. Sealed and petrol added. Awaiting arrangement to light the fire. That's within my foraging area. Always good to keep in touch with beeks around you even if they may be beginners and have a more experience one be the mentor for the group. Run fi
  2. I have not experienced that yet in Wellington. Lower Hutt weather is warmer than Porirua as well. @Suz The Club also tries to connect new members with other beekeepers in their area. Should you come, get in touch with the club secretary Jane. The president of the club Richard runs the Lower Hutt group. Membership is only $20/annum and lots of benefit including hire of 4 frame extractor
  3. Come to this Wednesday Wellington Beekeepers club meeting. Someone may have a queen or nuc to sell.
  4. I have a karcher and a petrol driven one. Both did the same job. Regulated the pressure by the distance from nozzle to work face. Very messy with debris from the frames flying back at my face. Recommend wearing wet weather gear and a face shield away from house. Run offs into the garden.
  5. Which part of Australia are you allowed to bring in NZ honey?
  6. Another take could be how long they were jailed, for what ever the crime might be. If it was long enough that they did not enjoy the incarceration and not to offend again or it was such a short holiday that the benefit out weighs the risk of being caught.
  7. My neighbour have full access to the garden. Also feeding 4 muscovy ducks. Two flemish rabbits died last week two days apart. Do not know what off. Some one says too much lettuce kills them?
  8. Does that mean it's good for cleaning out stickies.?
  9. Getting slack. Not picking up on the bloodless either.
  10. Problem with a vegetable garden is having to find ways of eating and preserving it.
  11. Never trust the smart phone. Broodless I meant. However where I live, the phone could also be right. Mob, ambulance, hospital, RSA all near by. I'll let the phone take the credit this time.
  12. Another Chinese dna. Minimum work maximum gain. Winter down 3/4 and FD brood box with queen excluded to honey super feed until ready to split. Caution: need to know your local condition for wintering. My site does not have bloodless period. Always some food around.
  13. And the trick to "make them pack out the lower boxes" is.... Just like making kids put the toys away.
  14. The Chinese in me says mix the two box. Come spring, split it and let it make its own queen or buy a new queen and sell the hive you do not want. Take the oportunity to double your investment.
  15. Time to start a new thread. "Just like a commercial".
  16. Is this late swarming due to lack of room after excessive removal of honey supers and no room for the bees. The weather had been really good for mating. Queen cell emerged on 2nd March and laying on 12th.
  17. Australia may yet lay claim to the first varroa resistant bees after getting the semen from NZ.
  18. Anyone tried detergent and water spray on the plant. Is that effective?
  19. Well. I managed to get all the old pots and pans for the bee room and some for cleaning paint brushes after buying and induction cook top. I have not worked out a strategy to take over the domestic chest freezer. Thought of taking up deer or pig hunting with cross bow as I do not have a gun license. But the thought of carrying a carcass out of the bush just to "fill" a new freezer tired me already. Hmmm. 10 frames at a time for 48 hours. They are not wets either. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Time to diversify to more mead making. :beercheers::honeypot::tropicaldrink::wineglass:
  20. Same here.40ml Formic did not work on 2 FD. I was told to try a higher dose. I have 3 stack of 7 high FD which I am still treating with dry ice(CO2). 2nd dose so far. Not very successful. The grub are chewing through the cling film wrapped around the stack..will give it 1 more dose and check the stack this time.
  21. Rephrase: It's the quality of the stainless that determines if you can have it on a magnetic knife rack or one that can be found in pristine condition with your name on it by your great, great, great, great grandchildren in the bee yard.
  22. Two of my stainless steel hive too has magnetic properties. Check yours out with a magnet. It's the quality of the stainless.
  23. Sew a raw earth magnet on the bee suit. Most hive tools will stick on.
  24. I have had some 3/4 frames in FD boxes and they normally build drone comb. Ideal for drone culling which also reduces varroa mite loading.
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