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  1. Easier to spot and confirm when there are activities around hives due to early warning?
  2. Just tried a new method of locating a wasp nest. Thermal imaging at night and confirming it in the morning. The hot spot on the screen showed up very bright. Marked the ground with dazzle and called the council as it was public land.
  3. Porirua City Council directs calls to me. Lost one swarm to the exterminator. Tried honey b gone smoke and also injected some from the wall inside. Sucked up flying bees as much as I could before I have up.
  4. First sighting of a bee in my travel. Singapore Waterfront Garden. very small. apis cerana? Yes. Do not worry. I did wash my hands several times since. Quarantine not required.
  5. Yes scuba tommorrow for 3000 baht/person. Only time we enjoy getting in sea water is in the tropics. We bring our own prescription goggles. Getting sun burn with a few days of snokelling already.
  6. Ko Tao on Charm Churee Village. Yes. When flying in saw the muddy shore of Ko Samui and at the airport and pier was united nations gathering. But once on the resort private beach it was not too bad. Dinner under full moon on a deck by the water was great except for the reclining seating arrangement.thats after the main meal and she was full. going scuba tomorrow.
  7. Being in Malaysia for the past two weeks and only seen 1 black stripe smallish bee and a few stingless. Now on and island off Ko Samui, Thailand and have not sighted any yet.
  8. My samsung S7 is cheese, capture, shoot or take video. Have not tried if I change language. Other brand may be different.
  9. smartphone camera can come with voice activation and no need to press button.
  10. Where's the video getting to that stage.
  11. Thats what i thought but John freeze his propolis when he has wax moth problem.
  12. 1 steamer suitable for 2 FD. Tried 2 steamer for 2 FD and 2 × 3/4 But trip the circuit breaker while i was doing something else. Reconfigured to another circuit. Will try again tomorrow.
  13. Plants that get sold at places with shoes hanging on telephone lines.
  14. PM me your email and i will send you a link.
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