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  1. We use Courier Post for our shipments that have to be delivered overnight. I've tried em all and found them the best. That said, shipping wine may be a different proposition than Queens... What company does everyone here use?
  2. That's a good idea, I hadn't thought about it that way, but it would mean the government would need to use a lot of the money they would have used on trees to buy the marginal eroded land for bush regen. The farmers aren't going to give it away, while they will give away a strip of land for Riparian (and keep ownership), as they can see it lessens the risk of resource consent problems, irrigation worries, complaints from us townies, etc., etc.. They'd probably be much less total trees in the end if we go the Maunka on eroding land way...
  3. For 28 years it's worth a lot each year, then it loses 75%-80% (I think) of it's credits during harvesting, then if replanted the credits start up again. Permanent Forest is more of a small yearly increase. Presumably almost all the Manuka that would be planted could be pulled out if the market for Manuka Honey crashes at a massive cost of $$ + co2. The Radiata industry is over 100 years old so much more stable. My personal opinion is that if the gummint is going to spend our tax dollars on trees, Manuka planting should be left out as a private risk for the time being.
  4. I think they're actually planning on a 1 billion, total thus far: 0... I believe some of that will be riparian planting and planting for erosion control, so it won't all be Radiata. I think the long growth time of pine would be an advantage in their eyes as it's more about co2 than economic return.
  5. Dear Lord, your keen. I pay all my taxes so I can sleep well at night, and moan, well mainly moan, but I wouldn't have even thought to pay PAYE on my kids. Some things really ain't gummint's business. @yesbut is right, as long as ACC consider it an accident* you're covered. I'm not a fan though. *an accident seems to be applying to less things all the time in the eye of ACC, or so I'm told...
  6. Their CAD drawing unfortunately. It's a complicated situation, a 3rd party pays for my packaging and their only polystyrene packaging supplier is Styrobeck, and I have no interest in selling it - they can sell it to whoever they like, but the delay is causing me headaches. For future reference; in your search earlier this year did you come across any polystyrene / CNC companies anywhere in NZ you would recommend?
  7. I waiting for them to finish a mould for wine packaging I need for my business that I adapted from an Australian product. It is pretty close to perfect IMHO, or maybe my not so humble opinion. They liked it so much they offered to pay for the mould's production (and to own it of course) I approved the sample about 6 months ago, I sent the final approval of the CAD drawings about 5 months ago (after chasing daily for about 3 weeks to get the CAD drawing) and I was told a maximum of 3 months. I've been chasing since the 3 months past, and I was told 4 weeks... about 7 weeks ago. I ca
  8. @Philbee Are you still playing around with these? Was it Styrobeck in Auckland that gave you such crappy service with samples?
  9. I thought it might have been an effective way to get spores into an non-infected hive, and wasn't sure if fire was the only solution.
  10. Hi, Is it standard practice to burn your veil/overalls after AFB, or will a good wash with bleach or similar suffice? I assume your hive tool can be sterilised with flame?
  11. I'll probably make some new hive wear over winter and buy 2 x nucs in Spring '18. My current plan at least. Our boy will be 3 then and he already loves looking at various bugs in the backyard. A couple of hives should blow his mind methinks. :-)
  12. It may well have done, however I posted photos of all the frames of each inspection I did and experienced beekeepers didn't notice a problem, the brood seemed healthy all the way until I closed up the hide, it looked nothing like the infected brood when we opened it up. Yes, in hindsight I was about a month late with the Apistan, the nuc it came from was treated with Bayvarol in the Spring, so it could well have had a really high varroa load going in to winter. I didn't do any alcohol washes etc. In retrospect it would have died without the AFB, I made too many mistakes
  13. I was thinking you could get some high power anti histamines quickly if need be.
  14. Why take a chance? Now: head down to the Emergency GP. Later: wear a veil.
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