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  1. I bought a usb mini microscope for $18 from Ali Express. With it i can see hairs on the back of a varroa mite, and capture video.
  2. Beekeeping dog causes a buzz A dog who could sniff AFB would be a really good diagnostic aid.
  3. Is this because the empty space is colder? Or some other reason? I'm wondering how much harm an empty box on top does - I have a single fd hive I'd like to put another undrawn 3/4 box on now in the Tauranga region. Would like to understand better how the empty box affects the colony.
  4. Has anyone else seen those kids suits with pictures of bright flowers all over them? I thought that looked like a terrible idea. Wouldn't that attract bees all over the kids?
  5. I need to take the other hive away then if I really want them to get established in the top bar at that site. Thanks.
  6. I bought a suit that is way too big for me and doesn't have adjustable sleeves (I bought a half suit for me and a giant one in case any big men wanted to come help me lift honey boxes.) The gloves over trick works well until I get a suit that fits me properly, seeing as how I'm now too chicken to go out in just the half suit again after getting stung through my jeans.
  7. All gone. There's a bit of pollen. Was about a dozen bees hatching.
  8. Yes, I started off all gloves free and now I fully suit up, hood up before I open the hives. Learnt the hard way that when they are grumpy (I had a queenless hive bomb my face like a fighter jets) you don't get much warning. I'm using the blue latex gloves, thanks to @Trevor Gillbanks and they tuck over my sleeves. I like the latex because you get more feeling, dexterity, but also you can dispose of them and prevent the spread of contamination from apiary to apiary. (Also i did hear that the alarm pheremone clings to the leather) I still get the occasional sting through them, but that's usually the bee in the handles that does it. I squish her, I get what I deserve.
  9. She didn't take a break. She moved from a hive that she was laying in to another hive with empty comb and started laying there. But the mites had a break. The hive she left had to hatch the virgins and wait until mated. The hive she went into started with her eggs and the nurse bees. They did very well all through Jan. In Feb I saw frames of eggs, brood and honey stores. Then nothing.
  10. It was a 'shook swarm' from the Lang. Its a method for creating an artificial swarm. The Lang was making swarm cells so I beat them to it, shook the queen and all the nurse bees into the topbar. She stayed put and started laying well. The Lang raised a queen and both were going great guns. Both then had a brood break. I think this must be the case... Something happened to the old queen. Possibly those swarm cells were succession cells and she was about to be replaced. Thanks.
  11. Hi @Judy can you please send me the email about the meetings. <Contact details removed> Thanks. I didn't get this last one.
  12. The strong nuc hive had experienced a brood break in Jan. I can't believe that a just treated split with a brood break and no evidence of varroa on the board could have absconded because of too many mites. Next suggestion please?
  13. Looked at them both three weeks ago. Agree, one topbar was on its way out, so no surprise. But the other was strong. Last varroa treatment on both was completed on 1/12 was a four week oxalic acid vaporising treatment, started in Nov. No evidence of mites on sticky board.
  14. No. Nothing unusual. No sign of wasps either in the last few visits.
  15. I have five hives in a block, one Lang, four top bar. Three weeks ago one top bar was looking weak, had a queen laying but not much stores for this time of year, numbers dwindling. I propped it up with a few bars of brood and honey with nurse bees from other hives. Yesterday I checked and one of my strong splits was completely empty. A few capped brood still emerging nothing else. This one had a laying queen, fullsized bars of comb and brood, honey stores. A decent colony equivalent to a five frame nuc. Now just empty. The same situation in the weak hive. Just gone. Others doing ok. They do live near an avocado orchard that had a thrip spray put on between monitors, but the orchardist mowed beforehand, no flowers there. Is this just expected absconding/hive decline? Or something else?
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