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  1. It was a reference to corporatisation . The 1% are the corporates with all the power and money , the 99 are the little shmucks who get squeezed out , brought out , sell out and miss out.
  2. Watson and sons and ngai tahu have been using google earth and choppers and have made and are making sweet deals with farmers and Doc , up to 5000 new hives moving into Kaikoura next season.
  3. What a waste, why can't we use gamma radiation treatment like they do in Australia.
  4. I usually hate to kill anything,I put spiders outside, but wasps bring the dark side out of me, I kill for free and willingly,. Five nests this year with carbaral. Next year Vespex.
  5. Think I might build a gamma irradiation machine just incase.
  6. Maybe it's time for the industry to be taken seriously by the Government. it is a high value export market being abused by cowboys. Some of these cowboys have been bee keepers for a long time. A new system or framework needs to be introduced to protect the Bees bee keepers and the honey. Perhaps a quota management system similar to the fisheries, with full time inspectors and serous compliance costs and serous fines for breach of compliance. Applying to both commercial and the hobbyist.
  7. Victor from Australian Honey Bees sends all his diseased Poly hives to Sydney to be treated by Gamma radiation. All diseases, including AFB spores are eliminated apparently. It is the same process that is applied to some food imports so I guess their is a facility in NZ somewhere , which would solve the burning of plastic issue.?
  8. Hi Trev . Thanks for your videos and sharing all your knowledge, my first year beekeeping I have learnt so much from you. Would you recomend the paradise hive as a good option for a semi commercial looking to take advantage of early summer honey flow? Do you or can you use the queen trap as a top entrance? I'm looking at purchasing up to 300 hives over the next 5 years for our farm but don't want to make a mistake buying the wrong type of hive. Victor from Australian Honey Bees has gone that way and seems to really rate them and you have said that your main paradise hive was ahead of your others. Anything I should be wary of?. Thanks Again Trev,
  9. Thanks Trev, your videos are very informative and easy to follow. I think I've found my Guru.
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