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  1. I got a swarm a week b4 christmas
  2. I dont always smoke my bees unless they are angry.and as for number 4 i dont always wear my gloves dont mind them walking on my skin.
  3. i think Trevor was the man who told me grass clippings under the lid, or also u can try lavander oil?
  4. i went today and had a look as we have had rain for aweek no frosts or snow yet. 20 deg today. bees have plenty of honey stores and even queen laying some nectar and a small bit of pollen yay im happy
  5. i used to use a jam lid with some cat food in it for couple days,then i add some spot on flee treatment to the meat no more wasps
  6. yea hope so. thank u for your help
  7. thanks frazz. where do i get them from i have no beekeeper contacts here
  8. ive wintered my hive down today wont need to feed bees as still got stores .wondering what treatment to use,as mites are visable.
  9. i have made a block of wax the same size as cake of soap.i leave in warm place when i need wax plastic frames i grate it on.did a trial run and the bees made the foundation
  10. im wondering that myself. 26 deg in hawkes bay on tues.they are makin frames of honey flat out.if i get to many can you take it out and give back at later date and how can you store it
  11. ive just got my mag havnt looked in it yet
  12. that is my very first hive tool i was given and still in use
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