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  1. Is there an extraction plant near Paihia or Kerikeri? If there is, please advise address and price, etc.
  2. My friend will start beekeeping in a farm near Paihia this spring but he doesn't know that area. Anybody knows when manuka season starts? In Auckland, manuka starts around in the mid of November. Also, anybody knows wholesale prices of manuka honey(5+, 10+) this year?
  3. Hi, All I have a few hives in Piha area, Auckland and extracted last week and sent a sample to a lab. I got a result today as below. DHA = 653 MG = 67 NPA = 4.4 HMF = 1 I have expected the better result because a beekeeper who got an apiary near my property said that the result should be around NPA 7. Q1. People say we must store honey over 6 months and send it for honey test to get better result. Most of honey producers do like that. Is that true? Q2. What does 'HMF = 1' means? Is this bad result? Cheers...
  4. Hi, All Is there anyone extracting and packaging in a mobile food trailer? I am semi-commercial and thinking about buying a food trailer and getting permission for extraction and packaging. I hope that I could get some information from whom already got this system. If it is a silly question, please understand.
  5. Wood looks different. No paint needed?
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