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  1. There isn't an active bee club within an hours drive of timaru. Geraldine did have one but it has gone by the wayside. However I could help put Kelly in touch with a hobbiest and a mentor.
  2. Hi we had heavy mites as were wanting to get honey off before treating. Decided on maqs and thought the bees would get knocked back but when went back after 1 week to reduce entrances down again the hives were stronger and had more honey coming in. Example the weak hive with just 4 frames brood had 6 frames after the maqs and had more stores.
  3. Put up the link and people can decide if they want to support
  4. Just a small correction to your comment it is not any different to sell your business as a company or a sole trader it has nothing to do with ird number. I am an accountant and a hobbies who is planning to build slowly to sell bees. My work phone number is <contact detail removed as per forum rules> ask to speak to Mark and say helen said to call. The firm name is Martin Wakefield www.martinWakefield.Co.Nz regardless of whether you use an accountant lon term or not it's a good idea to chat to one in the beginning other wise you could be missing out on your tax advantages or setting y
  5. Same - funnily enough that same thought of no wasps went through my head today. Where as I was seeing 2 or 3 queens a day for about a week and of course was killing the b.I. t.c.h.e.s.
  6. I am in same boat I treated the hives that had varroa in spring. But now I have 1 that is showing varroa that had none in spring. @Philbee are you meaning mite away strips, bayvarol or a vaporizer with formic acid? Thank you
  7. Just out of interest what would be a minimum quantity?
  8. The book already mentioned is pretty much the nz beekeeping bible
  9. There are the inverted water bottle things on trademehttps://touch.trademe.co.nz/listing/view/1196919821
  10. There were eggs 7 days ago when I did the split but I guess I could have accidentally killed/lost the queen when I was splitting them. oops thats right no eggs in either hive now
  11. Hi Can I get some opinions please (sorry inadvance for the essay). I have 1 hive (hive 1) that was 1 full depth and 3 x 3/4 boxes no queen excluder. Good food stores and space is ok - still drawing wax on some frames and outer frames in top 3 boxes dont have much in them if anything. Apivar is on week 5 in brood box and 1st 3/4 as there is brood there to. We collected a swarm 3 weeks ago and went through my hives to double check if it had come from 1 of mine. It did not appear to have and I have been doing week to 10 day checks for swarm cells. (this is a side piece of info as you may th
  12. I was chatting to a German beek. He was a little crazy so you may want to take this with a grain of salt. He said in Germanythere is a massive wax shortage and that it's getting bought by Russia for bombs.
  13. What would a strong hive produce in kg of honey in Bulgaria?
  14. I did the agribusiness NZQA level 3. The tutor was excellent
  15. Woo hoo a real magazine this month. I guess the advertisers paid for it to get their product lists out to us.
  16. I got ours from ecrotek - exactly like the adults just smaller they also sell kids gloves
  17. Like the concept no heavy lifting to do disease inspections.
  18. Just wondering if anyone had any knowledge or experience of the Slovenian hive style? Also if you know how you would deal with afb in it - I. E. Burn the whole complex or just the bees and frames from the infected colony. I did see on the bee doco on tv last month the old guy just burnt that colony.
  19. I miss the paper version. It's not as easy or pleasurable to read on screen
  20. I might be keen. The manual version is it a crank handle type operation?
  21. He is awesome teacher aye. I have been pushing him to do a queen raising course. :-)
  22. Helen Beveridge

    Technoset Q8 - YouTube

    Really good easy to follow. Thank you
  23. I am just learning so maybe 30 at a time. I want to get really good so I can be a very reliable queen supplier. Sorry I have done a little in a year long beekeeping course I did and really enjoyed it. I will be raising queens as apposed to breeding specific genetics -
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