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  1. There isn't an active bee club within an hours drive of timaru. Geraldine did have one but it has gone by the wayside. However I could help put Kelly in touch with a hobbiest and a mentor.
  2. Hi we had heavy mites as were wanting to get honey off before treating. Decided on maqs and thought the bees would get knocked back but when went back after 1 week to reduce entrances down again the hives were stronger and had more honey coming in. Example the weak hive with just 4 frames brood had 6 frames after the maqs and had more stores.
  3. Put up the link and people can decide if they want to support
  4. Just a small correction to your comment it is not any different to sell your business as a company or a sole trader it has nothing to do with ird number. I am an accountant and a hobbies who is planning to build slowly to sell bees. My work phone number is <contact detail removed as per forum rules> ask to speak to Mark and say helen said to call. The firm name is Martin Wakefield www.martinWakefield.Co.Nz regardless of whether you use an accountant lon term or not it's a good idea to chat to one in the beginning other wise you could be missing out on your tax advantages or setting y
  5. Same - funnily enough that same thought of no wasps went through my head today. Where as I was seeing 2 or 3 queens a day for about a week and of course was killing the b.I. t.c.h.e.s.
  6. I am in same boat I treated the hives that had varroa in spring. But now I have 1 that is showing varroa that had none in spring. @Philbee are you meaning mite away strips, bayvarol or a vaporizer with formic acid? Thank you
  7. Just out of interest what would be a minimum quantity?
  8. The book already mentioned is pretty much the nz beekeeping bible
  9. There are the inverted water bottle things on trademehttps://touch.trademe.co.nz/listing/view/1196919821
  10. There were eggs 7 days ago when I did the split but I guess I could have accidentally killed/lost the queen when I was splitting them. oops thats right no eggs in either hive now
  11. Hi Can I get some opinions please (sorry inadvance for the essay). I have 1 hive (hive 1) that was 1 full depth and 3 x 3/4 boxes no queen excluder. Good food stores and space is ok - still drawing wax on some frames and outer frames in top 3 boxes dont have much in them if anything. Apivar is on week 5 in brood box and 1st 3/4 as there is brood there to. We collected a swarm 3 weeks ago and went through my hives to double check if it had come from 1 of mine. It did not appear to have and I have been doing week to 10 day checks for swarm cells. (this is a side piece of info as you may th
  12. I was chatting to a German beek. He was a little crazy so you may want to take this with a grain of salt. He said in Germanythere is a massive wax shortage and that it's getting bought by Russia for bombs.
  13. What would a strong hive produce in kg of honey in Bulgaria?
  14. I did the agribusiness NZQA level 3. The tutor was excellent
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