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  1. The wax I collect gets turned into cast foundation, I have a YouTube clip on how I do it, it comes out slightly heavier than rolled foundation but works well.
  2. This post was a insightful read for me, it may of solved my honey extracting problems, 15 boxes of honey the won’t budge, I don’t think I had a chance of getting the honey out and saving the drawn frames for reuse, while doing this in my garage. This year the whole valley was the whitest I’ve seen in years with Kanuka, and it lasted for quite a while, so I guess that’s what I got. I crushed and strained the lot, but also wasted ALOT, I just wanted it to end! plus side now is that I got enough wax now to be self sufficient.
  3. This is what you want growing in your lawn Trev, these are from the Wairarapa today!
  4. Hive update, left all queen cells in hive, I was planning to split another hive and use a queen cell from this hive, but was to late, all but one queen cells has a hole chewed in the side, found virgin queen and left for a few weeks, weather turned cold and windy so probably no mating flights, checked hive a week ago and found queen, no eggs, M4tt was spot on saying the bees will clear space in the honey bound box for the new queen to start laying, they did exactly that, I also had put on a empty 3/4 honey, checked hive again yesterday and found eggs and grubs, now we are back on track. H
  5. How did bees get mushed into the honey? Unless the frames were put back in the hive out of order!
  6. I read recently that someone else had a similar issue with queen above the excluder, the queen went wandering through the honey boxes, nurse bees couldn't detect any queen pheromones so started to build supercdure cells in the brood area.
  7. Thanks M4tt, I will do exactly that, another first time scenario for me. Thanks
  8. I thought I would do a hive update with a question, the queen I saved a while ago has gone! No eggs, no sign of queen, but do have half dozen of supersedure cells which are capped, I will let the hive take its course in replacing the queen, my question is since there is a flow on, the bees have filled all available space with nectar, there is very little capped brood and the brood area is getting taken over with honey, should I do something? Or will the bees sort things things them selfs.
  9. I have used these masks for years panelbeating, if I can put my 2 cents worth in, I would recommend the 7000 series silicon 3M mask in the picture, the fit and comfort is so much better than the 6000 series, fits the same filters, same box, maybe a little more expensive, not sure on price as my boss pays.
  10. Sounds like your in the same boat as me! I'm having to make more gear as I go, I regret selling my new empty hive on trade me, last week the bees had drawn out a 3/4 and half filled it in 5 days, it might continue like this as the pohutukawa is starting here.
  11. Last time I had a really good look through the honey boxes, there were some frames that were half capped but mostly open nectar, I'm hoping that there has been more capping going on in the last couple of weeks, since it's not harvest season yet, should I be waiting until I get fully capped frames before removing, or should I be removing some that are not quite fully capped?
  12. I have always so far been adding foundation only honey boxes to my hives by placing them on top of the previous box, my hives at home are going great and I added my 6 th honey box, I have been told I should be adding new honey boxes to the bottom ( under supering ) due to the size of the hive, because the bees will shift the honey upwards and the lower boxes will take longer to be capped, I would like to put this question out to a wider group and get some more opinions on this, if I really should , I will, but those boxes are heavy when the hive is taller than me, and I'm 6"4.
  13. Yes, my bees filled a FD box with willow dew last year, I'm lucky it didn't come out when I spun my honey frames, would of contaminated everything I had extracted so far, it had a very bitter after taste, I marked all the willow frames and put them back in the hive, the bees cleaned out all the frames over winter/spring and all that was left was lumps of hard gunk which the bees also cleaned out prior repacking with nectar again. This is willow dew gunk that a crushed, it didn't want to go through the sieve!
  14. We have alot of Hawthorn in my area and I did see a lot of bees on them when they were in flower.
  15. Your reply has slightly eased my mind already, so there is a smelly plant out there, will have to some more reading.
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