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  1. Hi any idea what price is going in taranaki for manuka Honey site per hive? thanks
  2. Hello all! Myself Parminder I am looking for beekeeper job in bop area as i live in te puke. I am very interested in beekeeping and want to learn more
  3. Hi.. Are u working in vay of plenty area R u working in bay of plenty area?
  4. Hi can anyone please give me suggestion about hive box price,(bee price) and other stuff? I am in te puke And also about correct loaction for beekeeping
  5. Can anybody suggest me what is correct tine to start beekeeping
  6. Yes i have done training in punab agriculture university It was 15 days training And i they teach us about swarming, diseases to bees, about how ti keep bees protected in cold temperatures Moreover i also learn about how to make new queens, Admin edit : several posts merged
  7. Hi my name is parminder.. I want to learn about bee keeping.. I have done begginers bee keeper taining in india but it is bit differnt than nz... Admin edit: some content removed to comply with forum rules
  8. <Admin - Post and contact details removed as per site rules - reason posted in reply below>.
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