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  1. as i understand it from reading no supercedure will be possible as the queen will be laying drones far out brussel sprout is that right ... heartening news and good luck will check out your kirwee bees site
  2. now that is far more stressful than my problem wishing you all the best
  3. possibly there is a lesson to be learnt there and mark the bee keeping calander later for next year Thank you for your positive comment and i do intend too carry on regardless
  4. mmm if I was in jail and studied accountcy will that make me a better white collar crim?, I think that the honey industry will follow dairy and end up crashing in a few years time, we are already seeing the aussies trying too muscle in on manuka. But on the training of prisoners i think give a man a chance we can all make a mistake once. Some one told me recently smart folk learn from other peoples mistakes stupid people only learn from their own. I am not sure if the guy featured in the video is also the same one who was convicted of wild life smuggling but who e3ver is stealing hives will come undone
  5. Kia ora Beekeepers, I am a hobbyist with a couple of years experience. For the first time I have recently grafted and sucessfully hatched 5 queen cells. they probably hatched last wednesday the 21st of September, but since then we have had cool or cold grey days. The reading I have done indicates a Queen needs a few days too build up before a mating flight. The weather forecast doesn't show warm weather in the next 4 or 5 days so are the odds that that my queens won't mate and possibly become drone layers. Would appreciate some advice
  6. I have been doing some reading on the GWA and it seems that our very own lady birds will be a natural predator on this pest, though will take some time for the population numbas too build up and am searching or looking for maybe an ant poison thsat could be used in tuna or catfeed as bait for wasps
  7. we need a virus like caliesie is in rabbits or else we are going too have too undertake a baiting program like they have had too in the abel tasman park and around nelson
  8. I am one of the new wave of beekeepers I have only been at this for two years now, but I do agree that there will be a crash the same as in the dairy industry, the signs are already there in hives being stolen and the cost of nuc's and hives sky rocketing. As some one who lives down South what concerns me in this thread is the AFB, and if it is an experienced beekeeper or not leaving infected hives must come in for penalties? and yes there is a very large element of not sharing knowlege with some sections of the industry
  9. I did a queen raising course last week end with the chch hobbist bee club and the next day when I checked my hive I found 8 queen cells in there with some of them quite advanced and some new. My bees where also bearding over the front of the hive, possibly pre swarm behaviour? Anyway I killed off the queen cells as want a strong hive for the honey flow and then will try too raise some autumn queens
  10. yes had one of my hives swarm last year and they where only interested in waxing and building comb for the first week or two
  11. Thieving from a community centre or garden now that is a new low the culprit is obviously a rectum face emotional pygmy in need of a human personality implant, orallyt or as a supposit6ory may be the question but perhaps injected by bee sting ? very pleased too read that yesbut is going too help you lucy azm too far away too be of any help myself
  12. interesting reading especially about letting a swarm use up its stores to reduce chances of AFB
  13. Unfortunatelu this seems to be becoming an edpidemic, the result of greed ( a manuka gold rush ) and lack of animal husbandry not wintering hives over, may verorra infest the armpits and privates of the low down how steal our hives
  14. I wonder if trail cams could be part of the answer. they are a camoflagued camera set odd by movement and then they record the area they are covering, I have given some thought to hiding a gps device and batteries into the legs of the hive but as a practice once knownj easily disabled so recessing something like that into the wood work of the hive would be a one shot or one time use mind you solar panel and electric fence wire hooked up too a cell phone code to disbale the wires on the outside of the hive would give a helluva belt too anyone trying too pick it up. ... but that's possibly a bit naughty perhaps bettert would be too make the practice of commewrcial beekeppers of letting hives die off over winter illegal as animal creulty and reduce the demand putting bee welfare haead of economics in the commercial sense
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