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  1. There is a bit of knack to lighting a smoker and keeping it going, and its nearly always out when you really need it. So I would light it each time you do your inspections for the practice, even if you don't really use it, you can just give them a little puff at the entrance and that be it. I don't use the smoker on small colonies or nucs unless they are strong, or conditions are not favorable and they might get grumpy. Big colonies, little but often keeps them calm.
  2. Old brood comb, full of cocoons and other rubbish, a lot of effort for very little wax. As @tristan said, that particular frame your scraping does not look too bad. It would be easiest to burn them.
  3. I generally don't wear gloves now, depends what I am doing, if i need to be quick and get the job done, then gloves it is. I have had probably 10 stings on my hands in the last 2 days, I am pretty fortunate that I don't react. When I get around to it, some thick nitrile milking gloves from farmlands would be brilliant to keep hands clean and offer some protection.
  4. If that is a 10 frame FD box on the bottom with 10 frames for them to draw out, that is plenty of space. Take that empty 3/4 off the top, put the inner cover and then the lid. How many days old now is this particular swarm. @Tomm I presume you have collected your swarm in a bucket or box, some container. What you can do in the future is have your FD box on its floor with 10 frames in it and the an empty 3/4 on top and you tip your swarm into that and then put the inner cover on. This will give space for your big heap of bees to sort themselves and move down onto the frames, that will
  5. @Tomm What do you mean by an empty 3/4 box, does it have frames ready for the bees to draw out?
  6. @Craig Howard I am thinking you mean some corner brackets or rails to help give alignment when stacking one on top of the other, hive bodies are not self aligning. Its something I had thought would be handy, for the hobbyist it would perhaps be practical, but for a commercial it would prevent neat stacking and require gaps between stacks. Depends how you did it, you could perhaps have alignment pins within the outside dimensions of the hive body. If you have a look at technoset hive bodies, they use plastic alignment pins right from the floor up.
  7. Sure enough home from doing some bee keeping and its very very windy!!
  8. Its a beautiful still clear morning, and I thought to myself finally a nice day for some queens to get mated, but then checking metservice, typical spring weather, windy by midday.
  9. Hi @Phil46 For the nuc that had the queen cup with egg, and we presume it was laid the day you saw it Tuesday the 25.10.2016 she should have emerged, day or so each way. Mating appears to be taking awhile, I don't feel weather has been ideal for it. Its only been 10 days today since she emerged, so probably too soon for her to have mated. Virgins can be hard to spot, and given you have tested with donor eggs, she will be running around there somewhere. The capped cell maybe day 7 or 8 so maybe Wednesday 19.10.2016 she emerged, 16 days since emergence to today. I have read mating can take
  10. Aha! I should have done that when I squashed the second lot. Thanks very much @Bron
  11. I believe they will sort themselves out, but naturally I don't want them swarming. I was hoping for clarification about queens going off the lay, its something I have read but not necessarily accurate, and given a few more days could she settle back into laying? Or at some stage in the next couple of days I will see emergency cells, I know for sure I got all swarm cells. I will be surprised, but if that is the case, I have a couple of options to give them a new queen, I have some mated queens in mini nucs, also some splits that are coming online at present, the first being the phot
  12. Bit of twink at some stage will fix that, I don't have a white marking pen. Interestingly she comes from a pretty dark Mother, so I was surprised to see how golden she is. If her mother mated with mostly Italian drones, does that water down the gene pool and hence we get a more yellow queen. I know nothing about queen bees and genetics, something I should learn.
  13. @tudor , I understand most of that. It hadn't actually swarmed, and when I discovered the first round of cells it was queenright. Since transferring to a 10 frame box and then checking for more cells, it appears something is up with the queen, either I lost or killed her in the transfer or she is off the lay because wanting to swarm. They will be able to make an emergency queen if need be, was still plenty of viable larvae, just no eggs.
  14. Its not a nice feeling when you drop a frame, especially in jandals, stubbies and veil. I sort of cringe and stay very still, yet to be stung from dropping a frame.
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