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  1. I give bees wax foundation, small cell, in the brood nest area only, they build most frames very good, i get some frames 100% corner to corner all capped small cell, it is a nice site. if nectar is coming in fast or mid spring they can go and build what ever as it is very heavy wax foundation, I replace this as sometimes the use this wax to fill will nectar as it is so EASY FOR THEM to draw out. I also have a full apiary in normal black frames, and when you compare the bees the small cell bees are smaller. I have offered black frames as well to the bees but they do like the wax foundation, nex
  2. I have stopped the TF approach, but have small cell bees.
  3. Yes, I can make silicon moulds from any frame. They end up exact copies. One sheet for each side so the lay up pattern is the same. All made from food grade silicon. Slow process to cast but works well and you can make nice heavy foundation and the bees draw it out fast.
  4. Good news and bad news. These two hives got robbed, tried to rescue them but to late, good thing is no diseases, no pms, no AFB. Other good news I have two other TF hives going into year two. Generally robbing was not as bad this season for me, but was very intense for a couple of weeks, in some cases, robbing would start then stop, two days later was on again etc. mostly the larger hives being attacked. Also lost two treated hives, one of which I lost to a TF hive, so go figure. No PMS in any hives this year, good, so all I can say is maybe the small cell slows the viruses, maybe, or the
  5. Small cell drawn frame. Damage in middle is me dropping the phone in it.
  6. No Wax mill, incast all small cell and cool really slowly. bee build small cell on small cell and sometimes build smaller cell than 5.1mm on foundationless. i keep frames for as long as I deem them ok, but generally less than a season, spring brood frames are gone by Xmas and I still place new frames in the brood up until early March, if needed, but most hives no new frames after beginning of February. More photos next, took these the other day approx two weeks ago. Normal cell over small cell.
  7. Hi, just post on here and I should see it and reply, the hive in question,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well alive, and wintering down. The split is wintering down. As are another two TF hives, total four. The hive posted about is going into winter three TF and has completed TF for two years March 2016. I still run treatments in my other hives.
  8. Less than half width of box for a large colony,60-80k plus of bees. Smaller for smaller colonies down to 10mm. All slot holes. all lower entrances, some hives I use vented meshed holes on front of boxes on second box upwards. meshed floors, mostly, only two solid as I ran out of mesh. Not all frames of small cell wax do they make small cell and nicely, when the flow is on they can make some really strange cells, so I rotate out asap, replace brood frames all the time.
  9. Not only beekeepers, animal pest controllers, weed sprayers etc etc. I trained the department of labour staff in Auckland a few years back in safety audits for the industry I was in and some of the staff had no idea. Would not trust them with knife in the sheath. so sad to see another hard working kiwi pay the ultimate price. RIP.
  10. My first year changing over was so labour intensive making sure the frame, brood cycle made the frames and cell correct, now three full seasons later, cells are frames are very nicely made 4.9mm. Take the time to get good frames. Treat in March, and then you can miss spring, well that is what I do anyway on the majority of them, have three methods or more going on now. Lost none in spring 2017. Lost some autum 2017 due to robbing, and starved. See my other post re the two year old treatment free hive and now a split from it. The biggest issue I have is keeping other drones out in spring. I run
  11. May not me promising, but for sure is scary, like a game of poker, all in?
  12. Yep, cleans wax, and wax processing is something I am working on. I make all my own small cell foundation from all my own wax. Do mainly foundationless honey so I get the wax. Aggressively change frames and still adding in new frames for wintering over. Do this on all hives. Hygiene is so important.
  13. Should read pupate, last time they change inside the cell. I inspected that 2 year hive today, has less mites than last time I looked. I would put it in the same basket as last year, some sick bees but plenty of brood, couple batches bit worrying. Ps got over 40kg off it this year.
  14. Kaihoka, clean foundation is a must, clean sterile. As for eliminating drones, well, chemicals or less drones, let me think, really think, still thinking, ................. until we have another option, less drones. But saying that I have tried another method of brood break and keep these drones alive and allow to hatch, ie i remove from hive but do not kill. Interesting idea, what do you think of that? I try and cover all bases as any management plan needs to have back up ideas. I call this a drone split.
  15. CraBee, hi, from what I have read and now seen, the last pupate is stuffed in some way from the urine, causing a dwv like issue, bee with no wings, only stubs. This issues is totally independent and not related to varroa. This colony in the above I have not done a forced brood break at all since the splitting time. I have managed hives thru varroa before and then struck other issues and lost them, like robbing, bees ate thru polystyrene the following year. The brood break I mentioned is the standard international method, but, i do it in a long hive with standard boxes on top and two excluders
  16. Hi, no hate and not too many questions people as i am working thru a scroll of data to see why, what I did if anything to help. I now have two, two year old thriving colonies, and good honey production. Bs right, no. I think I have a good clue to why they have made it but need to get some testing done and run for another year to back up this idea and data. These hives have not had a treatment of anything since March 2016, and all are on new wax September 2016, I made and cleaned, myself with new method. These hives are seven frames, insulated boxes with vents weather proofed and I use standard
  17. Had to make a decision to replace all the poly box of a TF hive, part of my trial all small cell, seven frames boxes. TF hive since march 2016, and now a new home, they destroyed the poly. Insulated seven frame wood boxes, with a ten frame honey box, what, yes that is correct. Can take standard super. They have made over 30kg for me plus winter feed. Go girls go. And made a split. This year has beeeeeeennnnn for the bees unbelievable friendly to us.
  18. The problem over wintered hive that superseded poorly, looks like it fixed now with s nice cell from a strong hive and a frame of brood. New season nuc failure, no queen, five plus weeks, moved it last night back in close to work on her today. Set up a new frame in a donor hive a week ago prepping for a failure, glad I did. Gave the self housed swarm a new house, ie two 10 frame boxes and new frames. They are going so well. Brood piture, is new season nuc all small cell, honey, new season foundation less, two box is of new boxes for self homed swarm.
  19. Another nice queen laying well. It has so far been a very nice some what delayed start to spring but the last four weeks have been so kind to us and the bees. Weather has been really good for mating. This girl is one that is on the one varroa treatment cycle plan now into four years.
  20. The swarm that invited themselves into one of my poly nucs, is all laying, laid up five frames, that were already drawn since Monday. All other frames with nectar and some capped since Monday. 14 frames in total, will check bottom frames next week. Was a nice large swarm. Should mention these frames are all small cell, will be interesting to see what happens and all treatment free from one that got robbed by another TF hive.
  21. Most of the Swarm was saved from the middle of the road, stopped traffic and a local directed cars around, queen looked all good, and gave the swarm to a local guy who stopped to help who has not had any luck catching or buying bees, he is ex keeper for many year pre varroa. Made the guys day, heaps of bees died on the road.
  22. Checked a few hives, new nuc s mostly laying ones that should be, one not yet but all looks good. A strong production hives has nearly made another 8 frames in 8 days, smashing the nectar down, some capped from new frames Sunday two back when Box went on. Still amazes me how White new comb is, see below. Amazing site today, a huge swarm arrived from above and into a poly two stack 14 frame hive ready for someone else. So many bees they covered all frames plus. Out of interest how many bees would that be, all is drawn comb.?
  23. Well this season is all go, go, go, for me, supercedures on a few, couple swarms, massive amount of nectar and pollen, frames going in faster than I can make them. Had to feed four a while back and three have recovered and doing really well, one not so,she will be removed tomorrow and new frame placed from another. She is laying just slow as and small as a normal bee. Already have capped foundation less honey, nice early xmas.
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