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  1. I'm just repeating what I read in the paper on Analytica's website (http://www.analytica.co.nz/files/8514/2896/4643/DHA_MG_and_manuka_honey_activity_for_Analytica_website.pdf) - though that is a good point. I'm not a beek so I don't know about hive temperatures. I think the point is that the honey that is being advertised as being at a particular rating, is unadulterated (natural production processes aside). The issue of cooking the honey to increase the NPA rating (and thereby the USD/GBP/EUR per 100g) is a matter of ethics, and if I was selling manuka honey (which I hope to be), I would
  2. Thanks - I have done some research on testing and found the IANZ site. I asked them about manuka testing and they gave me the details of four accredited laboratories that perform manuka testing: - Analytica (Delivering accurate test results with rapid turnaround and at an affordable price.), Hamilton - Hill Laboratories (Hill Laboratories - R J Hill Laboratories - Agricultural, Environmental & Food Analytical Testing), Hamilton - Manuka Health NZ (Manuka Honey Products New Zealand | Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd), Te Awamutu - Manuka Med Ltd (Region Selection | Manuka Med), Mast
    I'm allergic to bees and I found this guide very interesting for breaking down the science behind the stings, and advice on how to respond to stings. Thanks!
  3. @robbie frew @Kiwi Mantra Limited How did you get on? I'm researching the export market (UK/EU) and would be really keen to draw on your experience. I can't use PM yet as I am still a very new member so if there was another thread where this was discussed could you tag me (@ then my user name) so I can find it? Cheers
  4. Does anyone know of any good online resources that explain the supply chain in commercial honey production? I want to find out more about the packing process - what's the general tipping point before a beekeeper can afford to have their own packing operation, and also - how easy is it for packers to pack for more than one purchaser (eg. different jar sizes, labels etc). Thanks!
  5. Thanks @Rob Stockley, @Trevor Gillbanks, @frazzledfozzle, @Stephen Black - that report looks like good reading so I am sure it will be useful to me anyway.
  6. Does anyone know of any publicly available, up to date industry stats for NZ honey, including exports, and broken down to identify manuka as well?
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