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  1. Not hard at all Merk anything to do with "Commerce" or financial gain... She owns the hives but always had the for-mentioned business of 1500 hives running them until the new guy took over. Does that not equal the same thing? Maori Claims Am I wrong???? I work in relationship with Te Runanga O Te Rarawa and meet with these violent men quite alot and violent has never been a word I'd use to describe them. Not met a violent one yet! But see where you are coming from in relation to the article, he has no right to claim retaliation as the hives he refers to are not on
  2. No swarms, just multiple queens head off on their own and start a new colony much like wasps and ants.
  3. I know Maori Beekeepers running their own hives up here in the Far North all of which are good guys and stay far enough apart from each other gentleman's agreement style. Just like Charlie Dunne who would help you set up if you were away from his site "My hives are in such and such-es land Bro" "Sweet I'll not put mine near yours" and that works really well, as it should. No brawls as is so commonly thought. I think what your on about Merk is Maori claims? That is not the Manuka War!!! In Northland the Maori have the land no one wanted that back in the day and now they are getti
  4. A company up in Northland set 150,000 Manuka plants last year or the year before so it is been done... How many do you want Janice lolol.
  5. Actually good point Frazz, I retract the use of the word beekeeper in my earlier post. It just get under my skin that someone would kill so many bees for profit and NO one knows who done it, I bet someone does........ I had school hives poisoned this year and stolen. As did another local Beekeeper in Takahue not far from the schools hives. Another local beekeeper had 50 Nuc's in his back yard, when another businessman's hives were moved in beside him, the beekeeper ended up loosing 36 of his nuc's to AFB. It seems because its in Northland no one cares, "they'll be right" so it is no wond
  6. I'd agree that the land owners are caught up in it too, seeing dollar signs. But who started that??? "Beekeepers" Beekeepers are been displaced because other beek's are offering more, usually bigger companies. So we cannot put all the blame on landowners and if that doesn't work they go next door and offer less....... This of course cause's landowners to talk and try and cash in....
  7. The money is not what concerns me its the blatant way it was done, carbaryl "White Powder" more of a message than anything else..... TOTALLY DISGUSTING jail sentence is fitting this crime. If you killed 90 cattle you would expect a jail term so why not bees they are classed as live stock. The only way I see this ever been resolved is if the 1.5Km distance between another beek's site's are enforced by law. In the rush beek's are moving hives in on top of each other by playing one land owner off another.
  8. Based on Asurequality figures beekeepers make between $12.50 - $80.00 per kilo for Manuka last season Frazz but the three seasons before are more like what is common. API-2011-fm-web (1).pdf
  9. Bron are you sure about the value been wrong Comvita UK 20+ per kilo 259.96 GBP = 506.453 NZD XE currency converter today Look this will add fuel to that fire but people need to realize the added value Comvita add to their product before it can be sold at this price and that 20+ is rare in the NZ industry adding even more value. The thing is the beekeeper will never see this price but if land owners see that price they will demand more dollars for the sites. Not all Manuka is created equal... How much do dairy farmers get per ltr compared to Fonterra
  10. Sorest spot I think is the arm pit, but the nose is second for sure ouch! Simon did your eye swell like ya were punched by Tyson? I know mine do..
  11. I lost a swarm years ago that flew 12km, the guy (hobbyist) who found and captured it could not believe the queen was painted blue, he had never heard of the marking system before and asked around to find out who it may have swarmed from. So it's quite likely to have swarmed from far away and hills won't stop them mountains will.
  12. BrianM I think personal preferance comes into play their, as I have used both the conical and domed top smokers and have never found a difference. The main difference is price and well the bellows on the Dadant is better " It has a better spring"
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