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  1. Are you willing to scratch all my invoices for a pot of honey.?😇
  2. anyone else wait for @john berry to say something
  3. agree!~!!! i know i will be looking at the cost of spraying 150h of solid manuka. all i know is that even a bad year lamb is still called lamb.... anyone that thinks that's sad dosnt pay f all rates.... by the way we are 25 pages in and the topic is still being actively monitored. has to be a record
  4. oilwells test results 22.docx there is the non manuka. bumma a
  5. yea it was mixed over night at least 15 hours. because the honey was so thick it looked like jelly when i was trying to put it in the drums. the last bit in the tank didn't even run into the drums. i had to push it to the hole at the bottom, and the bottom of my tank has a good lean towards the hole.
  6. worth a try. I got non manuka honey with these results DHA- 1,380 HMF- 8.7 MGO- 317 # manuka standard
  7. you seem to be able to look into the future. Whats Saturdays loto numbers going to be?
  8. Be good if the southern north island beekeeping company's kept there hives in the southern north island!!!!!
  9. the old man said that there use to be a levy on wool. it was voted to be abolished 20 years ago. the levy was there to pay some scientist to do research on wool to find more uses for it. and now twenty years later wool is a by-product with very little use. cross bread wool only. i would almost be for it just for future proofing the industry. because i hate having to play the stressful manuka game.
  10. could bee worse. they could have manuka.... Jokes people!! unlucky for them
  11. Could you not advertise in north Africa. Im sure thy are only a boat trip away.
  12. those birds are keeping that heli pilot well in business.
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