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  1. you should have sent firelighters
  2. Its interesting trying to make sense of your comment
  3. I think the outcome of this research should be in all papers and news channels; so the public gets the message. Could make a difference! the media these days....?? you trust them to spin the story the right way...
  4. nab


    love is taxes apparently ?
  5. do the AP1 inspectors have power to go onto private land.
  6. i tried rubbing some 20+ on my bank balance. It has no positive affect.
  7. short answer NO as soon as you get a rmp you will hate the government
  8. they could have been poisoned. we kill some of the big old ones that are making a mess
  9. Ammonium phosphate is an ammonium salt of orthophosphoric acid. It is a highly unstable compound. almost a adjective for nelson voters ?
  10. its almost winter. there leaves drop off. ours have. willows and poplar are like politicians once established very hard to remove.
  11. good. use it as a time machine and go back in time and buy a different brand?
  12. does it get up to 88mph
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