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  1. nab

    Commodity Levy - Voting Now Open

    the old man said that there use to be a levy on wool. it was voted to be abolished 20 years ago. the levy was there to pay some scientist to do research on wool to find more uses for it. and now twenty years later wool is a by-product with very little use. cross bread wool only. i would almost be for it just for future proofing the industry. because i hate having to play the stressful manuka game.
  2. nab

    Varroa in Fiji

    could bee worse. they could have manuka.... Jokes people!! unlucky for them
  3. Could you not advertise in north Africa. Im sure thy are only a boat trip away.
  4. nab

    Honey Price Collapse

    those birds are keeping that heli pilot well in business.
  5. nab

    Honey prices No. 3

    there your problem.
  6. what are you going to breed first. resistant bees or resistant varroa.
  7. nab

    Honey prices No. 3

    its the internet. its always going to go downhill.
  8. nab

    Imported bee products

    im sure there is one in upper-hut. i got a mate who use to run it. he said that they even put uncapped suppers through it one time.
  9. nab

    Imported bee products

    they could run it by the gama plant. that would kill everything.
  10. nab

    Testing for 1080 in Honey

    one of our neighbors use to have dogs, now they just have memories..
  11. nab

    Strange suicide behaviour

    have you been feeding them
  12. nab

    Protecting Manuka - It's Happening

    doing chance work or odd jobs; as, a jobbing carpenter
  13. nab

    Protecting Manuka - It's Happening

    you stole the words as i was typing them.