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  1. its just plain old tape now old timer.. 😂😂
  2. I agree with what you are saying. its called conventional because food was always produced to feed people. organics use to work fine 100 years ago. the use of chemicals to control pest and diseases to increase yield only come with the increase of human population. the big question is who gets to choose what half of the world starves.
  3. it comes down to what produces more food. wind pollination vs bee pollination. the answer is in the continued use of insecticides. also air-seeders are one of the biggest spreaders of the neo-nik dust Until it can compete financially with conventional cropping nothing will change.
  4. remember you can eat any mushroom at least once.
  5. Hi all What is the everyone's thought on the effective foraging range for bees to produce nectar. im not looking for the maximum range they will fly to forage, just the best range that they produce honey on. Thanks everyone
  6. dont tell watsons. they might dump 100 hives on the boundary.
  7. I do not think there will be a shift away from neonic Until they find another chemical to replace it.
  8. I know of bee products being irradiated at upper hutt in the past.
  9. they should have told them about the Spanish
  10. its all the ford rangers fault.
  11. Hi all Has anyone else noticed that there is always bees landing on dog droppings at certain times of the year. Its almost like they are in need of a certain type of mineral.
  12. bring it on. id be cutting down manuka to plant clover! the yields are a lot better
  13. anyone else a bit weary of science and beekeeping these days. 😋
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