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  1. and finally!! You did ask to see pictures!! ;-)
  2. Hi Guys Thanks for the replies. Opened beehive today and took pictures. A few Drones about lots of bees seemingly happy, Still cannot see the Queen - I am a newbie after all- but lots of stores and brood and I can see larvae in there but I cannot see new eggs. Plus I use a Hive Doctor base and there were lots of dead bees there as well. Have checked around with Neighbours and nobody has sprayed anything nearby so bit confused. I will contact my local Beekeepers Club
  3. Hi Team New beehive maybe 3 months old, two levels and bees are doing great....until this yesterday! Is this normal? All seemed on in terms of normal dead bees and no mutations. Also every so often two or three pop out and do a random buzzing dance before the die. Could it be poisoning? Spray time at vineyards here in Marlborough!
  4. Sorry posted this in wrong category!
  5. Sorry posted this in wrong category!
  6. This lady and a few others popped out the hive and do this manic dance before they die. Is it Poisoning?
  7. New hive....maybe 3 months old now and has been going great but then this today....is this normal. All dead bees were all normal and no white ones or deformed wings
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