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  1. Andrew from Whitford is the TradeMe info. We don't charge for collection or charge the beekeeper the swarms go to. Swarms are great for starting out, but to charge a reserve of $300/$325 is outright shameless! :mad:
  2. Agree 100%, he is the only one available and the only one actually helping! (y)
  3. The numbers will always bee random. It depends on the knowledge and the integrity of fellow Beekeepers in your area.
  4. Brilliant! So as soon as they sign on the dotted line they are ready? Please can I 'hire' one just for Auckland so we can get rid of Ass sure Quality - no hopers - once and for all? Honestly, I have no idea why we are paying them at all. I much rather would pay those who breed dogs that can detect AFB EVEN BEFORE THERE IS AN OUTBREAK! (y)
  5. Use wood frames with wax foundation. (y) This has been discussed on this forum numerous times. Next time you have a question, search this forum if it has already been answered, please?
  6. Yes, put a bit of cotton wool with no more than 1 (one) drop of lemon grass oil in the back of the hive and a couple of frames of drawn comb. Works a treat every time!
  7. Burning AFB infected gear has precedence of Auckland council laws. You can burn your gear and nobody can hinder or stop you! I would call the fire brigade before lighting the fire, so they are informed and don't come howling down the road cos a neighbour complains. The LAW is on your side!
  8. It's time we rattle a few cages. AFB in Auckland is clearly getting out of hand. Neither Asure Quality, nor the AFB Management Agency - Rex Baynes - are available to comment on what the plan is to reduce AFB. I AM NOT EVEN DREAMING ABOUT ELIMINATING AFB IN AUCKLAND!!! Just reducing the amount of incidences would be a success! I believe 'they' are watching this Forum from behind the curtains, but we need to implement a system that works as the current is blantantly failing! Anybody any suggestions what we can do instead of paying money for non-action?
  9. Reported incidents of AFB I have called the AFB management Agency and Rex Baynes. Neither is available! The maps on the website need updating 'urgently'! Does anybody have a contact with MPI to follow up on this?
  10. Vein is the gap between 2 frames...it's how I understand it.
  11. Honey-B-Gone, Sarah in Ngaruawahia, she sell this stuff. Her contact number is on her Facebook page
  12. Fourth option is to drill a hole into the cavity 'behind' the bees and spray Honey-B-Gone into the hole, it will drive all bees including the queen out! They come marching out in a hurry. (y)
  13. I always carry a couple of these kits in my box. When 'we' (the test kits and I) agree I burn the hive, but if we disagree by only one vote I go for a lab test. Killing and destroying an AFB riddled colony and hiveware is the right and only thing todo.(y) What makes me so cautious is the memory of the noise the colonies made when I poured the petrol in the hives..........followed by a gut wrenching silence. :sick:
  14. Devastating to read you found AFB in your hives. My advice would bee to get a couple of test kits and confirm its AFB before you destroy your precious hives. You said they are 'strong', so there is no chance they will be robbed out before you completed testing.
  15. I already pay $400 per year to have hives in Auckland... but if I 'knew' Asssurequality would actually do their job they get paid for I would bee happy to pay more. But for all the money we pay they sit on their asses complaining how much they already have to do! It's time to give the 'job' to some company who actually wants to do the job!!Nobody in the beekeeping department at Asssurequality answers the phone, nobody is ever available! Shame I can't use 'appropriate' language here for these lazy ...................(blanks to fill in your own appropriate words)!
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