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  1. tail lifters are an option. They add a lot of weight to the back of your ute. Also expensive to retro fit. Best to buy a ute with a tail lifter. Topmaq have an electric crane. I did a trade me crane. By the time it was fitted cost was less than 1k. My worksafe advisor had a fit until we found the manufacturers load limit. I have set a swl of 250kg i think that is safe for 2fd brood and 3 3/4 crop boxes . I mounted it at the rear of my deck. I use a sack barrow to move the hives adjacent to the ute. Wrap a strop rated at 450kg around the hive connect the crane hook, lift it and slide it on my deck and away i go looking for nectar sources.
  2. Thanks Christian good links!!!!
  3. Mine like feed bee sorry Janice. I use feed bee as a base and mix as follows 1 part brewers yeast 2 parts feed bee 1 sugar and warm sugar syrup to mix .I put an ice cream scoop in "scale paper" per hive and all goes well. A bee breeder John Fear gave me the recipe. On its own bee feed mixed with syrup can set like fibreglass and bees don't eat it. Maybe their mandibles buckle.
  4. Do the frames fit in our hives. I bought some white plastic frames from overseas they fitted in the hive but the bee space was wrong and the bees glued them to the box.
  5. It looks too warm for Dunedin
  6. Thanks for that . I put apivar in for spring treatment dronecomb culling and the day my crop came off ( early Feb) bayvarol when the hives were brood less an oxalic dribble. I had poor matings no mites to speak of and I wondered if all the chemicals were the cause of the poor matings.
  7. I have heard anecdotal evidence that drones subject to synthetic miticides have a reduced sperm viability. In Dunedin I had poor mating of queens last year our first year where synthetic miticides were used in this area. Is my observation consistent with what happened in northern areas as varroa came through. Also could someone point me to scientific articles that discuss the affect of synthetic miticides on drone viability.
  8. The whole movie is great. If you read the website they must have used some amazing technology. The last beekeeper interviewed was interesting especially when he said that the Africanised bees needed no treatments for varroa were now gentle and that they produced a lot of honey. It seems unlikely but that it what he said in the movie.
  9. Try this link to the Aussies. https://rirdc.infoservices.com.au/downloads/05-054.pdf I have found it useful.
  10. I have used beequick for 3 years I have made Chrises black fume boards into breeze boards. Used down pipes right angle fitting and aim it at the wind. Works well.
  11. I have used Miro Fat Bee. Made it into patties. An ice cream scoop into baking paper. Put it into hives late July and again early August. It seemed to give my hives a boost.
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