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  1. @yesbut Yeah i have read a few thing on the incubators in the search bar. @jamesc yeah that is exactly what i do i have been rearing queens for 7 years. I am just trying to make ot a bit eariler on myself so i dont have to keep coming back to site to take them out on day 10. And i want to try putting virgins in instead of cells. Been having so really good success rates with my virgins. Thats why i am really looking into making one to sit in the office and monitored to make sure 100% hatches on my cells
  2. Hey guys i am looking into doing a DIY project and making a incubator to raise my queen cells to hatching. Wanting to grab some feed back and advice on making it from those that have made one in the past. What you would recommend better then other things and your successful outcomes. StephQBee
  3. Happy Queen happy hive :)
  4. Thanks glad to finally bee apart of the forum. Still getting the hang of it
  5. you can also try superseding an old queen. if the queen is over a year or 2 old they can start losing their pheromones so when superseded the new virgin queen doesn't bother killing the old queen. So then you have 2 queens working twice as hard in 1 hive i have seen it in several hives.
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