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  1. Great design..works very well...and is affordable.
  2. New Season coming up......Special pricing to help get you started. Manual Trolley Lift: $1900.00+GST Full Electric Trolley Lift: $4200.00+GST Any questions please ask. Pricing for limited time. QuickShift Hive Trolley Lift.pdf QuickShift Hive Trolley Lift.pdf
  3. [USER=3513]@Helen Beveridge[/USER] Yes hand wind winch system. I am now going to run a special price for beekeepers looking to setup before the season starts. 1900+GST for manual version.
  4. [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] How do you do a directory listing?
  5. yes mine, I am going to offer to supply them to anyone who wants one. manual or full electric options. base price for manual $2200+ electric $4200+
  6. What crane are you using? one of the best for this setup is Quicklift cranes.
  7. Back saver......These can be got in manual and electric options
  8. jeremy thomas updated [plain]BeeHive Health And Status Monitoring[/plain] with a new update entry: [plain]What Does Monitoring offer?[/plain] Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. I already offer a GSM option, but with beekeepers I have spoken to I would say 80% of them tell me cell phone GPS is not good for this type of application, and Satellite is the only option. So it seems like it all up to the individual on what they think works. One issue with GSM is if a hive is stolen where there is reception then taken to where there is no reception then you only have half the answer to where its gone, and the chancers of finding it are not high, where Satellite will track where ever the hive goes.
  10. Pricing does decrease on qty, and its not normal to do every hive on a site, What is suggested is 3-5 units per 30 hives. what you need to realise is you wont find any company who will offer satellite connection for no cost. every provider i went to said there is no such thing as having this at no cost and only paying for data. There is far more to this than most can appreciate. Basically for those who think this is to expensive then satellite is not an option for them, only GSM.
  11. Yes it needs to see light, but as for ways it can be fitted I prefer to talk to people direct on this, as I have put a lot into this and for anyone to understand this I really need to talk to them rather than put on here.
  12. The batteries are AAA, the unit is supplied with rechargeable ones.
  13. Bee Proof? not sure what you are asking on this, but there is no way a bee can get into it, and its been used in other countries for bee theft issues before, yes weather proof. Yes it designed to be opened as his to for battery replacement, but it is screwed together, and has screw lugs on it for fitting to wood etc, so can't be removed without undoing these.
  14. No the battery lasts that long. don't need any other power. it will tell you if it goes outside the Geo fence, but also will tell you if moved so its easy to see if its moved just on site, or gone off site.
  15. You can set a boundary to the GPS unit, so if its goes outside this it tells you.
  16. Hello All I have been working for some time now on being able to provide a GPS tracker that works off Satellite. There is a lot involved in this and I would like to get feedback now on what I have to offer to see if there is a market for this type of setup. I hear and see so often beekeepers wanting a solution to this issue and in my research there is nothing available specific for beehives on the market as yet. There are option of Cameras etc but like anything there is positive and negatives with using these. So what I can offer: -GPS unit that has geo-fencing -Emails once every week one
  17. I have been working on this issue for a long time now, and have just come up with a GPS satellite tracker for fitting to a hive. I currently have one that works off Phone reception, but as many sites don't have reception these are not a lot of use. So if you are interested in what I can offer then please make contact with me and I can tell you what I can offer, its been a lot of work to get to where I have to get data at a rate that's expectable for beekeepers.
  18. The best thing to do Grant is talk to you. I have some options to discuss with you. you can get my email address off the brochure.
  19. To cover your points: 1-I will see if your weather station can work with what I offer. 2-Yes we offer Solar as an option, but funny enough most people go for batteries.. 3-Roaming should be fine, they are in 19 countries now and haven't had an issue, but will double check. Are you interested in setting up the system?
  20. See the link above to the download, at the end of the powerpoint it gives details so you can contact me for a price.
  21. All done: BeeHive Health And Status Monitoring
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