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  1. I've used it this year 1st time doing queens. I can't graft I have a defect makes me shake with fine work mashed to many, so brought this worked a treat. Pitty the weather didn't help much tho was early in season. I down loaded a book from amazon told me how to use it and fool proofed it for me hahaha
  2. Found with pink paint Number A8391 on Marua Road Hikurangi Whangarei Would like to hand it back to keeper Let me know if its yours
  3. Great thanks I will do. We have just started using it over the last month or so but it seems to not be working as we where told it was going to. So will put some formic in as well and use it another time.
  4. Hey Do you have a update on how well OA is going??
  5. Good to know thanks! This comment was made cause he seen a green box.
  6. Yeah I think in Europe it mite be. He was talking NZ tho but just wanted to check it out more
  7. HI I heard today from someone at bee club that metalex has been banned as they found traces in extracted honey. Does anyone know more about this or heard if its true. Cheers
  8. We are planting a few plants this year as well. Camellias seem to be the go to for them at the moment we have a few of them. But the Rodo is getting a good going over as well so will plant a few of them as well. Here some pics of them working.
  9. We have done a few boxes this year as well. Will be a fun experience. I was thinking of using Lemon grass as well. Glad to hear it works We have a lot of hives around our house and Ive noticed at least 3 fly past every year. So fingers crossed.
  10. maree broughton


    Can I asked breed I'm new to bees and haven't seen one so dark. Thanks so much
  11. I put it in with my swam. my thinking what harm is it going to do
  12. I Spoken with him one day and he sounded a bit funny about it wasn't to happy about it but was happy enumerated that I told him what I was doing
  13. This stu haha on her tablet and it keeps changing words on me and it out at dad's
  14. They not stolen i think they are a comershal operation in have talked to him before because he has hives some where else I know It's more
  15. Where they get metal from for the rural roads. during the winter there was close to 50/60 odd hives and at the moment there would be 15/20 hives there no numibers ethere. there is no land mass to surport them on that title
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