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  1. Really enjoyed this thanks for sharing
  2. Amazing to see for this time of the year. Would be interested to see how this hive goes over spring / summer
  3. Network

    The Beekeeper shuffle - YouTube

    Love that funky music
  4. Network

    Winter Quad

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing
  5. You just watch this space Rob, I'm planning on getting big (that's if I manage to get off go!!!) so I might just need a couple of thousand lol
  6. Ok, not to be beaten, I'm armed with a new plan to get these nucs up and running! I have found out that by feeding them liquid glucose (it has no smell) and the bees won't rob it like they do sugar syrup or honey. Will let you know how that works out as it appears other's have encountered this problem also. Funny that Rob hasn't replied to my order for mating nucs :whistle:
  7. Oh any chance you can make me some to Rob? Can I put an order in?
  8. I'm really grateful for your information and the pics they have been most helpful. I like your half frames I think they are a good idea and I agree that the separate boxes would make it easier for transporting. I have tried again yesterday to set them up only this time I have bought them home and now have them in the shed, following the advise received. This has been a great learning process for me this year so I know to get them established much earlier next season. Thanks very much
  9. Yes the openings are only small drilled holes Ok thanks I'll try that
  10. Yes I think they would be very good. How do you find them?
  11. At this point, I still have every faith in the product and have put it down to my own inexperience as I am new to queen raising but it has been good learning (hard lessons never-the-less). Perhaps I put the frames in at the wrong time (during the flow) or maybe I left them in for too long! It was guess work for the novice player (and a wasted season) so that's where I feel some guidance with them would have been helpful. If I bought more I would not choose the wire and wax option as this was a very long and time consuming task, I would try the plastic foundation option as the robbing has compl
  12. Will do Trev but might not be until next season now as have just bought 20 new bases and went wooden for that reason.
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