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  1. Very similar to how the hexagon frames are arranged in the pic above. Though as i will have a flat box face at the front/back i will get 4 frames the whole length, and then 3 frames each side cut on the angle. Frame management will be a bit tricky as i'll be restricted as to how/where i can move. I'm not really intending on harvesting any honey initially from this hive... it is more about the bees. The roof is probably more interesting than the boxes... just taped together at the moment, to be glued and filled and epoxy coated... with a copper finial to finish
  2. I'm currently making some octagonal macrocarpa boxes for a warre-type hive. My 2 reasons for choosing macrocarpa were: 1) More stable than pine 2) cost... i had thought it would be slightly more expensive than pine, but direct from the saw mill it was actually cheaper! 6 of 10 boxes currently made, for 2 x hives...
  3. Unfortunately wasp central in the Waitakeres this time of year... I have bait traps out which are catching hundreds but still wasps buzzing round the hives.
  4. Hi I have a lot of wasps around at the moment, but need to carry out hive inspections. Is there any advice on how to do this, without getting too many wasps trying to/getting into the hives. Or, is it just... dot it quickly! Thanks Carlton
  5. I reduced my entrance to 19x10... this definitely reduced the number of robbing bees. Wasps are still an issue though, they definitely aren't giving up.
  6. ,,,Also meant to add, I have the hive entrances reduced to 19x0 and this seems to have made the robbing bees lose interest.
  7. I have heaps of wasps at the moment, in the Waitakeres, and have a bait trap out with fermenting honey, yeast and water. There is a post re this if you search for wasp traps. In the first 2 days it trapped about a 6-8cm depth of wasps in a 1.5 litre soda bottle, with top cut off and inverted back into the bottle. Unfortunately the odd bee as well, but tons and tons of wasps. I also have a 3:1 water to dish washing liquid mix in a small hand held pressurised spray, which i spray the wasps in the grass infront of the hive with and any airborne ones that are clear of the bees... They hate it, it either takes them down and they can't fly again, or they fly off.
  8. They seem to rapidly be turning it from a brood box to a honey box. 90% capped honey in there now. Small amount of nectar in there, but lots in the super. Being a beginner I'm not that confident with it so packed and damaged a lot of cappings getting the first frame out, so decided to reduce it to 9 frames, and have done that with the super as well.
  9. Hi all I have a 2 FD brood box and 1 3/4 honey super hive. The super is going great, but the top brood box which 3 weeks ago was 75% brood is now 90% honey. I've taken a fully capped frame out to make some room as some of the capping got ripped off on the first frame I removed. My question. I've been told you can freeze frames. Should I put it in a plastic bag first? Or maybe wrap in glad wrap? Thanks C
  10. Hi All These photos were taken about 7:30 this morning. It is a damp drizzly day and about 20 degrees, and was probably about 17 degrees overnight. The bottom 2 boxes are 90% drawn with brood and stores. The top honey supers are pretty much undrawn. I have moved a stores frame from the bottom box of each hive into the top to try and get them interested up there. When i inspect the hives they are full of bees. My thoughts, are either cooling themselves down or running out of room. If the latter should I remove the queen excluder? If the former, just let them enjoy some cooling down time outside. Thanks Carlton
  11. ...and they're getting taller.
  12. Thanks... I was hoping that would be the advice. They seem happy enough so don't want to unnecessarily disturb them.
  13. Hi to cut a long story short, or medium length: Collected 2 nucs 4 weeks ago Left nucs on stand for one week Transferred to brood boxes, when i was doing this i noticed two large queen/supercedure! cells in one of the hives. I scraped these out, and when doing this found out at least one had pupae in it. I also saw the queen in this hive. Did some research after this, and all advice seemed to be if queen cells are capped then to leave them alone. Carried out an inspection 1 week later and found another large queen cell that appeared to have hatched. Also at this inspection i added a second brood box to each hive. Yesterday, 2 weeks after previous inspection, the hive in question appears to be doing well lots of brood, lots of eggs and larvae, good levels of stores. However.... I inspected the bottom box fist and spotted the queen plus lots of eggs, brood etc... in this box. Then I moved onto the top box which had been sitting on a board next to the hive, though put it back on the hive before inspecting. Again, lots of brood, eggs, stores etc... However, I then spotted another queen! Am pretty sure it wasn't the first queen as the one i spotted 3 weeks before and in the lower box seemed to be a lot fatter and slightly different colour. Questions: What is likely to happen if there are 2 and i leave it as is? Should I split? What else could/should I do? Many thanks C
  14. I'm out in the Waitakeres west of Auckland. They told us on our course that everything happens about a month later out here due to the colder wet winters.
  15. Thanks... have made the mistake of full depth brood and 3/4 boxes for honey. Guess it will be just the brood box today. C
  16. Hi All I collected 2 nucs 3 weeks ago. I left the bees in the nucs for one week then transferred them into a brood box a week later with a single frame feeder each. When I checked them last weekend after a week in the brood box they had about 2 frames left to draw and all drawn frames were full of brood/larvae/eggs. The sugar syrup was virtually gone so I filled each feeder up, and they were drawing comb on top of the frames which had nectar in it. Today I am expecting to add a second brood box. I have 2 questions: 1) Should I continue feeding? 2) Should I also add a honey super. Especially if they are bringing nectar in? Many thanks for any help in advance. Carlton
  17. I think they are more angry and confused then posh at the moment.
  18. I tried embedding them but it can't have worked... Hope this works.
  19. I was looking for some ides to make a couple of more ornate beehives as they are going in our edible garden. I found that Fortnum and Mason in London have these on their roof (they are not so much beehives, but more big boxes with the beehives)... and that was pretty much all the inspiration i needed! After a month or so of modifying some bee boxes, learning how to cut perfect curves in wood, and attempting to bend plywood (don't! you can by `bendable' plywood) the fruits of my labour are as below. I'm quite pleased with the outcome and will be transferring my 2 nucs into them this afternoon.
  20. Hi A novice question from a novice. I am about to put a top feeder on a single Fd brood box. Should I remove the queen excluder or leave it in place? Ie Will workers feed the queen? Thanks C
  21. Good work... This is my first year of beekeeping, and I also crushed and strained. There wasn't really too much excess honey in the hive as it took quite a while for it to get to a decent strength. I did `liberate' 3 capped frames though. My method: Cut the comb out into a big metal pan. Crushed it all with a potato masher. Then suspended some cheese cloth over a food grade bucket. Poured the crushed honey in. Left it for a week. I believe I harvested about 2.5-3 litres. Very pleased with the quantity and quality. Am hoping for at least 10 frames though this coming season as the bees are now going to have to redraw these frames, and I'd like to harvest enough frames, while still leaving the bees winter supplies, to justify renting a centrifuge to leave the drawn comb intact. C
  22. Thanks... have done, and they seem to be getting used to it...
  23. Yes, no poison... It's a gourmet jam trap!... Homemade grape jam was all I had to use.
  24. they don't seem to... but they have plenty of honey in the hive... there is one solitary wasp floating in it now though!
  25. Hi I live in wasp central, the waitakeres, and over the last week or so have started noticing wasp activity around the hive. Anything up to 3 or 4 wasps at a time. None seem to have got in yet! I've reduced the entrance, and put out jam and banana banana bait traps but these haven't been touched. In the evening there is a real buzz/hum in the air from all the wasps. I've made a wasp guard screen and was wondering if it's too soon to put it on and how long does it take for the bees to get used to it. Full opening is 20mm wide and reduced 50x10mm. See below. Thanks C
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