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  1. Hi Trevor just wondering if you have an nucs available for sale. I am a hobbyist and rotorua honey bee club member. I am just getting started and trying to source some bees but finding it hard.
  2. Unfortunately we have to fund our hobbies somehow :sleep:
  3. A big thanks to @dansar for taking me out to show me round his hives on Friday. Awesome that there are guys out there willing to take the time out to help out newbees cheers mate
  4. Hey Dansar wouldn't mind coming over for a catch up sometime soon. What's the best way to get in touch. Cheers
  5. Hey there I joined the rotorua honey bee club last week haha look forward to catching up.
  6. thanks so much for the responses already did not expect the overwhelming willingness to help so quickly. I will be doing a training course before I get any bees and reading up a lot of literature My friend and I and hoping to attend the Apiculture conference in taupo on the sunday to begin to learn more and hopefully meet some knowledgeable people who can point us in the right direction. @dansar I will try be in touch over the next couple weeks to come have a chat
  7. Cheers for that guys. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to obtain good new gear?
  8. This post is mainly just to get my posts up and really an introduction for me to the forum and world of bee keeping So here it goes. I am really interested in starting off and getting my own hive which will initially be a learning curve and see where it goes from there. After reading a few of the other topics its probably better to hold off and wait to spring a get a nucleus then. Am I right here? Also is it best to by a second hand set of hive boxes or by new gear? The country where the hives will put will be a mixture of kanuka/manuka country and also native bush. What are the main things I need to be aware of with the manuka? I see it can sometimes harder to deal with when you have a lack of knowledge? I have plenty of other questions but will just start there for now. Looking forward to reading the replys Cheers
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