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  1. We have just packed a 25+ but as someone mentioned, you are possibly needing a medical grade honey. I would recommend contacting someone like Watson and Son. Their subsidiary company manukamed specialised in andvaced woundcare and medical grade Manuka Honey. If you private message me I know the right person their you could contact directly. Cheers
  2. I've spent the last two weeks in China... From what I am seeing, they are stacked with overheads and offering special prices on low grade honey to try and push a few Of the smaller players out in market... Unfortunately for them, the consumer has started to realise that the rest of us can produce equally as fine product but don't need to charge the prices they do generally speaking, because we are not carrying a big load of middle manager overheads and inefficient bee keeping operations that are bleeding money... my thoughts...
  3. I know the guy well and unfortunately the reporter completely misquoted him in a phone interview that he reluctantly agreed too. He said he processed 100 ton through his extraction plant this year and the journalist sensationalised things. (As they do) The local bee keepers don't have a problem with others coming into the region as we also head to other regions. It's more the numbers that are being stacked into areas far too small to cater. I think assumptions aside, any bee keeper in this forum would agree that such situations are not good for the bees or the industry in general.
  4. What they did not mention is that they have also been at the table with the corporate companies as part of their "consultation". I have heard from a reasonably trusted source that they are aware in broad terms what is going to be the situation. Will be based on 4 chemical markers that are not exclusive to Manuka Honey but are more abundant than in other honeys. Mgo is not one of them, neither is leptosperin. (At this stage, maybe some last minute scrambling happening) Pollen analysis will also make up part of the situation. There will not be levels of Manuka, it will either be Manuka or not Ma
  5. Just discovered this thread... great reading @Cong !
  6. Hi @Chris Valentine , can you post a link? I've heard something has been posted but have not received myself for some reason. Cheers
  7. Yes I wouldnt be reading to much from this unknown company. Their turnover is very small and market presence non existent. They listed last year and saw a 300% rise in share price overnight. All sounded like a bit of a stitch up and is regarded as so in the finance industry. Some of us are still actively buying honey to fill demand but just not stock piling until good old MPI give us some clarity.
  8. I'm happy to discuss on a private conversation or phone call as to what we are paying for particular honeys. We still have demand and paying fair prices to match that demand. In saying that, where this time last year we were trying to fill the shed, this year we are not buying more than we need until definitions are established. I think that will probably sum up the buying patterns of most for the time being.
  9. I believe demand will still be there for Rewa and other varieties... we are sitting on a bit from last season as are a few others I would say based on a few recent offerings. I'm picking bush honey will come back to between $9 and $10. The mulitflora and Manuka Blend market is strong in china and a few other countries but its a low margin high volume based product to make it really worth while. Of course everything depends a lot on volumes produced and what's sort of harvests we get in different regions. Would be interested to hear other people's take on things...
  10. Hi Frazel, price of Kanuka has dropped significantly in the Last couple of months. With MPI supposedly working on a DNA profiling of Pollen to determine Kanuka vs Manuka everyone is in limbo. Personally if I was down your way I'd be chasing clover if you were considering one over the other. I know we will have a bigger demand for clover than Kanuka next year. All just my opinion and thoughts of course but that's my general take on things.
  11. Hi Frazzle Hi Frazzle, im not sure where you are based but we are North Island buying all honey types from both north and south... we are picking up 5+ $3 cheaper than we were 4-5 months a go and even 10s have flattened out. The higher grades are still fetching big money but even they seem to have stayed consistent for the last couple of months. We bought a lot of honey early on thinking there would be a shortage around October November but has not turned out to be the case. We are turning down parcels of honey most days at the moment due to being well stocked. We have been surprised by
  12. If you consider that the bulk price for Manuka honey has softened in the last three months for the first time in a number of years... particularly the lower grades I would be cautious of paying large sums of money for hives on this current market. In my opinion the softening or a correction is probably a good thing for sustainability. The consumer is and will push back if the pricing was to continue rising in the way that it has the last couple of years.
  13. Hey all, hope you are having a good weekend. We have just released this short clip showing what we got up to last summer in South Taranaki. Unfortunately it was a fairly rough season in the Naki but the next will be upon us soon enough!
  14. We don't put hives right on road sites so this is not something I had thought too much about until the Daily News phoned me today. If we were harvesting or disturbing bees anywhere near a roadside I think it is a good idea to put a sign of some sort up. For the 5 mins it would take us and the little expense of getting a sign made its not a big ask.
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